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message 1: by Liz M (new)

Liz M Post your completed tasks here. In order to help us better manage our score keeping:

Please use the add book/author link for the book titles. When claiming combo points, tell how the book qualifies, and, if requested in the task description provide a link.

Reading w/Style (RwS) Sample Completed Tasks Post:

10.8 - Two for One:

The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov (96 pages)
The Nose by Nikolai Gogol (31 pages)

> insert 100+ word review here <

+10 task
+5 combo (10.2 - Nutcracker: both works are set in Russia)
+10 review
+10 non-Western (both authors are non-Western)
+10 oldies (The Cherry Orchard was published most recently, in 1906)

Task total: 45
Grand Total: 525

(This assumes the post is mid-challenge, and that you had previously posted 480 points)

message 2: by Liz M (new)

Liz M A to Z sample post:

15.6 - L-R

Love's Work: A Reckoning with Life by Gillian Rose

+20 task points

Grand Total: 565

message 3: by Karen Michele (new)

Karen Michele Burns (klibrary) | 4362 comments 10.8 - Two for One:

Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov (60 pages)
The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov (64 pages)

I have wanted to read some Chekhov plays for a while and now have had my chance to listen to two of them. Uncle Vanya and The Three Sisters had some similarities in that there was a focus on a group of people relating to each other in both. The misunderstood and unrequited love triangles were quite sad and the writing brought out the emotions of the characters and gave us a peek into their thought processes. I would really like to see these plays on the stage to see the body language combined with the spoken word. The Three Sisters also involved ordinary and unsatisfied lives. I will admit to getting a bit confused about who was who listening to this one. Again, the characters don’t really do anything about their feelings of disappointment, but we do get to study and understand a little of how their personalities feed their frustrations with not being able to return to Moscow. My biggest disappointment in listening to these two plays was that the characters did not sound Russian, so I was not fully pulled into the feeling of Russian literature that I expected listening to Chekhov. I rated them both 4 stars.

+10 Task
+ 5 Combo (10.2 - Nutcracker: both works are set in Russia)
+10 Review
+10 Non-Western (both by Chekhov who is non-Western)
+10 Oldies (The Three Sisters was published most recently, in 1900)

Task Total: 45
Grand Total: 45

message 4: by Lagullande (new)

Lagullande | 952 comments 15.1 - A-W

All the Birds, Singing by Evie Wyld

+15 task points

Task Total: 15
Grand Total: 15

message 5: by Heather (new)

Heather (sarielswish) | 674 comments 20.1

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

+20 task
+10 oldies (1938)
+10 combo (20.4 - #603, 10.4 - UK)

task total: 40
grand total: 40

message 6: by Kathleen (itpdx) (last edited Dec 05, 2014 08:18PM) (new)

Kathleen (itpdx) (itpdx) | 1316 comments 10.1 Square Peg (I think)
The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness by Elyn R. Saks
I heard a radio interview with the author, Elyn Saks, not long after this book came out. She was very interesting. I got a copy of the book and each time it came to the top of my TBR pile, I found something else to read. I find mental illness a bit scary. But my book group selected it and I finally dove in. I want to thank Saks for baring her soul to give those of us who have not had to deal with a serious mental illness an understanding of what it means. She deals not only with the illness, explaining her own struggles, but also the prejudice that she has to face. She is an amazing woman and as she points out not many who are as ill as she is are able to put together a happy and productive life, but she has. Intellectually I have a clearer understanding of mental illness and may be able to find a way to support a friend who is struggling with such an illness. But I will still be uncomfortable walking by the man who occasionally appears on the corner near my office raving.
It is definitely an interesting and worthwhile book.
+10 task
+10 review
Task total: 20
Grand total: 20

message 7: by Deedee (new)

Deedee | 1799 comments Task 10.2 - Nutcracker:
Read a book set in (75%) Russia or a former Soviet Republic.

The Gypsies & Other Narrative Poems (1824) Alexander Pushkin; translated by Antony Wood (Hardcover, 116 pages)
Review: This book starts off with 20 pages of introduction, including a very brief biography of Alexander Pushkin (surprise! He’s of mixed race African & Russian ancestry) plus a backgrounder on each of the 5 poems included in the book. (The five poems: The Gypsies, The bridegroom, Count Nulin and retold Russian folktales The Tale of the Dead Princess and Tale of the Golden Cockerel.) Ten pages of notes explain references in the poems that Pushkin’s contemporaries would understand but that contemporary readers would miss. I’m not a big reader of poetry, and it is always a Challenge when I attempt to read some. I’m not sure if it is Pushkin’s verse or this particular translation (plus notes), but I felt that I understood the poems when I read them. (Maybe because they were story-poems instead of feelings-poems?) Recommended for those interested in Russian literature or for those who like poetry.

+10 Task
+10 Non-Western (Russian)
+15 Oldies -151 to 250 years old: (1764-1863)
+10 Review

Task Total: 10 + 10 + 15 +10 = 45

message 8: by Lagullande (new)

Lagullande | 952 comments 20.8 - Exiles and Emigrants:

All Our Worldly Goods by Irène Némirovsky

Review: If this book were several hundred pages longer, it could be described as a family saga, covering five generations of the Hardelots. However it is only 200 pages, and I felt this gave it a feeling of intimacy, as well as "epic-ness", if that's possible. It takes place in France from the early 1900s until 1940; although it includes both World Wars, there are no actual warfare scenes. Instead, it deals with the situation of ordinary citizens at home - a viewpoint I have not read about before. Irene Nemirovsky died in Auschwitz in 1942, just a year or so after the events in the book finish - the fact that the story was written contemporaneously with the events described gives it a great ring of authenticity. Thank you, RwS, for making me aware of Nemirovsky - I wouldn't have discovered her without this challenge, and I definitely want to read more of her work.

+20 task (Nemirovsky was born in Kiev, and moved to France, spending more than half her life there)
+10 combo (20.1 - RwS Anniversary - published 1947; 20.2 Persephone)
+10 review
+10 non-Western (Nemirovsky is on the spreadsheet of non-Western authors in Quick Links)
+5 oldies (book first published 1947)

Task total: 55
Grand Total: 70

Ashley Campbell | 145 comments 10.1 Square Peg

The History of Sexuality 1: An Introduction by Michel Foucault

+10 Task
+5 Oldies (p. 1978)
Task Total: 15
Grand Total: 15

message 10: by Karen Michele (new)

Karen Michele Burns (klibrary) | 4362 comments 10.4 - Island Dreams

The Children Act by Ian McEwan

I discovered Ian McEwan a number of years ago when a book club I was in at the time read Enduring Love. That is indeed the relationship I have built with this author! I don’t love the plots and characters of every book, but I continue to love his way with words and his ability to draw me into another life with meaningful prose. I would call it enduring love because I have kept up with his books and was thrilled to get my hands on his newest work. The Children’s Act was poignant and interesting. I got to see inside the British justice system and learn more about the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Most meaningful to me, though, was the struggle of the judge, Fiona, to establish right and wrong through the lenses of her professional and personal lives. This is what made the book a 5 star read for me on top of loving the writing itself and the descriptions of music that were also a part of McEwan’s latest.

+10 Task: United Kingdom
+10 Review

Task Total: 20
Grand Total: 65

message 11: by Cory Day (new)

Cory Day (cors36) | 1205 comments 10.8 Two for One

Icecapade by Josh Lanyon - 18000 words

Heat of the Moment by Elle Kennedy - 16000 words

Review: I’ve got a bunch of romance novellas on my Kindle that I’ve collected for free, so I’m taking this opportunity to fit them in here and there. Sometimes the short length can really make it hard for me to feel enough of a connection to the characters, and in this pair I thought one was more successful than the other.

Icecapade is a male-male romance that I suspect may have started out as White Collar (the USA show) fanfic, but since I like the show I’m fine with that. The narrator is a former jewel thief, who slept with his nemesis at the FBI years back and has never forgotten the experience. The statute of limitations has almost run out on his last heist, and yet another anniversary of his hookup is approaching, when the man reenters his life. It was very well done for its length – I didn’t feel anything was missing, but was definitely left wanting to keep following the characters. It was also seasonal, set at Christmastime, so that was nice.

Heat of the Moment was really more erotica than romance, and that’s not really my jam. The main female character has been lusting after a Navy SEAL who frequents her café for a year, and she hears him talking with his best friend about how she’s probably too “vanilla” for him, since he’s got a wild sexual history. She sets out to prove them wrong, having a threesome with the two of them. It wasn’t my favorite, although the characters were charming – I may try the follow-up novel, but it’s not a top priority.

+10 Task
+10 Review

Task Total: 20
Grand Total: 20

message 12: by Cory Day (new)

Cory Day (cors36) | 1205 comments 10.4 Sovereign States

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished by Sarah MacLean

Review: This is the third book in the Rules of Scoundrels series, and I just realized I never read the second one. It still stands relatively on its own, especially since I read the first book, which has most of the setup. This one was tough at first for me to get into – the premise is that the heroine, Mara Lowe, fled twelve years before after leaving the man now known as Temple, who happens also to be the Duke of Lamont, in her bed with a pint of blood covering him. Since then, he’s been exiled from society and labeled the “Killer Duke”, since everyone assumes Mara is dead. Now, Mara has to show her face again since her brother has lost all her money at the gambling hell where Temple has remade his fortune. The problem is, while we see her regret, she has ruined his life and continues to cause him trouble without SHOWING that regret. As they got to know each other, I found it more believable that they could fall in love, but it was tough at first. I also hated her brother so much, and even though in the end he kind of got what was coming to him, she was silly about how she handled him. I’ll go back and read the second book though – Sarah MacLean writes fun romances, and I always need a good stock of them to keep me entertained.

+10 Task (set entirely in the UK)
+10 Review

Task Total: 20
Grand Total: 40

message 13: by Cory Day (new)

Cory Day (cors36) | 1205 comments 20.4 1001

Embers by Sándor Márai

Review: This is really not my kind of book – a guy looking back on his past, with not a whole lot actually happening, told in almost a stream of consciousness style. However, I absolutely loved it. I’m not sure what clicked with me – at first I had trouble getting used to the switching between present and past tense, the lack of clearly defined characters through the use of more pronouns than nouns, and the long strings of dialogue said only by one person – but I zipped through it and really enjoyed the experience. The plot is minimal, but it reads quickly – I actually had to slow myself down while reading it since I felt like it should be savored more. The tale itself is pretty heartbreaking – a friendship ruined through betrayal. Maybe that’s what got me – I’ve been running into a little bit of that myself lately, although not nearly to the extremes portrayed in this book.

+20 Task
+10 Combo (20.1 – published 1942, 20.9 – lived 1900-1989)
+10 Review
+5 Oldies

Task Total: 45
Grand Total: 85

message 14: by Elizabeth (Alaska) (last edited Dec 10, 2014 09:18AM) (new)

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 11523 comments 15.1 B-Z

Balzac by Stefan Zweig

I'm on the board!

Grand total = 15

message 15: by El (new)

El | 300 comments 15.1 - B-Z
The Big Bow Mystery by Israel Zangwill

Task total: 15
Grand total: 15

message 16: by El (new)

El | 300 comments 20.5 - Mystery Women
The Girl at Central: By Geraldine Bonner; Illustrated by Arthur William Brown by Geraldine Bonner
book narrated by Molly Morganthau a telephone exchange operator

+20 task
+5 (20.1 - pub 1914)
+10 oldies (pub 1914)

Task total: 35
Grand total: 50

message 17: by Rosemary (new)

Rosemary | 2710 comments 20.8 - Respect Elders

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
Lexile 1340

I struggled with Beloved so I was not especially looking forward to reading this, Toni Morrison's first novel, but I enjoyed it so much more - probably because it's simpler.
Related mostly through child eyes, with the dislocated impressions and limited understanding of children, it tells at second hand the life of Pecola Breedlove, an African American girl born into poverty and abuse, who thinks the only way she can be beautiful is to find a way to have blue eyes. Magic is required, and in a sense, magic is found, but - well, there's a 'but'.
After this I'm feeling much more confident about reading more Toni Morrison, should any more come my way.

+20 task (1931-present)
+ 5 combo (20.4)
+10 review
+ 5 oldies (1970)

Task total: 40

Grand Total: 40 points

message 18: by Rebekah (new)

Rebekah (bekalynn) | 4101 comments 20.2 Persephone Books
Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day by Winifred Watson

This is a delightful tale of a gentlewoman who is so poverty stricken the only thing she has is her virtue and her strict sense of morality instilled in her by her curate father and mother. Seeking employment, she arrives at door of Miss deFoss answered by a young man obviously just out of bed. The shocked Miss Pettigrew doesn’t have her wits together to explain her reason for being there, when in pops Miss deFoss herself, a glamorous beauty in a come-hither negligee. As beautiful and sweet as this attractive woman is, she doesn’t seem to have much domestic ability nor the wherewithal to be unkind to anyone, much less the men her in life. Miss Pettigrew is caught in a current of desperate situation after situation. Miss deFoss relies on her to straighten out her social life and Miss Pettigrew calling forth the personalities of former commanding employers, earns herself the reputation of a “fixer”. As she helps Miss DeFoss and her friend through difficult scenes, Miss deFoss helps miss Pettigrew find a new self-esteem, a new confident personality and a physical makeover. By the nighttime, she is far from the little conservative mouse she was that morning and now has led a single day of life in high adventure, and ends in the arms of a handsome and wealthy gentleman. All though Miss Pettigrew does become much more liberal in her views on what exactly sin is, she still maintains the starch of good manners, winning her friends among this young set of glamorous adults. She is a totally loveable character as well as her would be employer and is a perfect “pick me up” story.

+20 pts
+20 pts - Combo (10.4-UK, 20.1-pub 1938, 20.4, 20.9 - 1906 - 2002)
+10 pts - Oldies (1938)
+10 pts - Review

Task Total - 60 pts
Grand Total - 60 pts

message 19: by Liz M (new)

Liz M 20.10 - goodreads Feature:

Eva Trout by Elizabeth Bowen

This is the fascinating, frustrating last novel published by Elizabeth Bowen. Eva is a woman that has had an unorthodox upbringing -- her father a financial genius carted her around the world on his various business ventures leaving her to various nannies/hotel staff. Now an adult, on the brink of inheriting a vast fortune, she is staying with a former teacher, one of the few people in her childhood that took an interest in her. But Eva, knowing no social conventions, is a disruptive force, everywhere she goes setting unintended events in motion. Bowen masterfully using language to create Eva and depict her world as unconventionally as the character herself -- nothing is said in a straightforward manner. Both the context and even the syntax remain elusive.

+20 task
+10 combo (20.4 - 1001, 10.4 - 80% set in England)
+10 review
+5 oldies (1968)

Task total: 45
Grand Total: 45

message 20: by Coralie (last edited Dec 07, 2014 01:42PM) (new)

Coralie | 2206 comments 20.4 1001:

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

+20 task (#143 on list, published 1993)

Task total: 20
Grand Total: 20

message 21: by Coralie (new)

Coralie | 2206 comments 20.9 Respect Elders:

Meet the Austins by Madeleine L'Engle
Lexile 1080

+20 task (born 1918, died 2007)
+5 Oldies (published 1960

Task total: 25
Grand Total: 45

message 22: by Claire (last edited Dec 13, 2014 08:40AM) (new)

Claire Jefferies (clairesjefferies) | 157 comments 20.8 Exiles and Emigrants

A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James

+20 task (takes place primarily in Kingston, Jamaica)
+10 non-western (James was born in Jamaica)
+5 combo (10.4 Island Dreams)
+5 jumbo (686 pages)

Task total: 40
Grand total: 40

message 23: by Debra (new)

Debra (revdev) | 26 comments 20.8 - Exiles and Emigrants

The Bush Was Blazing But Not Consumed by Eric H.F. Law

Author Eric H. F. Law was born in Hong Kong (reference, “Having grown up in Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States at the age of fourteen. . .” (Eric H. F. Law, The Wolf Shall Dwell With the Lamb: A Spirituality for Leadership in a Multicultural Community, p. 17,

Eric Law wrote this book just a few years post-Rodney King when the author was living in Los Angeles. He speaks of racial violence as a cycle of increasing control by those who have power, followed by rebellion by those without power which leads to even more efforts to control by those with power and on and on the cycle goes. He refers to this cycle as a “fire that threatens to consume.” He then suggests his multiracial dialogue approach as a way to step into the cycle of violence – to sanctify the fire, make it holy, and not be consumed by the fire. In light of the racial tensions that have heightened in the United States over recent grand jury decisions, Law’s book is once again very timely. It is written from an unapologetically Christian (Episcopal) position; but may be adaptable for others.

Task: 20 points
Review: 10 points
Sub-Total: 30 points

Total: 0 points + 30 points = 30 points

message 24: by Deedee (new)

Deedee | 1799 comments Task 10.4 - Island Dreams:
Read a book that takes place (at least 75%) on an island country listed under Sovereign states.
Took place 100% in the United Kingdom.

Twelve Drummers Drumming (Father Christmas Mystery #1) (2011) by C.C. Benison (Goodreads Author) (Hardcover, 374 pages)
Review:This is a cozy mystery, the first of a series. A widowed vicar and his 9 year old daughter move to a small village to get away from the inner city. The vicar’s name: Tom Christmas, making him: Father Christmas. Ha! Other than the vicar’s name, there is nothing about Christmas in the novel. Father Christmas is able to solve the village’s murder because people tell him things, since, well, he’s the VICAR. There are plenty of sub-plots and red herrings in the novel. The murderer’s identity is a surprise. Overall, Twelve Drummers Drumming is a good starting novel of a series, with a lot of potential for further books in the series. Recommended for fans of cozy mysteries.

+10 Task
+10 Review

Task Total: 10 + 10 = 20

Grand Total: 45 + 20 = 65

message 25: by Heather (new)

Heather (sarielswish) | 674 comments 20.2

A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf

+20 task
+10 oldies (1929)

task total: 30
grand total: 70

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 11523 comments Claire wrote: "10.4 Island Dreams

A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James

+10 task (Marlon James was born in Jamaica)
+5 jumbo (686 pages)

Task total: 15
Grand total: 15"

The description says this takes place on several continents - does it take place more than 75% in an island nation?

message 27: by Claire (new)

Claire Jefferies (clairesjefferies) | 157 comments Yes, it takes place almost entirely in Kingston, Jamaica. The last section of the book is split between NYC and Kingston, but that section is approximately 100 pages out of 686 pages, and half of that narrative is still in Jamaica.

Elizabeth (Alaska) wrote: "Claire wrote: "10.4 Island Dreams

A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James

+10 task (Marlon James was born in Jamaica)
+5 jumbo (686 pages)

Task total: 15..."

message 28: by Lagullande (new)

Lagullande | 952 comments 20.4 - 1001

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

I was half-way through the book when I read up a little bit about Sylvia Plath (all I knew before was that she married Ted Hughes and later killed herself), and I realised just how many of the details in the story were autobiographical - the father dying when she was aged 8, the internship, the obsession with Dylan Thomas, the wealthy lady patron, the failure to be accepted on the writing course, the self-harming of her legs, the place where she attempted suicide inter alia. It made me wonder whether those around Sylvia had seen the draft of the novel and whether they could have identified it as a "cry for help". Or would they have thought that the ending actually showed hope for the future? I can't decide on that last one.

+20 task (number 433 on the 1001 list)
+5 combo (20.8 - Exiles and Emigrants: approved in the help thread)
+10 review
+5 oldies (first published 1963)

With thanks to the Mods.

Task total: 40
Grand Total: 110

message 29: by Coralie (new)

Coralie | 2206 comments 20.6 Jewish:

Night by Elie Wiesel
Lexile 570

+20 task (shelved 206 times as Jewish)

Task total: 20
Grand Total: 65

message 31: by Elizabeth (Alaska) (last edited Dec 10, 2014 09:53AM) (new)

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 11523 comments 15.2 C-V

The Chimney Sweeper's Boy by Barbara Vine

Task Total = 15

Grand total = 30

message 32: by Coralie (new)

Coralie | 2206 comments Jayme(the ghost reader) wrote: "10.1 Anderson's Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

Task +10
Grand Total: 10"

I was just scrolling through Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea for 20.10 and I noticed that this is currently there.

message 33: by Karen Michele (last edited Dec 09, 2014 04:56AM) (new)

Karen Michele Burns (klibrary) | 4362 comments 10.2 - Nutcracker

Poems of Akhmatova by Anna Akhmatova

Anna Akhmatova was a character in a book I loved by William T. Vollmann, Europe Central. I have wanted to read a collection by her for a long while, but just had never picked one up. Now that has been remedied and what moving poetry about a hard life during a hard time in the history of Russia it is. My only regret is that I can’t read in the original language and must depend on a translator to bring her words to life. I was most moved by one of the poems that spoke of staying in Russia and writing instead of leaving in exile or as an emigrant. Her words of beauty were born of much ugliness and struggle. Highly recommended!

+10 Task
+10 Review
+10 Non-Western
+ 5 Oldies (1962)

Task Total: 35
Grand Total: 100

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 11523 comments Coralie wrote: "Jayme(the ghost reader) wrote: "10.1 Anderson's Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

Task +10
Grand Total: 10"

I was just scrolling through [book:Twenty Thousand L..."

There are several main titles for Andersen's fairy tales. It's unclear to me whether the title Jayme read is a similar enough collection to the one Readers Also Enjoyed to be combined with it, so we're going to leave it on her Square Peg.

message 35: by Lagullande (new)

Lagullande | 952 comments 20.5 - Mystery Women:

The Blank Wall by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Lucia Holley is a mother of two whose husband is away on war service with the navy. Lucia is left in charge of the household, a role that weighs heavily on her, what with having to keep appearances up and all! Her 17-year-old daughter has been seeing a man, much older than herself and who has dubious contacts. The boyfriend ends up dead in the Holley family's boathouse and there the story begins. The first half of the book felt very much like one of those atmospheric black and white films that is rerun on TV during quiet Sunday afternoons. But by halfway, Lucia was beginning to grate on my nerves - if only she would stop worrying about being respectable and just talk to people, then her life would have been a lot simpler.

Raymond Chandler described Elisabeth Sanxay Holding as "the top suspense writer of them all", and this book is better described as a suspenseful thriller, than a crime mystery. I had decided on what I thought the twist at the end was going to be but I was disappointed as it never came. For all that, I enjoyed the book as a period piece and gave it 3 stars.

+20 task (protagonist is Lucia Holley, female)
+10 combo (20.1 - RwS Anniversary!, 20.2 Persephone)
+10 review
+5 oldies (published 1947)

Task total: 45
Grand Total: 155

message 36: by Ashley Campbell (new)

Ashley Campbell | 145 comments 20.7 18th Century Plus

The First English Actresses: Women and Drama 1660-1700 by Elizabeth Howe

+20 Task
Task Total: 20
Grand total: 35

message 37: by Rosemary (new)

Rosemary | 2710 comments 15.1 - C-V

The Cleaner of Chartres by Salley Vickers

+15 task

Grand Total: 55

message 39: by Elizabeth (Alaska) (last edited Dec 10, 2014 09:18AM) (new)

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 11523 comments Post 13 Cory Day wrote: "20.4 1001

Embers by Sándor Márai

Review: This is really not my kind of book – a guy looking back on his past, with not a whole lot actually happening, told in almos..."

+ 5 Combo 20.8
From the GR biography: "Born in Hungary ... He also disliked the Communist regime that seized power after World War II, and left – or was driven away – in 1948. After living for some time in Italy, Márai settled in the city of San Diego, California, in the United States."

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 11523 comments Post 22 Claire wrote: "10.4 Island Dreams

A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James

+10 task (Marlon James was born in Jamaica)
+5 jumbo (686 pages)

Task total: 15
Grand total: 15"

As a Jamaican, and no apparent change of citizenship, we will consider Marlon James non-western. You might ask Jama if she would consider him for 20.8, as he is currently residing in the US, as a professor in Minnesota.

message 41: by Kath (new)

Kath | 147 comments 15.1 A-W

Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson

+15 task

Task total 15

Grand total 15

message 42: by Kath (new)

Kath | 147 comments 20.10 Goodreads Features

Soft Apocalypse by Will McIntosh

+20 task

Task total 20

Grand total 35

Don (The Book Guy) (donthelibrarian) | 857 comments 10.1 Square Peg

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain.

Quiet by Susan Cain is an amazing book. This book is full of studies as well as anecdotal stories to show how and that introverts do think and react differently and that it is ok. It has already been a big help to me in understanding how I approach events differently and why I react the way I do to some of my supervisors. Thank you to the ones who read and reviewed it last time. I have always considered myself an introvert and when I saw this title I knew I had to read it. If you live with an introvert or you consider yourself one, read this book. If you are the parent of an introvert and you are an extrovert you really need to read this book. The only thing I have to say against this book is that the one chapter focused on ethnic groups and I simply didn't find it as helpful. In my 55 years of reading, there have been very few books that I feel like everyone needs to read. This is one that I will recommend to everyone.

+10 Task
+10 Review

Task Total: 20
Grand Total: 20

message 44: by Claire (new)

Claire Jefferies (clairesjefferies) | 157 comments Thank you! I will update the task and will ask Jama if she'll accept it for 20.8.

Elizabeth (Alaska) wrote: "Post 22 Claire wrote: "10.4 Island Dreams

A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James

+10 task (Marlon James was born in Jamaica)
+5 jumbo (686 pages)

Task t..."

message 45: by Kate S (new)

Kate S | 5842 comments Heather wrote: "20.2

A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf

+20 task
+10 oldies (1929)

task total: 30
grand total: 70"

+5 Combo 20.1: pub 1929

message 46: by Kate S (new)

Kate S | 5842 comments Heather wrote: "20.1

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

+20 task
+10 oldies (1938)
+10 combo (20.4 - #603, 10.4 - UK)

task total: 40
grand total: 40"

+5 Combo 20.9 1907-1989

message 47: by Lagullande (new)

Lagullande | 952 comments 20.2 - Persephone:

Le Bal; And, Snow in Autumn by Irène Némirovsky

Review: My second Nemirovsky. This one consists of two novellas. The first, Le Bal, concerns a nouveau riche couple who attempt to give their first ball, inviting all the movers and shakers of Paris in order to cement their social standing. However the wife has a very fractious (emotionally abusive?) relationship with her 14 year old daughter, whom she will not allow to attend the ball. Consequently her daughter decides to take revenge. If you tend to get embarrassed on behalf of others in socially awkward situations, this story will make you cringe.

The second novella centres around a White Russian family and their long-standing nanny. The events of the Revolution force them into exile in France, where the nanny struggles to adjust to their new circumstances.

As with the first Nemirovsky book I read (message 8 above), I was impressed by how the author manages to describe the feelings, events, characters and times so exactly and succinctly.

+20 task
+10 combo (20.1 RwS Anniversary!, 20.8 Exiles and Emigrants)
+10 review
+10 non-Western
+10 oldies (published 1930)

Task total: 60
Grand Total: 215

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All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy is unrelentingly bleak. The characters in this book are well drawn, the dialogue rings true, and the reader for the audiobook did an admirable job keeping the run-on sentences flowing in a comprehensible manner. But the story was so grim and violent that I really feel like I should just go read some JD Robb or something to counteract it. I'll probably read the other two books of the trilogy, but I need a break from the bleakness first.

The setting comes alive and feels completely real; Texas and Mexico in the mid-1900s was a dusty, cowboy dream with horses and ranches and campfires. The romance, unfortunately, never came alive. I did not get to know the love interest at all and did not understand her or her decisions or even why the protagonist was interested in her.

Overall, a powerful book, but a depressing one.

+20 Task
+10 Review
+5 Combo (20.9)

Task total: 35
Grand total: 35

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Dr. Wortle's School by Anthony Trollope

Task Totle = 15

Grand Total = 45

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Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett

Yikes! I’m not exactly sure what happened to this last installment of The Century Trilogy. It started out well and I was really excited about reading about history that I lived through, but it became pretty boring reading for me. Most of the characters were placed right in the thick of the history I already knew, so there wasn’t much tension about what was going to happen. In addition, Follett often over-explained some points of history that are too well known to require that technique. The book also began to go from one poorly written sex scene to another with little emotion in between or during the many affairs and relationships described. I hung in their because I had so much invested in the trilogy already, so my drive for completion won over my lack of engagement in the characters or the story. I guess that’s the way it goes with reading sometimes!

+10 Task
+10 Review
+25 Jumbo (1098 pages)

Task Total: 45
Grand Total: 145

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