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Feel free to intoduce yourself and tell us your hobby

Hi, I'm Shayna, and I like reading, writing, acting, and dancing!

message 2: by Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} (last edited Jan 07, 2020 06:42PM) (new)

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡_◡)} Hello! I'm Anna and I love writing (of course), books (of course), and animals!!

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Penny | 44 comments Mod
Hello!! I'm Penny:) I love reading fiction and fantasy, writing little things, listening to old music(and new music and just music in general😂), and just thinking and daydreaming(I'm very introspective😅). Can't wait to get writing with you all! ;)

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Madeline  (theorganizedscatterbrain) Hello, I'm Vivien but you can call me Vivi or Vee. I was extremely happy when I got this invite because I love writing! I can't tell people my age, but I am in high school for my first year of public schooling ever. (I was home schooled before) I'm a Christian and I'm glad to meet other people of my faith like Shayna! Above all my other hobbies I enjoy acting, writing, painting, reading, and friends. And yes, I consider being friends with people a hobby and somewhat of a job because it can sometimes be draining to be friendly to everyone. I live in the super tiny and somewhat unknown state of Delaware in the US. (Delaware really IS a state, not a city in New Jersey or Pennsylvania like people keep asking me lol)

Can't wait to get to know all of you better!

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Grace (gracemariee) Hello! I'm Gray Marie, I'm a 17-year-old homeschooler and New Testament Christian. I live in Texas in a family of ten.
I love photography, reading, writing, art, and singing. :))

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Lana (ohmylily) Hi! I'm Lana... not that you guys don't know that :P
Lol, I know most of you here anywho.
I like cookies. Especially peanut butter and chocolate chip SOFTBATCH!!!
I love beautiful pastel colors and the sun, it's so cheerful!!!
I love lines like: I woke up with all this sunlight, ain't got time to listen to any shade.
Ummm o-o I'm cutting my hair this week? Chin length with cute bangs in front :D
I don't know what else to say, you guys know me already XD
Anyways, I look forward to being active here! ^-^

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Penny | 44 comments Mod
EEEEE Vivien I'm so happy you're here!!!😆(Guys, she is amazing, she has some of the most beautiful pieces of writing that I've ever read!!)

Welcome Gray Marie, glad to have you here! WOW a family of ten?? That's pretty big! We have a family of eight, and I thought that was big!

Yayyy hi Cherie! Happy you're here!

And YAY Lana, I'm so excited to have you here!! Also, OOH your hair will look so cute!😍 I've been dying to cut my hair short again(it's super thick, so I can't stand it long!), but I also want to dye it, and I know that that's pretty expensive, so I might pick one or the other😂

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Lana (ohmylily) Right?! I am really excited too, and my hair is really thick also O_O And it always flattens against my scalp when it gets too long and looks bad.
But!! You should totally cut it Penny, I swear you will love it.
Last year my hair went all the way down to my wrists when I put my hands at my sides.
It was SOOO long and I absolutely loved it, but it started to become my obsession and I was having depression problems so I was totally rash and chopped it all off.
That was literally the best decision I have ever made though, despite WHY I did it. It's so free, and went back to being full on top and always floated around my face, so now I adore having short hair.

(Errr. You can delete this comment if you don't want it in here.)

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Penny | 44 comments Mod
EXACTLY, it used to weigh down my whole entire head when I had it long, and styling it was virtually impossible! But then I cut it about shoulder length a couple years ago and I LOVE my short hair!😍 But I do want to cut it short again, maybe chin length like you! If not, I'd at least like to have it above my shoulders;) I'm glad that even though you were struggling and going through a rough time, at least something good was able to come out of it! YAY for short hair!! (also, hmm true, maybe we should talk in the chatting section😅😂)

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Faith (victorianprincess) | 33 comments Hello, my friends!
My name is Faith, and I am a daughter of King Jesus. I love to read. write poetry, garden, and do anything outdoorsy. I also love to collect things about and from England and long to visit there sometime... I will be learning the violin in the near future, and love listening to many kinds of soft, classic music. i.e. Celtic, Classical, Opera, Big Band, 50s swing, 40s wartime songs, instrumental Asian, instrumental Latin American, Spanish and Italian, hymns played by orchestras, and a few mellow Christian artists, such as Phil Keaggy, Michael W. Smith, Joy Hanna, Sarah Groves, and amazingly (because he is NOT mellow ☺️) Toby Mac. I surprise myself that I like him, because I am a classical girl!
I look forward to knowing you all better! (except Cherie- I have known you well all my life☺️)
Jesus loves you all!!❤❤❤

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Angeline | 3 comments Hi my name is Angeline, I am a pastor's kid and I have three siblings. God has changed my life greatly and I don't know what kind of person I would be without Him. I love to read, write, and do crafts. I have been knitting and crocheting since I was thirteen.
I am so excited to be part of this group, thank you for letting me join. I can't wait to get to know you all!

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Faith (victorianprincess) | 33 comments Welcome, Angeline!

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Penny | 44 comments Mod
AAHHHH YAYYYY ANGELINE IS HERREE!!!!! Guys she is the BEST ahhhh I'm so excited that she's actually here😆😆😆

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Elise Hello everyone,

My name is Elise and I am 21 years old - in three days!
After a few difficult years, I now find my hope and love in Jesus. ♡
Since September I study naturopathy for animals. I think it is beautiful to use what the Lord gave us, as in herbs for example, to help the animals.

I probabely will not be a very active member of the group, but thanks for the invitation nonetheless!

Lovely to get to know you all.


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Penny | 44 comments Mod
Hello Elise!! Welcome! I can't wait to get to know you and share some writing! :)

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Lana (ohmylily) OOh Leylaaaaaaaaa!!!! *glomps you* I hardly recognize you because your profile picture changes every day XDDDD

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Sushie || "In writing, you must kill all your darlings." -William Faulkner (73687) Hi, I'm Sushie (not r e a l l y, and yes, I spelled it wrong.) I l o v e to write, huge hobby of mine, I even have a writing group of my own! Might share these groups with each other sometime.

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Penny | 44 comments Mod
AHHHH yesss HI SUSHIE!! (her writing group is GREAT too btw😜)

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Mackenzie Hi guys!! I’m Mackenzie.

I’m twelve years old, I ride horses, I am a missionary. I love archery. I am a Christian.

God bless y’all! Shayna, thanks for the invite! I’m excited to be here!


✨ f i o n a ✨ Hello all!
My name is Fiona. I'm fifteen, I'm a Christian, I like listening to the Gray Havens, I love reading and I looove writing fiction/fantasy books. I'm writing one write(hehe) now. I can't wait to get y'all more and read fantastic books:) Thanks for inviting me, Shayna!! May God bless you all:)
Fiona O.

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Lana (ohmylily) Hey guys!! ^^
That's cool, Mackenzie! Where are you stationed?

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Mackenzie @fiona hi! You’ll have to keep me updated on you book!!

Thank you guys! Y’all are so sweet!

I’m in Tennessee, USA!

✨ f i o n a ✨ Mackenzie wrote: "@fiona hi! You’ll have to keep me updated on you book!!

Thank you guys! Y’all are so sweet!

I’m in Tennessee, USA!"

Alrighty, Mackenzie!! I'll make sure to do that:D

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Penny | 44 comments Mod
Welcome Fiona and Mackenzie!! Excited to have you guys here!;)

message 26: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie Hi Penny! Thanks so much!

✨ f i o n a ✨ Penny wrote: "Welcome Fiona and Mackenzie!! Excited to have you guys here!;)"

Hi Penny:D

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Penny | 44 comments Mod
king daylan/daito wrote: "hi im daylan"


So what kind of things do you guys like to write??:)

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Michaela Hey! I'm Michaela, but you can call me by my nickname which is Mac. Music and art are my life, and my cat is my best friend.

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Michaela Elizabeth Shirey wrote: "Hey! I'm Michaela, but you can call me by my nickname which is Mac. Music and art are my life, and my cat is my best friend."

Hello and welcome! Eek I'm so happy to have you here <33

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Lana (ohmylily) So... do you like Toby Mac's music? XD

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Hai! I'm Cosmo, I love reading, writing, and just joined this group/goodreads!

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Cosmo wrote: "Hai! I'm Cosmo, I love reading, writing, and just joined this group/goodreads!"

Hi! I feel really bad for not saying this straight out, I'm Jay. This is my other profile. I mde it because I wanted y'all to see the happy me. And... Because I wanted a do-over. I regret so many of the things I've said and done. And because my other profile doesn't feel... Safe anymore. But Ella helped me through all that. Why am I still keeping this, you may ask? Well because having a second account is... Useful? I'm not going to stop being Jay, but when I'm here in Cosmo. I'll come here when Jay's problems are to big but she still needs her friends. She I need a little escape from what's going on on my other account. I'm sorry for all of this trouble I caused...

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