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Tammy Davis (portia2012) | 29 comments I am wanting to try for 50 books this year. I keep falling way short of my goal. This year I plan to stay focused. I have joined a few challenges. If anyone knows what group the 2020 Popsugar Challenge is, let me know so I can add it to my list.

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Tammy Davis (portia2012) | 29 comments Moon Magic Winter 2020

A Tale of Magic...

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Tammy Davis (portia2012) | 29 comments Chilly Days Winter 2020


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Tammy Davis (portia2012) | 29 comments Frost Bitten Winter 2020

Worship the Night

Gave my review of this book down below.

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Tammy Davis (portia2012) | 29 comments The Game is Afoot 2020

Level 1-Break the Code (2 Books(

Level 2-Shadow the Suspect (4 Books)

Level 3-Creak the Code (7 Books)

Level 4-Chase the Villain (10 Books)

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Tammy Davis (portia2012) | 29 comments Worship the Night

This book will take you on an emotional roller coaster.

It starts out with the story of Lea and her strict mother Beatrice who is living a very recluse life. Mom is always telling Lea what to wear and that she is not allowed to date men because it only leads to sex. After her mother's passing Lea suffers a mental breakdown and her Aunt Evelyn steps in to help. It seems that her mom had property which included a log cabin. Evelyn says they use to go there a lot when Lea was little but that stopped after the disappearance of her father.

Lea cannot seem to remember any memories of her dad, but she reluctantly takes Evelyn's advice to stay at the cabin for a month. Upon arriving she has this uneasy feeling about the cabin and the occupants there now. From her very first night she is visited by her phantom lover. But as time goes on he starts demanding worship and sacrifice. Lea tries to do what he requires so that she can bring him to life.

I gave this book a 4. It is an excellent book, but it does have a lot of sex and ritual sacrifice mentioned in it. It also talks about sexual abuse of children. Probably not a good book for the young to read or if topics like these bother you.

Overall, I enjoyed it and plan to read more of the books from this author.

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