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The King's Bastard (King Rolen's Kin, #1)
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message 1: by Jenna, I'd be free if not for Temper & Edgewalker (new)

Jenna Kathleen (jennakathleen) | 4615 comments Mod
The King's Bastard - Rowena Cory Daniells
The King's Bastard (King Rolen's Kin, #1) by Rowena Cory Daniells
April 19, 2020.
Requested by Elizabeth.

Shaitarn | 1930 comments Starting a few hours early.

message 3: by Shaitarn (last edited Apr 19, 2020 01:44PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Shaitarn | 1930 comments So 11 chapters in and I'm starting to enjoy it. The first 150 pages were a struggle, and I thought I'd DNF at one point but managed to overcome that 'this is crap' section.

At the start the story seemed high on the rolling-my-eyes scale; (view spoiler)

The author has the habit of making up their own creatures which is something that always irritates me - so far a lincis, grucranes, and leogryf have all shown up, as well as the princess' pet foenix, which I assume from the description is actually a phoenix.

One theory I'm pondering is (view spoiler)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 1096 comments I'll be starting tomorrow, hope it gets better for you.

message 5: by Elizabeth (last edited Apr 20, 2020 09:29PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 1096 comments I'm on chapter 7 and I'm enjoying it so far, no thoughts of DNFing for me. I feel like once I have time this one will be a quick read for me. (view spoiler)

Shaitarn | 1930 comments Just finished. After my slightly rocky start it definitely grew on me and overall it was an enjoyable read. I don't want to say too much about the story as I don't want to risk spoiling (spoilering?) anything for you, but it didn't end as I expected and I will almost certainly read the other books in the trilogy at some point.

Out of the main characters I would say I actually ended up liked Fyn the most; it's nice to have an advange character for once - he's not an exceptional swordsman, doesn't have powerful magic, just a young guy doing the best he can with his modest talents.

I liked the setting as well - I liked the winter travel, with the skates along the canals and the 'snow-caves' they built (crude igloos in my head).

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 1096 comments Chapter 26 (view spoiler)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 1096 comments One more thing, this was a few chapters back, don't remember where exactly (view spoiler)

Shaitarn | 1930 comments Elizabeth wrote: "Chapter 26 [spoilers removed]"

Yes, this is the kind of behaviour that makes me roll my eyes and shout at books (view spoiler)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 1096 comments So I finished, I do think I'm interested enough to continue. What about you?

Shaitarn | 1930 comments Sure, I will - after the rocky start I really enjoyed it.

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 1096 comments I'm already overbooked for BR next month, so are you good to continue in mid June maybe?

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 1096 comments Shaitarn? Mid June work for you?

Shaitarn | 1930 comments Whoops, sorry i didn't get a notification of your last post for some reason! I have two buddy reads in June (both starting on the 10th - I've got a knack for doing that) so any time before then or from about 14th/15th onward should work.

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 1096 comments Haha I have two starting on Friday, I started one a little early today. 15th of June sound good?

Shaitarn | 1930 comments Sounds fine to me!

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