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Men Blazers (meninblazers) | 26 comments Mod
A thin but thoughtful volume. The follow up to 2016’s “All That Man Is” which is one of the my favorite books of the last decade. This is volume of 12 linked stories; the lead character in one cedes the spotlight to a minor character the next as each takes a plane flight somewhere around the world. The claustrophobic, disorienting, yet communal experience of global air travel moving them and the reader from place to place without ever escaping turbulence - occasionally inflight, but mostly of the existential kind - the battle against loneliness, fear, human pain, and the fight for control of the uncontrollable. The book lacks the heft of all that man is, but that does not mean it does not cling to you. The idea that wherever we are, no matter how much we have, we can never truly escape: these are the challenges we all share, that make us human.

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Jason (jasonforbus) | 2 comments 5 stars. Fantastic writing.

Unlike All That Man Is, it didn't kidnap & torture all my emotions and dump them between a rabid bear and her cubs. Good times. 👍

Valerie | 13 comments Since our library was closed, I borrowed this as an audio book—my first. The reader was excellent, with just enough hints of varied accents to make it more interesting. I really liked this book and might even borrow the print version.

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