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Death by Midnight: The Secret Life of Anna Goode series
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Death by Midnight The Secret Life of Anna Goode series by Nicole Nadeau Nicole Nadeau

Genre: Young Adult
Page Count: 373

Book Description: Anna Goode is a teenaged-genius with a secret—her homemade inventions that she only shares with her best friend, Jake. But when a shadowy figure kidnaps Anna’s parents, she is forced to help him carry out his mysterious plan. With her inventions and Jake by her side, Anna must use her gifted mind to save not only her parents, but countless others. And she better hurry. Because the clock is ticking.

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message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 4 comments hello can do this?

Emily (embo123) | 12 comments I'd love to have a read of this-
Emily Reid
Mobi please

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Natalie | 6 comments Id love to reviewbthis please.
Natalie Power
Mobi please

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Sheri | 6200 comments Mod
Sent your requests Emily and Natalie

Emily (embo123) | 12 comments

Here is my review, I have also posted this to Amazon. Thanks for the copy.

R.J. Abell | 18 comments Do you still need reviews? Epub please.

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Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
R.J. wrote: "Do you still need reviews? Epub please."

Sent in RJ's request

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Nicole Nadeau | 3 comments So sorry, just saw this. It's been a crazy month. Just sent you a copy RJ.

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