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message 1: by K.S.R. (new)

K.S.R. (KareyShane) | 66 comments Mod
Is this cheesy, the way I'm going about this? Is there something I could be doing better? I'm open to ideas, as always, because I have no idea what I'm doing!

Please let me know what you like, or if you have a suggestion.

message 2: by Bryn (new)

Bryn I'm launching a webcomic this weekend, we've done packs for people wanting to help - info about the comic, banner code, what to tweet etc and emailed it to helpers. How it works remains to be seen, but networking and friend support is worth a lot when you're small and independent.

Also, get your friends to go on Amazon and tag the book - tags make a lot of odds to how you do when people search, get lots of keywords on there, and lots of people ticking those keywords.

There are bloggers and egroups out there that will interview you, let you go along for a day and do a chat - that sort of thing. You'd be welcome to book a day on my egroup -


message 3: by techno (new)

techno (cyborg) | 7 comments Hey Karey long time no see hm... nice to see your being very successful.

message 4: by Victoria (new)

Victoria | 3 comments yeah, i'm happy for her.

message 5: by techno (new)

techno (cyborg) | 7 comments yupz she is avery good friend of mine Hey Karey how are you doing these days and hows every one else doing these days hm....

message 6: by K.S.R. (last edited Sep 16, 2009 03:11PM) (new)

K.S.R. (KareyShane) | 66 comments Mod
Bryn: Thanks! Great idea.

Victoria and Techno: I'm beyond busy and am so ready to be working on the next book. I've had a few glitches with getting the book to print, but as my sister says, "Nothing is an emergency as far as your book is concerned." I figure it will get legs of it's own with everyone's much appreciated help.

The book cover had to be completely re-done last week so it showed up better on paper. I've had all sorts of last-minute surprises like that the last week. But it's been a good feeling knowing you folks are there cheering me on, since, I have to admit, I've felt really burned out. But the physical therapy is going GREAT! I have my life and my health back. I feel like Bob in What about Bob? when he was strapped to the mast of the boat. He gleefully shouts, "I'm sailing! I'm sailing!" Me, I'm shouting, "I'm alive! I'm doing the dishes! I'm running errands!"

Life IS good.

message 7: by Victoria (new)

Victoria | 3 comments wow, you have the life most people are looking for. many people right now is looking for ways to keep busy. thanks for the infor.

message 8: by K.S.R. (last edited Sep 17, 2009 08:17AM) (new)

K.S.R. (KareyShane) | 66 comments Mod
reeeeally? I'm laughing so hard! I just said, "That is SO funny" outloud and hit the "That was easy" button on my desk. (You know the one you can buy from Staples?)

message 9: by Victoria (new)

Victoria | 3 comments ahahahaha, you are funny.

message 10: by techno (new)

techno (cyborg) | 7 comments I ♥ tha movie Doctor-Leo-Marvin and later he blows up the house how retarded is that!

message 11: by K.S.R. (new)

K.S.R. (KareyShane) | 66 comments Mod
And one of my favorite sayings when all goes wrong is, "It was a disaster Fae!" Or how about the scene where Bob is giving Dr. Leo Marvin the Heimlich on the couch. The flying hair is the best part. It makes me laugh so hard I choke.

message 12: by techno (new)

techno (cyborg) | 7 comments ya or when he jumps off the porch *DON'T TOUCH MY SISTER!* HALARIES.

message 13: by Weldon (new)

Weldon (wilco64256) | 15 comments My favorite line is from when Leo gets called back to the center where he tried to leave Bob and the Dr there tells him he should take a vacation, "I'm ON VACATION!!"

message 14: by techno (new)

techno (cyborg) | 7 comments Ya or I am on vacation for my problems that shirt he had, or when leo tied him up in the woods.

message 15: by K.S.R. (new)

K.S.R. (KareyShane) | 66 comments Mod
I haven't thought about those parts in a long time. I'm going to have to watch it again. I can't stop smiling just thinking about those scenes. Or how about when Dr. Marvin dives off the stairs into the sea of friends below during his surprise birthday party? Or the way Bob says to his fish in the restaurant (which is tied in a bag around his neck), "Gillll?"

message 16: by techno (new)

techno (cyborg) | 7 comments ya or when that counseler previously was with bob got rid of him and said really creepy *HES GONE* or when bob prnk calls the doctor when the doctor was asllep doctor =leo marvin then he says *that was not smart that was not smart*

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