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message 1: by Kamiryn (new)

Kamiryn Welcome to the discussion board! Here we'll discuss books, authors, stories, and more! So you're probably asking, what is this?

This is an online-ONLY book club. All discussions and reading will be facilitated here on GoodReads, so this group is ideal for those who want to join a book club, but can't always make it to a physical meeting. When you post, a pop-up will appear to the side of the text box with guidelines and a few rules on what is "acceptable" to post. This is also a pilot group, and if there is enough interest, we may start a Children's group or a Young Adult group.

The goal is for this to be a monthly book club, albeit a little bit different from the kind of book club you'd normally join. We're going to select our books based off the current group reading challenge for this year. Each month, there will be a poll on the group homepage with some suggested titles to read, along with the option to write in your own choice. We'll pick our book, and then there will be a discussion thread for the month. Feel free to discuss as you read, when you're finished, or before you even start! All I ask is that you please (view spoiler)

To kick things off, if you'd like, post a little introduction of yourself so we can get to know you better (note: this is NOT required to participate in the group - just an icebreaker activity!) I'll start us off:

My name is Kamiryn, and I work at the library as its Circulation and Acquisitions Librarian. I focus mainly on the adult side of the house - I process inter-library loans and order for the adult collection! I recently graduated with my Master's in I/O Psychology, and have been at the library for 2 years now. My favorite genre is YA Fantasy, my flavor of the year being royal fantasy. Also, a fun fact: GoodReads can track your reading progress! If you're interested in what kind of books I read, you can visit my profile and click through my shelves to see them.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to learn more about this program or the library in general, you can message me on GoodReads, call the library at (423) 337-5274 and ask for Kamiryn, or visit us! I look forward to reading and discussing books with you!

message 2: by Meera, SPL Staff (new)

Meera Patel | 2 comments Mod
Hi! My name is Meera, and I also work at the Sweetwater Public Library as its Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator. I provide outreach services to our town's local nursing homes, by loaning out books, audiobooks, and DVDs. Being the volunteer coordinator, I'm in charge of overlooking all of our volunteers, their tasks, and committed hours. The first thing to know about me is, I'm a dedicated BOOKWORM lol and my top genres are a mystery, adventure (Go Clive Cussler!), and fantasy. For those who have never read Clive Cussler, I highly recommend it. The man is a true genius when it comes to grasping the reader's mind and taking you on an adventure, that involves solving mysteries or old legends. Think of him as a mix of Indiana Jones and James Bond. But I'm sure we all will have fun time with this online book club. Look forward to discussing all the new adventures that lay ahead of us :)

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 3 comments I am the mother of three beautiful daughters and am trying to get back to reading on a regular basis. Unfortunately my professional life makes time to sit and unwind with a good book, difficult. I am, therefore, making a concerted effort to do so.

message 4: by Kamiryn (new)

Kamiryn Welcome to the group, Stephanie!

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