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message 1: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 5 comments Is there a newer site or group for Reese's Book Club? The most recent book reading is Whisper Network and it's three months ago. Thank you!

message 2: by Niki (new)

Niki Covello (ncovello) | 1 comments Her website is currently up to date

message 3: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 5 comments ????? This is a different domain and shows "under construction". Not the same as Reese's book club, I'm assuming!

message 4: by Juls (new)

Juls (juls979) | 3 comments The link is broken - it should be

message 5: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 5 comments
.......this is the actual web address. (copy and paste into your browser) The other did not work for me either. I researched and found it. Hope this helps others.

message 6: by Brenda (new)

Brenda E. Mcdaniel (brendamcdaniel441) | 3 comments Have book called My Angel My Hero. It's about faith, hope and love. Sites are: And Thanks again.

message 7: by Kelli (new)

Kelli Johnson (goodreadscomkellijohnson) | 1 comments So is this group no longer active/up to date?

Tammy(PeaceLoveBooks) (tammathau) Here is the Unofficial RW Bookclub group and we are active!

message 9: by Karen (new)

Karen Karlitz (karenkarlitz) | 1 comments My new novel, "STONER GHOSTS OF SANTA MONICA," was just released today This book is available in e-Book and paperback.

An optimistic spin on the afterlife where fun, love, creativity and friendship flourish, it is a story of people who are dead but party on.

Protagonist Henry Davis kicks the bucket at a Los Angeles hospital. Unlike Elvis who has left the building, Henry's still there and aware of everything around him, including his toxic ex-wife's hookup attempt with his doctor. So begins Henry's stint in the spirit world.

Having come of age in '60s and '70s New York City, Henry quickly discovers he can get high by inhaling the second-hand smoke of the living potheads at the Santa Monica apartment building he inhabits. Much of this imbibing takes place at the pool.

Whether hitching a ride on the back of an oblivious surfer's bike, helping his deceased buddy in apartment 105 find a dead mate in T.J. Maxx or stowing aboard a cruise ship to Cabo, Henry navigates the afterlife with heart and humor, encountering a diverse bunch of characters from both worlds.

Thanks for taking a look at my new book!

Karen Karlitz

message 10: by Axfhhyh (new)

Axfhhyh 2reader (a1_rea1d1ersa12) | 1 comments Has anyone read: '2020 Vision: In Our Image' ?
According to the description on Amazon:
"A revolutionary review of the state of affairs on Earth, humanity, society and religion, while revealing the hidden design that has maintained the ignorance and servitude of the human race for thousands of years. Describing the beginnings of life on Earth, the intelligent design of the human race and solving the many mysteries that have continued to challenge humanity, the author leads to an ultimate conclusion. The conclusion is that life on earth is intended or designed to propagate the servitude of humanity and that the architect of that design is one that can be revealed. The enemy of humanity is revealed and this revelation leads to a solution inspired by the creative energies of universe. The enemy's aim to build a totalitarian regime around an unsuspecting humanity is counteracted by a new system described in this book, that returns ascendant humanity back to the original source of creation."
The content is phenomenal. I would definitely recommend it.

message 11: by Thomasa (new)

Thomasa (thomasalovestoread) | 3 comments Hello,

I'm new to Reese's Book Club x Hello Sunshine. I'm an educator and avid reader. I've always enjoyed reading and have recently began reading for enjoyment again! I love books and the discussion that follows. I do have an Instagram account and would love if we could follow each other.


message 12: by Teri (new)

Teri Pizza | 1 comments Thomasa wrote: "Hello,

I'm new to Reese's Book Club x Hello Sunshine. I'm an educator and avid reader. I've always enjoyed reading and have recently began reading for enjoyment again! I love books and the discuss..."

Welcome Thomasa!

message 13: by Thomasa (new)

Thomasa (thomasalovestoread) | 3 comments Thanks, Teri!

message 14: by Olga (last edited Mar 28, 2020 04:00PM) (new)

Olga Sunrise (olga_sunrise) | 2 comments Hello dear Sunshines, I wanted to share with you this book called "LOVE, I believe in you!" : a 21st-century fairy tale about love & true joy, and how vital they are for a life full of happiness.
Ages: 6 and up | Grade Level: 1st and up

A unique girl with hair the color of the sunset, assisted by millions of flying Sunshines, will guide you through all the stages of life on Earth, starting from the very beginning, to show you what happens during each period of growth and how the surrounding environment can influence that development. She will help you understand the essence of your own life, bringing you peace and self respect. Your guide will also tell you about the power of loving yourself, expressing yourself, and living with tolerance, and will gladly tell you how to build your dream life, for good, by following your heart.

message 15: by Laurie (new)

Laurie Stolarz | 1 comments I'm a big of Reese and her bookclub, and I love the reading community! I'm also an author, trying to connect readers with stories in my own way. I thought I'd share below some of the ways I'm doing that. Best wishes to all and happy reading!

If you purchase a copy of Jane Anonymous and send me proof of purchase (a screenshot is fine), I'll send you a free book. It may be one of my books (signed) or it could be a copy of someone else's book (unsigned). All of the books are new, unread, and include hardcover editions. If you already have a copy of Jane Anonymous, you can still enter: Buy a copy of "Jane" and gift it to someone who loves to read. Open to US residents only. Does not apply to previous purchases. Email your proof of purchase:

Writing Sessions with Me - each Tuesday on Instagram
Each Tuesday at 8PM EST (for the next 6weeks, starting 3/31), I'll post a video with a creative writing exercise - a short writing prompt or activity - and invite all of you to share your comments on how you did with it.

Jane Anonymous Virtual Book Club Meeting - Sunday, May 3rd, 8-9PM EST
We'll chat in live time about my newest release, Jane Anonymous, via Zoom. To sign up, you'll need to have read Jane Anonymous by the date of the meeting. Come with your questions, comments, and book club snacks. To sign up, please email me: Note: If enough readers are interested, I will open up a second date.

message 16: by Selin (new)

Selin Senol-Akin (selinsenolakin) | 2 comments Dear fellow mystery lovers,

If you're looking for an enticing romantic suspense/mystery which takes place in modern-day Norway, involves some paranormal/eastern/mythical elements, as well as the psychological P.O.V of a young woman trying to find herself within her troubled marriage and foreign surroundings...please read and enjoy my debut novel, 'The Catalyst', out on Amazon and BarnesandNoble now! Can't wait to discuss the story with all of your and for your valuable feedback!

Stay Safe!


Selin Senol-Akin
Author, 'The Catalyst,
New York City

message 17: by Caroline (last edited Apr 04, 2020 04:25PM) (new)

Caroline Hello
I'm delighted to be here! I enjoy actress Reese Witherspoon and all the shows she's doing from books. How wonderful and lucky for so many.
I'm a reader and an author. I can send you a copy if any of my writings interest you. I'm here for the camaraderie and listening to what others read.
I'm on Goodreads and Amazon. My mystery is Three King Mackerel and a Mahi Mahi. Be fearful.

message 18: by Hitesh (last edited Apr 11, 2020 10:03AM) (new)

Hitesh Shah | 2 comments Hi All ,

Here is a new book , 360 X 360 Life & Sciences available on Amazon as ebook & paperback both . The book falls in self- help category helpful in improving team performance through better understanding social sciences and spirituality . It shares lot of historical perspectives to explain how and why spirituality also is important.

About Book

Last few centuries humongous progress has happened in social sciences in almost every area of life. There is abundant literature on virtually any subject. There is little literature available to provide the synthetic holistic scientific overview of all these social sciences which lead to great life.

In day to day parlance, people say that in order to solve routine problems or to improve the life in general, people need to have broader outlook. People having superficial knowledge or limited views cannot improve life in larger perspectives. They rather create other problems or they just compromise standards with inferior solutions. So broader outlook is very important. Experts call people having such broader outlook as people with 360 degree view. Such people can view problem from 360 different angle in a single plane. But life is far more complex and it has many facets just the way space is more than single plane. So in order to have holistic view of any point, even 360 degree view (in just one plane) is grossly insufficient and people really require 360 X 360 degree view (total 129600 degree view) to really understand, view and grasp any point and to come up with meaningful direction in any situation. This book is humble attempt to explore life and sciences from all such perspectives.

Taking examples from world history and real life examples, author proves that life is a wonderful inter-play of multiple social and physical sciences working scientifically in tandem and its impeccable impact on success or failure of teams of any nature at all levels. Accordingly there is need to view the life from various scientific angles like politics, economics, psychology etc. Life can be and will be great if all sciences are complied with in letter and spirit.

Spirituality is not considered as scientific due to historical reasons. If one looks at all historical contexts (recent dated/known history of Europe/America to remote/little known history of Oriental cultures with various successes and failures at different stage), its underlying facts and logic rising above prejudiced bi-polarities, one can definitely view the spirituality and ethics as having very high intellectual and scientific quotient, and it was the core and essential ingredient in all successes and its absences was at the core of all failures. The apparent conflict between spirituality (religion) and science is mere illusionary than real.
Traditionally (last couple of centuries) the spirituality has been considered to be domain of ignorant or of lesser intelligent. This is fallacious. The book effectively demonstrates it is an area requiring tremendous intelligence , and the rewards too are commensurate. But this is true only of real , scientific , active and positive spirituality and not the passive , negative , superstitious , heretical, ignorant spirituality ( which is no spirituality at all ) .

The book also stresses the importance of balance and relative priority in many apparent conflicts like priority of group/team OR individual, spirituality or materiality, gender equality etc. It takes life-oriented holistic balanced stand which is rare in bi-polarity kind of situations (like communism or capitalism , science or religion etc ) yet shows the direction or orientation one should take to have great life (which relative importance and priority) with an equal emphasis not go to extremes. This is kind of commercial aircraft angle of attack (a.k.a. 'AoA' in aviation terminology) is like 5 degree to 15 degree in any airborne situation (facing skywards) , yet horizontal enough to make travel safe , fearless yet very much enjoyable.

The book also examines vicious circles of life & ‘virtuous circles of life and how the situation changes. With the help of 360X360 degree outlook, author examines certain seeming paradoxes/mysteries in current modern life. Finally it exhorts the reader what he/she can do to improve the orientation and outlook of his/her life sustainably.

message 19: by Mr. (new)

Mr. Darcy (author_mrdarcy) | 3 comments Secrets from the Top Caroline's Journal: The BeginningI just wanted to bring to everyone's awareness that this author is giving away all of his proceeds to the American nurses association to help them cope during and after this pandemic, i hope as a group of avid readers you will all get behind this great cause and get behind this author, The nurses are working tirelessly to keep us safe and well, you never know when you will need their help, this is such a great cause and please try and get behind the effort that this author is trying to do,

If you liked 50 shades of grey but want a more female centric book that is based on real life desires and business aspirations. Then look no further, all women should read this book, a powerful female business woman that takes men on at their own game and lives the life with her close friends the way she wants to , while enjoying life and taking back control from men around her and building a successful business, a must read i have included the synopsis
Caroline’s is a high-powered executive in a demanding job, she has always put her career first and all off her relationships she has felt like the trophy on someone's arm. This is a story about her awakening her innermost desires and the realisation that it is not only a man’s world and that women have a huge part to play in it. Her journey starts the day she realises that she is going to take men on at their own game and play by her rules, along with her close friend and personal assistant Elizabeth they set off on a journey that will have you living through all of the actions from their busy corporate lives and dealing with huge taker overs and mergers too taking you to a new height of sexual desire and strength of mind and character, that once you have put it down no matter whereabouts in the book you are you will sit and re-evaluate how you perceive your own lives and if there is more of Caroline or Elizabeth inside you.

Start living from the masquerade ball through to holiday adventures in Scotland and Greek islands to boardroom mutiny’s you will follow her journey and start to realise that there is nothing stopping anyone at all from living their lives on their terms. It’s a story of awakening, self-exploration and the desire and fantasy and bravery of a lady to throw out any stereotypical names the society has given anyone and live the way she wants to live without holding back.

Jump on board for a ride that will take you to points off complete ecstasy and personal development from the very first page.

Secrets from the Top Caroline's Journal: The Beginning

message 20: by Eniola (new)

Eniola Fase (ennyfair) | 1 comments Hello.
I'm new here. I just published my first book, titled Bruises. It's an english mystery and thriller book. It's all about crime, suspence, investigation, murder and mysteries. Bruises might not be the best book you will ever read but I can assure you that it will be on your top list.

Thank you.

message 21: by Kiera (new)

Kiera W. | 1 comments hi Eniola! Welcome to the group. I would love to read your book! Also, have you read the book, The breathing room? It is my favorite book evr and I think that based on the book you published, you would like it too.

message 22: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Burke | 5 comments Greetings! I am so pleased I found this group. I'm going to start by saying I'm an author and my latest is coming in October. I'm in preview/review mode right now.
Title: Only the Women are Burning
Fiction and the description is here: Three women are lost in a single morning, one at a commuter train, one at a school, one while walking her dog in the woods. The police think the women are making some kind of political statement by setting themselves on fire….maybe members of a cult. But Cassandra knows better. You won’t rest until Cassandra, a mom and former anthropologist, solves the mystery of these fiery deaths. Part mystery, part science fiction, part a suburban domestic novel, Only the Women are Burning asks important questions about women in contemporary suburban lives. Pre-orders are up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound.
It's going to make for some good discussions inside book groups! Thanks, be safe, keep reading!

message 23: by Ally (new)

Ally | 7 comments “Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvellous adventures that anyone can have.”
-Lloyd Alexander
Hey There!
I hope you and your family is safe during this time of crisis. I recently made an online book chatting website called- Book-Talks is a platform where passionate readers like you and me and book readers from around the world can come and chat about their favourite books. For e.g. If you’ve read a very famous book then why not chat about the book with readers who have read the same book – share your thoughts on the book, the best moments and scenes in the book, post a fan edit for a part of the book you liked or disliked or even share some real-life experiences that you can easily relate with the book. I really really wish you would check Book-Talks and contribute in its aim for connecting book readers all over the world. Lastly, as said by Lloyd Alexander books are the best form of an adventure then why not share your adventure with others and also be of their adventures.
(PS: Thank you for spending your precious time reading this message. Everyone starts with that one subscriber, one follower and today I am doing that with my site so the biggest thank you to the very first visitors of my website. I Pinkie Promise that you will love Book-Talks and Book-Talks loves you back for visiting it.... Thanks again!! Have a wonderful day!)

message 24: by Nell (new)

Nell Grey (carysd) | 27 comments

Destination: Wales. Meet the Morgans and their lives and loves in Freshwater Bay

The Strictly Business Proposal by Nell Grey is free on Amazon for one more day

"Highly recommend the whole series. Brilliant characters, with interesting and exciting plots. Beautifully set in Wales."

"Absolutely, charming, delightful books"

"Keeps you wanting more, fantastic."
The Strictly Business Proposal The Strictly Business Proposal (Freshwater Bay Novel Series #1) by Nell Grey

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Tom Gabbay (tomgabbay) | 1 comments Access Point by Tom Gabbay

"A psychological thriller with compelling explorations of memory, obsession, and identity. Readers will find it an intriguing and entertaining read." - BlueInk Review

Access Point

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