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Sara  (goodreadscomsatchel_1) | 2 comments I read this book a year ago and it is so frustrating that I can't remember this book. This particular book is a part of a long series. What I remember is that this book starts with a sex club scene where the female protagonist is getting whipped but the male protagonist recognizes her as his best friend's sister and he stops the act (or maybe he takes over). His name, if I remember correctly, starts with M and he is a widow who used to live in Texas. I also remember that the girl got into the sex club because she wanted to get ready for the kind of relationship that this guy prefers. I also remember that in the middle of this book when they are sexually involved, the guy calls 3 other members from the sex club to participate in the menage. One of the members' name starts with an N for sure and he has his own book later in the series. I also remember his book consisted of him pursuing his dead friend's wife but I could be wrong. This is all I could remember. Please help me find this book!!!

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Sara  (goodreadscomsatchel_1) | 2 comments Help!!!

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