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Podcast Episodes > Episode 57: Watching the Detectives: Gwendy and Ex

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My third episode reading from my novel-in-progress. Please let me know if you have any questions, critique, anything. I am wide open.
Smart link to listen to episode:

The other two episodes are 14 and 28, but I did my best to make this episode stand-alone.

Show notes:

And they were all rich. Rich in looks, rich in opportunity, rich in already wasted opportunities, rich in network, and rich in funds. And rich in frustrations, many of which they could not even name.

--Carla Hufstedler, Watching the Detectives

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Songs quoted:

“Drive”, The Cars

“Unbearably White”, Vampire Weekend

“Reindeer King”, Tori Amos

“Watching the Detectives”, Elvis Costello

“Watching the Detectives”, covered by Duran Duran

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Carla (theremightbecupcakes) | 49 comments Mod
Book set to currently reading: James Renner's true crime book on the Maura Murray case, since that case inspired my novel

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