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Every one needs help with it. Drama or work post here.

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Omg what?

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mugs school

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What’s wrong with school

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mugs Nothing, it's just that school itself can be crazy.

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mugs Last year was crazy for me though.

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Why something bad happen?

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mugs Sort of. There was this one kid always bugging me, I liked her though and knew why she was doing it. She ended up apologizing to me for being really rude the whole year.
Then there was another kid who was usually really annoying but I finally learned how to work with him. I hope he's doing okay in his new school. He was honestly one of the craziest people I ever met, but he was nice.
Last year was just crazy for me...

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Oh wow...I’m glad I’m homeschooled

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mugs Meh, yeah. It was an interesting year. I didn't hate it though. The kid was pretty funny if you didn't get mad at him.

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Hehe good I’m glad

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mugs Yeah, it helped that the teacher didn't understand him and just punished him for nothing.
That made me want to stand up for him and so I got to know him. Soon I was the only girl who could stand his presence in the same room as me

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Awww that was sweet of you

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mugs Not really. I just thought that he was hated by pretty much the whole class for something that wasn't completely his fault and thought that it was unfair. I was the only person who tried to understand him. Even his friends called him annoying. He did act annoying and rude at times, but I think that he had a reason for it.

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At leased you were a friend to him

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mugs Yeah.

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Broken (tyran1010101019646271) | 127 comments Mod
School hasn't been fun for me. I'm math there is a girl named Melissa and a boy named Rafy and they bug me and Melissa is kinda becoming my friend bc she commented on my sketch and I said thanks and she is impressed by my sketching.

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I miss school 🏫

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lol poor you

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I know. Never thought I would say it.

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How is me?

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Me is good.

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I miss school 🏫

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lily reads and other things (lilyreadsandotherthings) I miss school too!!!!

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