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David (davidbpatterson) | 1 comments Hello,

I am looking for beta readers for my book Quintessence. Below is a synopsis to see if you're interested. If so, please let me know by replying here or emailing me at dbpatt(x) for a copy.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

After being bullied and getting into fights at her previous school, Emily Adrestia’s parents have sent her to a boarding school in the hopes that she will stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, after accidently spilling a drink on Samantha’s project, tensions escalate as her boyfriend Alec aggressively confronts Emily and warns her to be more careful. The next morning the police arrive at Emily’s door to ask her about an attack on Alec that has sent him to the hospital, an incident Emily has no knowledge of.
Within hours, as Emily makes her way across campus, she is attacked by Samantha, a brutal assault that sends Emily to the school nurse with bruises all over her face. As Emily recovers, news comes of another attack, this time against Samantha. With the police and security busy investigating, Emily makes her way back to her room where she expresses her concern that everyone thinks she attacked Alec and Samantha to Marishka, a teacher and dorm monitor, and the only person Emily has really talked with since arriving at the new school.
Frustrated by Marishka’s lack of empathy for the victims, Emily storms out and starts walking across the campus where she is beset upon by two of Alec’s friends. Their attack is merciless and, after forcing Emily to confess to the attacks on Alec and Samantha, one of the boys pulls a knife on her. Having followed Emily, Marishka intervenes, killing the boys.
Emily struggles with the moral dilemma of knowing that what Marishka did was wrong, yet the boy had a knife, he was going to kill her, his words echoing through her head. As they discuss what happened, Marishka confides that she is in fact a vampire and that she has been driven to protect Emily because every time Marishka has held Emily’s hand, her otherwise dormant emotions have returned in full force. Marishka does not understand how or why this happens, but she longs to find out and to protect Emily.
Devoid of the emotions brought on by Emily’s touch, Marishka realizes she has put both Emily and herself in great danger from both law enforcement and the Congregatio, a powerful group of vampire hunters. Marishka sets out on her own, abandoning Emily to avoid bringing more trouble down upon her. However, not wanting to let go of the emotions brought on by Emily, she eventually tracks Emily down at her new school.
As Marishka works to discover what it is about Emily that releases her emotions, she inadvertently makes another vampire, Marcus, aware of Emily’s effect, and he plots to use Emily’s blood to further his plans to take control of the world.
Marcus kidnaps Emily’s parents to force her to submit to his plan, but Emily lashes out, fights back and is able to thwart Marcus, if just for the time being. But in so doing she is transformed into a vampire against her wishes.

message 2: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa  Woodsburrow (vwoodsburrow) | 11 comments I am an author beginning an developmental/ grammatical editing reading career and I am quite interested in your manuscript. I would love to take a look at it and work with you on making it publication ready through the whole process. I do not require payment under the understanding that I get to use snippets of my comments/edits to build up my portfolio for potential clients.

If this is something you are interested in, please let me know by emailing me at I prefer doc. or PDF versions of work.

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