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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie Davis (katiedavis) | 2 comments Hi All,

I am LOVING this site! I just found it and I'm in hog heaven. I mean, book heaven.

I'm a children's author/illustrator, with seven picture books (Harcourt) and my first novel for kids debuting on April 22! In fact, it's called
The Curse of Addy McMahon (Greenwillow),
and to celebrate, I'm having a launch party at
Bank Street Bookstore (112th St & B''way, NYC).
Can you come? If not, and you're interested in a signed copy please
email them at or call the store at
212.678.1654 and pre-order a copy. I'll sign
it when I go there for the party. But I hope I can sign it to you in person!

Thanks, Katie Davis

message 2: by bjneary (new)

bjneary | 236 comments Is The Curse of Addy McMahon for grades 10-12? Thanks, BJ

message 3: by Katie (new)

Katie Davis (katiedavis) | 2 comments On the book they put for ages 10-14. A 15-year-old read it and loved it, and she's in ninth grade. I think it depends on the interests and ability of the individual. Thanks, Katie

message 4: by Laura (last edited Mar 21, 2008 04:40PM) (new)

Laura (lauraeleanor) Hi! (I'm the 15 year old mentioned above) The Curse of Addy McMahon is fabulous! Very funny. I don't really think it is for grades 10-12. I read and review books for kids a bit younger than I am. I do think that some people in 10th through 12th grade would enjoy it though! I usually read and enjoy books that most high schoolers don't read (All of David McCullough's books, Team of Rivals, Founding Brothers, etc. and tons of middle grade novels) , so my opinion is skewed.

message 5: by bjneary (new)

bjneary | 236 comments I wil order it----I think we always need funny books!

message 6: by Terry (new)

Terry Reschke (terryreschke) | 4 comments My namme is Terry Reschke. My new book The Attic Above is the number one teen murder mystery on amazon. You should all check it out.

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