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A Darkness Forged in Fire (Iron Elves, #1)
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message 1: by Jenna, I'd be free if not for Temper & Edgewalker (new)

Jenna Kathleen (jennakathleen) | 4615 comments Mod
A Darkness Forged in Fire - Chris Evans
A Darkness Forged in Fire (Iron Elves, #1) by Chris Evans
May 19, 2020.
Requested by Elizabeth.

message 3: by Mayim (new)

Mayim de Vries | 2918 comments Elizabeth, you will be the death of me. You keep starting (and abandoning) so many interesting series. :)

message 4: by Michael (new) - added it

Michael Albrecht Ordered my copy today!

Shaitarn | 1931 comments Started.

I read this book before, years ago, but can't remember a thing about it, and never finished the trilogy.

Only a few chapters in, so I can't make any judgement on characters/plot as yet - although Konowa (view spoiler).

Chapter 6: (view spoiler)

Shaitarn | 1931 comments Finished, and I'm really not sure what to make of it. I obviously liked it enough to be the sequels previously, so I'm not sure if my reading tastes have changed or if I simply wasn't in the right mood for it.

I won't be reading the sequels this time, but I'm not giving up on it yet - I'll probably read it some time in the future when I can read all three one after the other.

Choko (chokog) | 6772 comments I am starting it today. I hope I like it:):):)

Choko (chokog) | 6772 comments Up to Ch 35... First, I love the Dwarf and Alwen! They are a great duo of friends!

Second, I love the Bengal Tiger - like creature, who decides when and to whom to listen and likes to mark his territory everywhere:-)

Third, I am not sure that we have any reliable narrator at all. I. the beginning I thought Conowa might be someone to stand behind, I am not really sure. It seems everyone has some pretty dark tendencies in their motivations. The lady Elf seems to be OK, but even she is very radical in her ideas. What I mean is, everyone is in the morally "gray" category, and I have a feeling that (view spoiler)

I am really enjoying the story! Actually, I am enjoying it more than I expected. Glad we are reading it:-)

Choko (chokog) | 6772 comments Up to Ch. 43... I am still enjoying the story, but there are a ton of inconsistencies both in language and world building, that are starting to grade on me a bit... Hmmmm....

Choko (chokog) | 6772 comments I finished... I am going very generously with 4 stars... THere were a ton of things that were just not well executed, despite them being good as ideas... I plan on continuing with the series eventually... Let's see if others will join and how they feel about it.

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