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Tasha | 1 comments Just wanted to share some thoughts from last night...

Are you just dream
If you are
I’d like to taste you like ice cream
Though it’s cold but it’s sweet
And it melts my heart
I wish I could hold onto you
Even just a little while

If you aren’t a dream
If you are real
What do you dream?

Nothing is at it seems
Don’t look on the surface
Even if you have never seen my face

The truth hurts
Because you have to dig deep
All the dented dangerous dreadful daggers
Dragging down your heavy heart
Haunted hollow heartaches
hangs over your hurtful heart
Hiding your pure soul
like a gem
It takes pressure to make diamonds
I guess that’s why
I’m pressuring you
Pursuing you

Shall we start?
I will go first
Cus I’m in thirst
Thirst for love

I know I shouldn’t
But I couldn’t
Not say hi

Because your silence
Made me wonder
If you left without a goodbye

But as one of my favourite artist sings
“Never saw the good in bye
So I will never tell that lie
If you're getting out, I'll drive, yeah
Maybe you could "find yourself"
Better with someone else
Glad that I could be some help”

I know I shouldn't
Dive deep
When nothing to hold me back
Nothing to catch my fall

Just like this link between you and I
Nonexistent nonsense

I think it’s all in my head
When I go to bed
I will play this again
Like my favourite tune
But it seems that I’ve lost the lyrics
So the tune is just a melody
Filled with lonely melancholy

If only
I feel less alone

But my solitude sometimes saves my soul
As I talk to God
As He abide in me

As the Spirit speak to me
Singing peaceful hymn
A humming sound
I hope tonight
I’ll be sound asleep

Thanks for reading all the way!!!
The song I’m referring to is called “I wasn’t enough for you” by Hollyn, maybe y’all can check it out

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