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message 1: by Juliet (new)

Juliet Aharoni (juliet_aharoniYahoocom) | 59 comments Hi Crissi,
I'd like to participate in this fun gaveaway. I'm impressed with your idea.
I also emailed you.
Juliet C.B. Aharoni, author of the new adult romance fiction novel, 'Together They Overcame'.
Thank you,

message 2: by Crissi (new)

Crissi (crissil) | 38 comments Hey Juliet! I never got your email. Did you send it to I'll check my spam folder just in case.

message 3: by Juliet (new)

Juliet Aharoni (juliet_aharoniYahoocom) | 59 comments Hi Crissi,
This is a copy of a email I sent you.
The following appears on my Facebook page to promote my novel.
If you download 'Together They Overcame' for free during the Christmas season (18th Dec. to 22nd Dec.),
could you read and review it? In appreciation.
My novel, 'Together They Overcame' is now available on Amazon for 99c.
‘Together They Overcame’ is a love story between an Israeli soldier and the
daughter of a German Catholic. As the tale unravels, it becomes clear why
such a relationship in the 50’s might not work.
Although there are graphic sex scenes between the young, married couple,
the story is really about their struggle to survive the hatred of the mother-in-law
for his wife because she is the descendant of a German Catholic. The setting is in
Israel in the late 50's, not long after the holocaust and the memories of the concentration
camps still prevail.

I've received an excellent review from FOREWORD Clarion Reviews and 4.7 rating on,
Amazon UK and Amazon CA.
I'm willing to be part of your fun promotion. If you're interested, I'll send you the first chapter.

message 4: by Crissi (new)

Crissi (crissil) | 38 comments Hey Juliet, I think this book might be better for the open portion of the giveaway since it does have some steamy scenes. Go ahead and join the event, and when I open the floor to all authors, you can promote your book and give it away. :-)

message 5: by Crissi (new)

Crissi (crissil) | 38 comments Dear Goodreads authors. If you have tried emailing me, I was having issues with my email address. Please resend so I can add you to the list of authors I'm reviewing and let you know whether you are a featured author or not. Regardless of whether you are chosen, all authors are welcome to promote their books and offer giveaways for the last few hours of the Facebook event.
P.S. This all takes place online (but in PST hours), so don't let location stand in your way!

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