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Mistakes and Typos

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Hayley M. Mills Hi All,

Well I would first like to thank all my readers and those who have been kind enough to leave ratings and reviews. I appreciate the time you have taken to do so.
Now I would like to first apologise for mistakes and Typos, it does happen I'm afraid. The good news is I can fix them but as I am in the middle of writing the sequel I don't have time to sift through every page looking for them.
So I would like to ask if anyone is reading my book at the moment if you come across missed words or mistakes of any kind if you wouldn't mind letting me know, pg number, the mistake and what line it is on. That would be great. I'm not asking anyone to go through looking for them only if you happen to come across it. Your input is appreciated. Thank you. :)
H. M. Mills

Hayley M. Mills Well it has been kind of funny; I had been contacted a few times to be told there were some mistakes in LHM which of course happens, even to the greatest Authors and Editors and I'm okay about being informed; but since I posted this earlier post and on my facebook book page I haven't received anything from them and as I am currently in the middle of writing the sequel I don't have time to go back over LHM, but I will and I will try to be more careful. Thanks for any input.
Happy Reading
H. M. Mills

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