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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. A YA book where the girl climbs to her rooftop every night when she can't sleep and one night her guardians (grandparents?) are shot. She believes they were targeting her.

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sana I remember, and I'm pretty sure this was the same book, but that girl meets a guy (what else is new) and they search for answers. The dude is Spanish or Mexican and he has a sister. They were walking through some streets when the protaganist starts sweating. She is wearing this huge sweater. The dude tells her to take it off if she's sweating so much. She finally does and she's wearing a tight tank top with no bra. A man running past them takes a good long look at her chest and she crosses her arms over it. The dude says he thinks the girl just made that runner's day. That's pretty much all I remember. I read this book about two years ago.

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sana I found it! Out of Control

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Rainbowheart | 16838 comments Glad you found it!

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