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Linda Cairns This is probably one of my favovite books this year. There were surprises right up to the end. What a triumph of the human spirit - to go thru such horror and come out "ok" is amazing. I have no doubt there were folks who did come out of these experiences and make a good life for themselves - look at the holocost survivers and how they managed to go on. Very inspiring........

Denisa Arsene Wonderful! I simply loved it!

Jade Boory This book ripped my heart out, I sobbed and I loved it. The only thing I hated was how completely oblivious Avery Stafford was, even as the clues start becoming blatantly obvious, and she is supposed to be a former prosecutor? I found her story line lame, and her little love triangle unnecessary. Other than that, this book stayed with me, emotionally haunted me, and was hands down the best I read in 2019.

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Bonnie Kelley Such a well-written, engaging read! Although it was gut-wrenching to believe the plot was historically-based in this country, I couldn’t put it down. Among my favorite novels based upon the strength of the human spirit.

Terri This was an amazing read. I can't imagine being one of the children in Tennessee at this time. I researched a lot of material on Georgia Tann and was just amazed at the amount of damage she did.

Courtney I loved this book! So interesting and made me want to learn more about the time and theme.

Thiery i loved this book rode two months ago ! As I often research on Georgia Tann, I discovered how damage she did with children and parents.

Sophia Reynolds One of my favorite reads for 2020; even after months of reading this book I still think about the hardship, courage and strength in this story; how evil people can be to other humans especially innocent kids at that.

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