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For the month on December 2019 we will have 4 books currently to read, they are:

1) Constable David Maratse #3: Omnibus Edition Constable David Maratse #3 Omnibus Edition (novellas 9-12) by Christoffer Petersen by Christoffer Petersen Christoffer Petersen published 1 December 2019. Greenland.

Discover the world of Greenland crime, thrillers and mysteries with Constable David Maratse.

These four previously published Greenland crime novellas delve deeper into the world of Constable David Maratse, and explore modern Greenland through Jack Londonesque adventures with a criminal twist.

A short story of art and innocence in the Arctic
When an elderly artist goes missing in Greenland’s capital, Constable David Maratse takes a leave of absence to bring him back home before he is ruined by the city.

A short story of endurance and adversity in the Arctic
When two ships collide during an international Search and Rescue exercise off Northeast Greenland, Constable David Maratse and Constable Petra Jensen must rescue a group of journalists trapped below decks.

Camp Century
A short story of secrets and scandal in the Arctic
When a Cold War historian is found dead, close to an abandoned American base, Constable David Maratse must search the ice tunnels to find the suspect before they die from exposure.

A short story of guilt and salvation in the Arctic
In the wake of a tragic car accident Constable David Maratse retreats to a remote hunters’ cabin in search of salvation.

Pick up the third omnibus edition of Constable David Maratse’s novellas to continue your Greenland crime adventure today!

2) The Sacrament The Sacrament by Olaf Olafsson by Olaf Olafsson Olaf Olafsson to be published 3 December 2019. Iceland.

The haunting, vivid story of a nun whose past returns to her in unexpected ways, all while investigating a mysterious death and a series of harrowing abuse claims

A young nun is sent by the Vatican to investigate allegations of misconduct at a Catholic school in Iceland. During her time there, on a gray winter’s day, a young student at the school watches the school’s headmaster, Father August Franz, fall to his death from the church tower.

Two decades later, the child—now a grown man, haunted by the past—calls the nun back to the scene of the crime. Seeking peace and calm in her twilight years at a convent in France, she has no choice to make a trip to Iceland again, a trip that brings her former visit, as well as her years as a young woman in Paris, powerfully and sometimes painfully to life. In Paris, she met an Icelandic girl who she has not seen since, but whose acquaintance changed her life, a relationship she relives all while reckoning with the mystery of August Franz’s death and the abuses of power that may have brought it on.

In The Sacrament, critically acclaimed novelist Olaf Olafsson looks deeply at the complexity of our past lives and selves; the faulty nature of memory; and the indelible mark left by the joys and traumas of youth. Affecting and beautifully observed, The Sacrament is both propulsively told and poignantly written—tinged with the tragedy of life’s regrets but also moved by the possibilities of redemption, a new work from a novelist who consistently surprises and challenges.

3) Winter Grave Winter Grave (Embla Nyström, #2) by Helene Tursten by Helene Tursten Helene Tursten to be published 3 December 2019.

In this thrilling mystery set in rural Sweden, Detective Inspector Embla Nyström must solve a murder case and find two missing children before the small town takes matters into their own hands.

When a little girl disappears a few weeks before Christmas, suspicion falls on the last person she was seen with: the mentally disabled teenage boy who gave her a ride home after school. Complicating the matter is the fact that detectives can hardly get a word out of him. When a second child disappears and a police officer is found dead, tensions in the small town of Strömstad reach an all-time high.

Meanwhile, 28-year-old Detective Inspector Embla Nyström has just returned to work and is still recovering from her recent brush with a killer, which left her unable to get back in the ring to defend her title of Nordic light welterweight champion. As she hunts for the missing children, Embla can’t help but think of the case that has been haunting her for years: the disappearance of her childhood best friend. Could the incidents be linked? With the passing of each dark winter day, the odds of finding the children alive shrink, and desperation mounts. Their parents want answers and will stop at nothing to get them.

4) Motive X Motive X (Fabian Risk, #3) by Stefan Ahnhem by Stefan Ahnhem Stefan Ahnhem to be published 12 December 2019. Sweden and Denmark.


Detective Fabian Risk's daughter is in a coma at Helsingborg hospital. It's Risk's fault for getting her involved in his last investigation – and the guilt is crippling.


A young Syrian refugee has been killed. It looks like a racist attack – but then more people die across Sweden and Denmark. There's no link between any of the victims. Is this a serial killer who strikes at random?


In Denmark, Police Chief Astrid Tuvesson must abandon her AA program to lead the investigation. And in Sweden, Fabian Risk is called from his daughter's bedside and forced back into service. But even with a united team, tracking a random killer is next to impossible...


As always we will add books as they become known to us. Good reading.

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We have a book that was at the end of November which we will put in December. It is Twelve at Christmas: Twelve short stories for the Festive Season Twelve at Christmas Twelve short stories for the Festive Season by Isabella Muir by Isabella Muir Isabella Muir & Christoffer Petersen Christoffer Petersen published 28 November 2019. England & Greenland.

Don’t miss these twelve festive stories that will transport you from the south coast of England to the far north of Greenland.

The stories in this book were inspired by the lyrics of the popular Christmas song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Each story delves deeper into aspects of many of the characters from the Greenland novels and series written by Christoffer Petersen and the Sussex Crime Mysteries and novels of Isabella Muir. The stories span different timelines - some looking back into the past of a character, others looking far into the future. The spirit of Christmas shines out from the stories, which transport the reader from the far south of England to the furthest reaches of the Arctic.

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The Millionaires' Bench The Millionaires' Bench by Geoff Small by Geoff Small Geoff Small published on 2 December 2019. Norway.

Henry Quill is a famous investigative journalist who once had it all, until he published a story about one of the world’s most powerful men and lost everything in the libel courts.
Now destitute, Quill has just given a guest-lecture at a university in Norway, where he bumps into an English lady whose son, Joe Wild, has been ‘wrongly imprisoned’ for the murder of a mystery woman on Mount Fløyen in Bergen.
Living hand-to-mouth, begging and borrowing his way across Norway, Quill endeavours to prove Joe’s innocence and becomes embroiled with the wealthy Johansson family, amongst whom, he believes, is the Mystery Woman of Mount Fløyen’s real killer.
Written by the author of The Dirty Rouge detective series, The Millionaires’ Bench centre-parts the blonde hair of Scandinavia to reveal a black scalp.

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We Have two books from Sherrie Hansen Sherrie Hansen the first one is Night & Day Night & Day by Sherrie Hansen published 7 December 2019. Denmark and Minnesota.

Two souls, a Scandanavian man and an American woman, dwell in distant parts of the globe. Each is a mature adult and each feels an abiding sense of being unfulfilled. Fate draws together these two star-crossed lovers who are so alike, and yet as distinct as night and day.

The Second book is Daybreak Daybreak by Sherrie Hansen by Sherrie Hansen Sherrie Hansen published 8 December 2019. Denmark and Minnesota.

Daybreak finds Jensen in Denmark, living out her long-awaited dream of being a mother. But when Anders has to leave, his son, Bjorn, unexpectedly moves home, and Jensen’s family faces a crisis in Minnesota, everything starts to unravel. Will dawn’s bright new beginning turn to heartbreak, or will the morning star find a way to pierce the darkness? Continue the tale of NIGHT & DAY as Jensen and Anders search for hygge in the colorful legacy of family, gardens, and quilts that make up their heritage. DAYBREAK – what happens after happily-ever-after…

This was in mysteries but its more of a romance.

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"Divided We Fall" by Cory Barclay Cory Barclay published on Amazon on 17 December 2019. Not on Goodreads yet. Iceland. New Publication Date 2 January 2020. Will put in January.

Iceland, 930 AD—Magnus has lost the taste for war and raiding. Living as a farmer in Iceland, his family struggles to survive the brutal winter. He knows his best chance to save the ones he loves is to travel across the seas under the orders of his chieftain, Geir, so that he can amass wealth and bring it home.

But Magnus and Geir have a long, grim history. A blood feud fuels their every decision. The two Viking warriors’ fates are inextricably entwined. Magnus must tread a dangerous path, as he knows Geir will do anything in his power to make sure Magnus never returns from his overseas journey, and that his family suffers while he’s gone.

Can Magnus return before disaster strikes at the heart of his family? Or will he have to dust off his axe and shield and bring war to his own valley?

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We have Christoffer Petersen Christoffer Petersen who's the author of The Ice Circus: Blending Circus Showmanship with the Dark Magic of the Arctic The Ice Circus Blending Circus Showmanship with the Dark Magic of the Arctic (Captain Erroneous Smith Book 1) by Christoffer Petersen published 23 December 2019. Greenland.

Disgraced Ice Master, Erroneous Jeremiah Smith, has a tainted heart. Cursed to live a half life, and haunted by night terrors, Smith is drawn to the Arctic in search of a cure, but denied every opportunity by the British Admiralty.

Inuppaaq is a young Greenlander, guided by the village shaman to begin her apprenticeship, but when her brother is taken by the Eqqillit, she will risk everything to save him.

Destined to meet, Smith and Inuppaaq discover that their quests are linked by the dark magic of the Arctic.

The Ice Circus is a fantastical and chilling adventure set in the heyday of Arctic Exploration, drawing on the author’s own experience of living in the far north of Greenland.

Blending the bright lights and showmanship of the circus with the dark magic of the Arctic, The Ice Circus is for fans of Philip Pullman and Naomi Novik.

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