One of Us Is Lying (One of Us is Lying, #1) One of Us Is Lying question

Can we all agree this should become a movie?
Laurie Mensah Laurie Jan 08, 2020 07:49AM
I just started this book with my book club, Our first pick of the year and I just finished part one of the book and I already have mu suspicions. Someone who was not in the room at the time of the murder is playing a huge role. This is the ultimate setup! At least one thing is for sure, the plot is a movie worthy!!!

This would be the new Breakfast Club but in modern times, and with a murder.

definitely worth staying up until 12 to purchase premiere tickets for

Who would play who? Thoughts?

also I would really like a sequel that follows up on the original four characters. They could be like a cool mystery detective team or something


Well we didn’t get the movie but we got a show! Did anyone else watch? What did y’all think?

Rylee I actually really enjoyed the show. Although it was a little different I think the characters were portrayed really well.
May 12, 2022 09:28AM

It is the perfect fit for a movie, I can even seen the trailer in my imagination.

Let's gather money and produce it

I swear if they mess up Nate if they make a movie.... or anyone as a matter of fact. STAY TRUE TO THE BOOK PLEASE! Ok, yeah, obviously we can't find someone exactly like these characters but I should be able to look at them and say 'yup that's Nate'.

Yeah, for sure! We just have to make sure than this will have the best cast...

It would make a great movie... but they always change things.
I don't think I could bear it if abby doesn't cut her hair or if they make Nate to much of a bad boy. we all have our own image of the characters, imagine what would happen if we were told what they look like?

honestly, y isn't it already? T-T

even it's sequel wd be a gr8 movie

its going to be a show!

yes, this should become a movie.

yes definitely , it really should have a movie.

What if the author produced and directed the movie? She would design everything as she saw it, wouldn't that be interesting.

guys, its already a netflux series! im v late to the discussion ik, but i started watching the netflix series - DONT! its rlly bad, not very true to the book, and they just put in way to many unnecessary sexual content and kissing!

Laurie Mensah smh! i believe you lol i'll just keep this in my minds eye movie ...more
Apr 18, 2022 07:12PM · flag

It definitely should be a movie. I finished the book in one sitting. It was definitely a page-turner, so if they did the movie right, it would be great.

It would be a great movie with good actors.

not a movie. a Netflix series or something like this they can make every detail correct and make it as long as possible. but yes I would die for anything related to this. also read the other books by Karen M. McManus. She's the best,.

I would love it if it was a movie, but it would have to be accurate. I would be so disappointing if they made it like the Percy Jackson movies. (For people who have not read Percy Jackson: the movies were terrible and SO inaccurate). If the movie was accurate: it would be amazing and I would totally buy a movie ticket for it.

I think there is already a netflix series on this. However, they changed some stuff in the series which I personally did not like.

This should definitely be a movie. I will 100% stay awake the whole night, just to catch the the first show of the first day!!!

This should 100% be a movie!

yes, please lol

This Plot is really Worth for a movie, if its taken as a movie it would be a thrilling one tbh!!

most definitely I just hope they don't change too much

Yes!! It would be soooo good!

All the way through out though it reminded me of pretty little liars or Riverdale!

This should definitely become a movie!

This would be a great movie and If this doesn’t become a movie I might cryyyy....

Answer on Libby’s comment: I think that Nick Robinson might make a good Cooper

Of course it should be a movie! In fact, when I read the title of this thread, I wondered “But didn’t I see the movie already?” Then realised I was reading the book and visualising the events unfold in front me!!

The question is, where would it be filmed?

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