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Mindy aka serenity | 120 comments Here we go again!

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Mindy aka serenity | 120 comments Titles A-Z

A- American Baroque- Molly Warsh
B- Beowulf
C- Court patronage and corruption- Linda Levy Peck
D- Doctor Faustus- Christopher Marlowe
E- English Women's poetry- Barash
F- Family and Empire- Liang
G- Go Tell it on the Mountain - Baldwin
H- The Hidden Face of Rights- Sikkink
I- In the company of the courtesan- Dunant
J- Jewish Emancipation- Sorkin
K- King Lear - Shakespeare
L- The Ladies- David Roberts
M- Mary of Modena - Carola Oman
N- New Introduction to Bibliography- Gaskell
O- Oroonoko - Behn
P- Patriarch's Wife- Margaret Ezell
Q- Queenship in Britain - Orr
R- The Revolution of 1688-89 Schwoerer
S- Sugar and Slaves- Dunn
T- Tropical Babylons- Schwartz
V- Vernacular Bodies - Fissell
W- Women and Print Culture- Shevelow

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Mindy aka serenity | 120 comments Authors A-Z

A- Aram, Bethany- Juana the Mad
B- Carol Barash- English Women's poetry
C- Kiera Cass- The Selection
D- Richard Dunn - Sugar and Slaves
E- Margaret Ezell - Patriarch's Wife
F- Mary Fissell - Vernacular Bodies
G- Dustin Griffin- Literary patronage
H- Hunt, Margaret - Women and the Enlightenment
I- Igea, Gamero- Royal Household and Political Parties: The Configuration of Ferdinand the Catholic’s Entourage in Castile
J- Johns, Adrian - Nature of the Book
K- Klooster, Wim- The Dutch Moment
L- Liang, Yuen-Gen- Family and Empire
M- Marlowe, Christopher - Doctor Faustus
N- Nader, Helen - The Mendoza Family
O- Orr, Clarissa Campbell - Queenship in Britain
P- Peck, Linda Levy- Court Patronage and Corruption
R- Roberts, David - The Ladies
S- Shevelow- Women and Print Culture
T- Tracy, James- Emperor Charles V
U- Unknown - Beowulf
V- Vaughan, Miceal (editor)- Piers Plowman A text
W- Warsh, Molly - American Baroque
Z- Zerner, Catherine- Juan de Herrera

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