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eBook Miner (ebookminer) | 544 comments Mod
1. Now - 14th Title submissions are posted. Submission guidelines allow for a maximum of 500 words and your books title only. As the shortlisted books will be judged purely on this post it is recommended that the authors think outside the box (no posts to other websites, good reads link only) and post something which draws people in and gives enough away to leave everyone wanting more! (Check out the CODE OF CONDUCT PRIOR TO SUBMITTING - https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...)

2. November 15th: the shortlisted/finalists will be announced (selected by the EBM team) - NOW, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

3. November 15th - 20th EBM members vote for the title they feel best represents our groups 'book of the month' here's the important part ***IF YOU VOTE FOR A TITLE & IT WINS, YOU MUST READ & REVIEW IT FOR THE AUTHOR!*** It needs to be completed by December 15th.

We understand sometimes "life" gets in the way but we don't want this to be habitual, if you can't commit to reviewing your choice, please don't vote.

4. November 20th Winning title announced based on tallied votes. The author provides the EBM team with three copies of their book (pdf/mobi/epub format.) This is required within 48 hours of winning. If you are an author and don't know how to format your book to this format, we will do it for you. As an author you MUST agree to donate the book to all who voted for it and you must also agree not to extend deadlines for readers. The program exists with a purpose.

5. Members have from November 22nd to December 15th to read/review the book for the winning author!

6. EBM itself will support the winner by promoting their book on our Facebook page (18,000+ followers) our Twitter page (50,000 followers) and on our Goodreads group & Newsletter (1,800 members and growing!)

7. Send us your email address and preferred format if your book wins, within a 24 hr period of the end of voting. You can do this by messaging it to us here on good reads.

Nominate the book you want to read below, the AUTHOR MUST BE A MEMBER OF OUR GROUP and THE AUTHOR MUST NOT BE PUBLISHED BY A MAJOR PUBLISHING HOUSE/COMPANY. The book must have been edited and be of an acceptable publishing quality.

If you have any questions, please pm us directly. Thanks!


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J.A. Glass (jaglass) | 8 comments I would like to nominate my YA dystopian novel, The Watchers
The Watchers (The Watchers, #1) by J.A. Glass

4.30/5 Stars on Goodreads

Praise for The Watchers:

90% of readers so far have enjoyed it!
Nominated in last month's BOTM by the winning reviewer!

"If you're into dystopian thrillers and are looking for something different and original, then this is the book for you. I can't wait for the next one."

"I read a lot of dystopian and apocalyptic books. This by far is one of my favorites. The author has an amazing style that pulls you in and doesn't let you go. I couldn't put it down! Great read! Can't wait for book number 2!"

"All in all, I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dystopian, sci-fi, and more "grown up" YA genres. If you enjoyed The Hunger Games and/or Divergent check this out."

"I couldn't stop reading The Watchers: Book 1. The book is filled with suspense. I could picture the characters in my mind, and I was eager to find out what the outcome would be. Excellent writing- I highly recommend this book."


The Colony. Perfect. Safe. Wholesome.

Not a single violent crime since its creation. People are given jobs based on their skills, housed in Quarters to cultivate the success of like-minded individuals, protected from disorder and the radiation beyond the walls by The Watcher Initiative.

The entry fee? A simple surgery.

Implants behind your eyes ensure your safety, monitor those you come into contact with.

Dr. Ellimeaux Edin is one of many who provides these implants. Fresh from compulsory schooling and ready to start her life, she is tasked with implanting a little girl, far too young for the procedure.
Her choice will shatter her perception and change her life

In the colony,
What you see can change everything...

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B.M.B. Johnson | 17 comments I would like to nominate my YA book: Melody Jackson and the House on Lafayette Street


The house next door had always been a little creepy. But when her father began to tell stories of his own childhood, Melody Jackson knew this wasn't going to be an average summer vacation.

This is the story about a smart girl who hates new-fangled technologies, and is more interested in machinery and objects of the past. Melody also believes little in the ways of spiritual, metaphysical, or the unprovable. She's home schooled, a little nerdy but a stern realist.

It isn't long, however, before Melody stumbles into some very old truths of the world and the universe.

Dark, horrible things.

It was the house next door, which was really the start of it. The house had always been a little creepy, but when her father began to open up with stories of his own childhood, Melody Jackson knew this wasn't going to be an average summer vacation.

Join Melody, her parents, and her friend Flutter (who becomes fixated with the creepy neighbor next door) as they travel through a whirlwind of adventure, suspense and terror. Starting at the local, haunted amusement park and ending with a terrifying night drive to nearly bottomless lake in the dark, Melody's view of the world would never quite be the same again.

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R. Leib The Negative's Tale by R. Leib

On a space station in Earth orbit, something terrible has happened to Bertie Lindermann.

Under normal circumstances, the investigation would be a job for station security, but circumstances are anything but normal.

Allon Wu might be the last person you would entrust with unraveling a high profile mystery, but there is no one else.

With deceit the order of the day, who is not a suspect? Is this an isolated incident or the precursor of a storm that could throw Kostya station into chaos? When will it be too late? Who can he trust? Can he prevent this crisis from spinning out of control? This is his best chance to regain Lovey's trust, and Allon is determined not to let her down again.

Allon Wu is the Negative.

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Nicolette Gianni (goodreadcomnicolettegianni) | 4 comments Beauty and the Beast: A Modern Retelling by Nicolette Gianni


“Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” — Benjamin Franklin

David Wylde is successful in business, but his personal life is nonexistent because the mere sight of him is so detestable that it sends people running.

Stunning and gregarious, Evangelina Roth is a successful business woman loved by all who know her.

The news of David and Evangelina's engagement spreads rapidly through the offices of Nash Industries and has everyone asking how and why. No one believes that the strikingly beautiful Evangelina could ever love anyone like David, and they may not be far from the truth. What no one knows is that David is blackmailing Evangelina into marrying him, and soon she begins to believe she made an error in judgment by agreeing to the farce. Evangelina is torn between spending the next several years of her life in misery with him, and destroying the people she loves most with the truth.

In this modern interpretation of the classic tale, there is no enchantment, instead, the harshness of her current reality sabotages Evangelina’s idealistic hopes.
Falling prey to the beast, David Wylde, Evangelina must find a way to remain true to herself.
Will she survive the ordeal, or will David succeed in destroying the beauty that is so innately Evangelina?

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Michelle Thurston | 6 comments I would like to nominate the book Once Upon a Christmas Miracle by Frank Cereo.

This is a perfect book to get you in the holiday spirit. Cheryl is having the worst luck anyone could have, her husband leaves her, takes her money, and she must be out of her house by the end of the weekend, all right before Christmas. With 2 children to feed, and no where to go, she learns that there are good people in this world willing to lend a hand. With a little help from friends and a person from her past, she is able to get the help she needs to give her kids the Christmas that they deserve.

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I would like to nominate my book, Bloodgifted, Bk 1 of The Dantonville Legacy Series Bloodgifted Book 1 of the Dantonville Legacy by Tima Maria Lacoba (Sorry, this is the old cover. GR hasn't updated my new cover yet.)

4.6 stars on Amazon

"Bloodgifted is an intriguing blend of history and contemporary paranormal romance... With beautiful descriptions and solid, visual action scenes her strength, let alone her historical knowledge, I have no doubt this talented author will grow from strength to strength as the series progresses." -Lindsay J Pryor, Best Selling author of the Blackthorn series - Blood Shadows, Blood Roses, Blood Torn and Blood Deep.


Being unable to age is only the beginning.
Laura Dantonville is shocked to learn her strange genetic mutation is linked to a dark family secret--a centuries-old curse that turned her Roman ancestor into a vampire. Now that she has come of age, she is the key to breaking that curse. But she's also the prey of rogue vampires who inhabit the city's frightening and violent underworld, as her blood gives them the ability to daywalk. For her protection she's assigned a guardian--the handsome, sexy and dangerous Alec Munro.

Alec Munro wants nothing to do with Laura Dantonville. If not for her family, he would never have been transformed into a vampire. He owes them nothing, yet he also knows his own fated role in breaking the curse, and the unthinkable consequences should he not accept.

To the Brethren, the ending of the curse spells disaster. Among a powerful few malice grows . . .

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Morgan Bell (queenboxi) NOMINATION Sniggerless BoundulationsSniggerless by Morgan Bell

Immediately captivating, Sniggerless Boundulations introduces readers to bizarre medical conditions, industrious creatures, conniving cops, killers, dead bodies, a rescue mission, homoeroticism, nonchalant students, a secret garden, and the road to hell.

This collection of fifteen short stories is a cross-section between dreams and reality, and an examination of the horrors of life. Themes include fear, time, aging, anxiety, and jealousy.

The introspective Sniggerless Boundulations combines literary and speculative fiction with razor sharp dialogue and surrealist imagery. It has Lynchian suspense with Wildian social commentary and wit.

Self Publishers Showcase called Sniggerless Boundulations “a triumph”. The writing has been described as crisp, clean, sharp and vivid, sucking you into this boundless world of layers, and a hybrid of unfiltered reality, humanist morality play and whimsical Bizzaro.

Sniggerless Boundulations by Morgan Bell

" ... there is the authorial refusal to gratify the reader's expectations, a constant urge to transcend banality at the same time as studying it and the pathos of comedy and poignancy finding expression in identical and excruciating moments. Unaffected, without warning, Bell's narratives produce a discomforting aesthetic, taking hold of the awkward and suspending that tender unease for as long as the prose can cope ... "

(R. B. Fortune-Wood)

"This collection leaves one salivating for more. Some character sketches, some longer pieces, all varied and arresting. Meticulous writing turns the reader’s thoughts down paths they would never have known existed."

(Vesna McMaster)

" ... if you are looking for emotive, almost psychological studies of the human character, a visceral perception of interaction, a written photograph of the psyche then you will like this collection as much as I did ..."

(Paul Martin)

"Bell uses a distinctive narrative tone, strong dialogue and vivid imagery to paint each story with a fine tipped brush. Doing so brings the stories to life in interesting ways that have to be experienced to truly understand their complexities. Overall, this was quite an engaging bite-sized treat and was well worth the read."

(R. Coker)

"Rarely is an author able to so clearly capture and convey emotions and small slices of life in so few words, with the economy of a poet."

(Erica Lovett)

"I began to notice a deliberate distribution of stories from the author to convey certain emotions and thoughts in an effective way. There are many layers to Sniggerless Boundulations, and it takes a critical eye to take them in properly."

(Amazon Top Reviewer)

"Similar in tone to Franny and Zooey, and other Salinger works. Very classic sensibility, with lots of quotable lines."

(Maxine Renn)

"The stories lay bear thought provoking situations, unfortunate human choices and myriad unseemly human behaviors. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely recommended for the reader that is ready to explore the rocky path and look deep into the secular modern heart, Sniggerless Boundulations gives pause and impresses."

(Danielle Camorlinga)

"The book ends with two short stories that wouldn't look out of place in a Stephen King collection"

(Michael - Goodreads)

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P.B. Cannon | 6 comments Turner Bitter Change by Bea Cannon

I would like to nominate my book, Turner: Bitter Change, a scifantasy to be released on November 18th. This is Book 1 of my new Spaceships and Magic series (Book 2 to be released in 2015).


Change happens. It’s a fact of life. But what if the change is so drastic it irrevocably alters your entire society, your whole world?

Fifteen year old Juri Turner lives in such a world. She knows nothing of the previous way of life, only what she reads in old books and magazines or overhears from roaming new nomads because she was born five years after the Artesio came from somewhere in the galaxy and rolled right over anything Earth had to offer as a defense.

She lives in a deteriorating society ruled by a puppet government set up by uncaring aliens who have their own unknown agenda. However, she has problems of a more personal nature.

Starting at the age of three, she began experiencing a transformation, changes of which the most notable are scales growing all over her body, and, for no discernable reason, her parents formed an intense dislike of her. As she later discovers, so does anyone else with whom she comes in contact. She is bewildered - and bereft - but over the years, after a fashion, she has managed to find ways of coping.

One of her ways of coping includes stealing, and she finds herself in solitary confinement at a government institution for the rehabilitation of wayward youth where she suddenly begins undergoing even more changes. They’re drastic and are accelerating, and there is no way she can keep them hidden.

What happens when her new alterations are discovered and she’s sent to a different location? Does the witch she meets there have answers to what she’s becoming?

Follow along with Juri as she struggles to learn what she is and to understand why she has been subjected to such a bitter change.

This is a story of change, and of hate, love, and betrayal; of a coming of age, and of spaceships and magic…

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Jean Gill (jeangill) | 17 comments If you are brave enough to read ‘One Sixth of a Gill’ , it’s all yours. It’s a book that breaks all the rules.

One Sixth of a Gill by Jean Gill

It crosses every genre boundary and includes my photographs and etchings. This is my 17th published book and I wanted it to be something special, different, a quintessence of my writing and visual art. I didn't know whether a collection of shorts would go down well with readers but 'One Sixth of a Gill' seems to be the sort of book that people like because they can pick it up, put it down and enjoy it in between.

'A rare treat' - J.G. Harlond, author of 'The Empress Emerald'
'An eclectic mix - quite unputdownable' - B.A. Morton, author of prize-winning crime novel 'Mrs Jones'

Five-minute reads.

Meet people you will never forget: the night photographer, the gynaecologist's wife, the rescue dog. Dip into whatever suits your mood, from comedy to murders; from fantastic stories to blog posts, by way of love poetry.

Fully illustrated by the author; Jean Gill's original photographs are as thought-provoking as her writing. An out of body experience for adventurous readers.Or, of course, you can 'Live Safe'.

Not for you
the blind alley on a dark night,
wolf-lope pacing you step for step
as shadows flare on the walls.

Published on 1st November, it already has 6 reviews as good as this, so fingers crossed for its future.

‘Pause, relax, cradle your mug and enjoy Jean Gill's varied collection. These are expertly crafted pieces; fascinating snips of the author's life - woven into many styles, but with warm insight, humor and human bonding and compassion as common threads. A true easy pleasure and comfort to keep on your bedside table, to indulge a few minutes here and there - to unwind, reflect and be touched with exceptional writing.’

‘Clearing Out starts these shorts rolling, a poignant first story from Angela’s judicious point of view. A patchwork of clothes and smells to whet the senses, she must choose exactly what to wear. Something so completely ‘Angela’. I have to say I shed a tear after reading this as I did after reading The Dogs Who Walk Beside Us.

This collection is so deliciously diverse I’m hard pushed to label only one as a favorite. To have had the experience of reading these translations, blogs, poems and shorts stories ―L’hiver, The Photograph and The Dogs Who Walk Beside Us, to mention a few―left me feeling extraordinarily grateful for being part of such a personal journey. It’s a book to savor because each page one will bring out a myriad of emotions you never knew you had.’

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Stevie Turner (stevieturner) | 33 comments A Rather Unusual Romance

I would like to add my new book 'A Rather Unusual Romance', which was only published just over a week ago but has already gained seven 5***** on Goodreads from my ARC readers.

Erin Mason, divorced and with two teenage sons, finds her world starts to fall apart when she undergoes what is loosely termed nowadays as a ‘life event'. Not too far away somebody else, Alan Beaumont, is also suffering a similar fate. Their paths slowly come together in this inspiring and humorous 'faction' story which is partly based on actual events, and shows how love can flourish in the most unlikely of circumstances.

I travelled along part of their path ten years' ago, and thought it might make a good story. Fortunately my ARC readers seem to think so too.......

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Jackie Parry | 5 comments Of Foreign Build: From Corporate Girl to Sea-Gypsy Woman

My husband worked in a brothel in Barbados. It was just for a few weeks. He was eventually asked to leave. After 'that murder that night', the business was re-opening. The threats and the rather large, naked ladies that were hosed down daily, convinced him that it really was time to leave.
This bizarre story goes hand-in-hand with almost nine years of my life on the high seas on a ten metre boat. We had close-calls with pirates, muggers, and man-eating crocodiles, which was enough to keep the adrenaline buzzing. Boat crashes, storms, almost sinking and a whale collision filled the gaps, if ever we became complacent.
A near ‘agreed’ abduction by a beautiful French Gigolo, who lifted me up from the road after I was run-over in France, didn’t alter the incredible bond between my new husband and I – a bond that I’ve only witnessed in movies. But, I still carried the mixed emotions of losing one man, while falling head-over-heels with another.
I lived without running hot water, and with a dinghy instead of a car. More importantly, during my journey, my husband fulfilled a life-long dream, I cried hard, I laughed harder, and I played with sea-lions and dolphins.
I took on the testosterone fuelled nautical world and ultimately became a professional captain and then a maritime teacher.
I had the time of my life and finally figured out who I am.

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G.J. Griffiths (gjgriffiths) | 9 comments I would like to submit my hilarious and poignant novel:

So What! Stories or Whatever!

Full of amusing "tales from the classroom" but with twists and turns to keep you guessing and turning the page! Aimed at entertaining YA, teenagers and even their parents and teachers!
So What! Stories or Whatever! is a collection of stories about the people who are found in a contemporary High School in England; tales that will make the reader laugh, cry, think deeply or differently, and maybe even be inspired or impressed. It generally follows the early and subsequent career of Robert Jeffrey, as he attempts to prove to himself that he can motivate the children he teaches to want to learn about Science – and maybe become scientists one day. All through the book we are made aware of the joys and disappointments experienced by pupils and their teachers.
The book tends to concentrate in the latter part on an unpleasant boy Kyle, who is a bully, and his effect on two other boys, Adam and Nigel Shantra. Unknown to Mr Jeffrey he also affects the way his teaching job changes at the exact time that Robert really feels he has become a “good teacher”. The three paths of Nigel, Kyle and Robert Jeffrey converge several years later, in the concluding chapters, to provide an unexpected twist to the tale.
Waterloo Road or Grange Hill meets Gervase Phinn? – well, maybe! Whether you love this book or hate it you will discover that the stories about its individuals will stay in your memory for a long time. With over twenty years teaching experience behind him, G J Griffiths has brought to the reader some of the stories about the children he taught, in this amusing and often poignant book. Parents, teachers, pupils and students will all recognise the characters and their tales. With the ever-present controversy about changing the education system this is a timely illustration of what is to be found in the classrooms of any contemporary High School.

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R.E. Weber (reweber) | 2 comments I would like to nominate my book The Star Agency for November book of the month.

It rated 4.5/5 on Goodreads and has 42 reviews on Amazon.com, with an average score of 4.5/5. Although it was written with younger readers in mind, I have had many positive comments from people of all ages, from 9 to 67, with comparisons to 'The Hardy Boys' and classic sci-fi movies of the 1980s being a common and recurring theme.

The book is best described as interstellar secret agent adventure, which follows the adventures of a thirteen-year-old boy, Theopolis James Logan, and several of Earth’s brightest young people, thrust into a life of excitement and danger on another world, defending a galactic alliance against a dangerous and resourceful enemy.

Despite its sometimes-fantastical elements, the story is strongly character based, dealing with friendship, fear, love, loss and the growing pains of teenage life. But it is also a rousing adventure full of excitement, intrigue, romance and humour.

Below is just a sample of comments from Goodreads reviewers:

"...excellent fun science fiction..."
"...THE STAR AGENCY is a great opening for the series..."
"...This book kept me on the edge of my seat..."

Book 2 in The Star Agency Chronicles, is due for release in 2015.

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Y.I. Lee (yilee) | 5 comments I would like to nominate my Y/A fantasy THE SHADOWED VALLEY.

In the Shadowed Valley, nothing is quite what it seems.
What Celia faces here is worse than anything she faced in the land of Dauthus.
The evil residing in the valley messes with your mind.

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Thank you for this opportunity!

There was a time when I kept a dream journal. I picked it up somewhere along the way of my studies at the time of stuff like Thelema, or anything Crowley related really, along with stuff like Tarot, Magick, or Castaneda. Anyway, there was meditation practice at the time too, so all of these interests was the place dream journaling came from. I left it for years but some months ago I picked it up again and that's the idea for my book right there.

Dreams, Fiction and Me by Agostino Scafidi

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Miria Vanessa (bluechrysalisbookpromo) | 1 comments I would like to nominate Finding Parker by Scott Hildreth. With an average rating of 4.37, it is truly a life-changing and remarkable book.
"Life's greatest treasures will never be held, purchased, or bartered for. They will only be felt."

Parker Bale has is a gentlemen is all respects. After graduating college and beginning the exhausting search for a job, he’s offered employment, unlimited expenses, and a new BMW by an extremely wealthy eccentric stranger. His new job?

Finding a woman to love. Not a particular woman, but he must look in a particular place. And he must sign a contract. Eagerly, he signs the contract without reading it.

Victoria Fisker’s father died immediately after her birth. Her bed-ridden mother’s addiction to pain pills requires her to be at home every moment she isn’t working as a prep cook. She has never been in love, nor does she feel loved at home. She doesn’t particularly trust people, has no faith in the male species in general, and lives a quiet life keeping to herself.

When Parker meets Victoria, he’s immediately intrigued by her lack of interest in people and her comfort in being alone. Victoria, on the other hand, only recognizes Parker as being a male and believes therefore he can’t be trusted.

Finding Parker’s characters embark on a journey. A journey in which they soon realize they’re finding love where they least expect it. Love for friends, love for family which may not be blood related, and for that one person…

The one who gives you reason to believe for the first time love just may actually exist.

"We fear what we don't understand, and we find serenity in what we're incapable of understanding..."

"Having the ability to feel is the greatest gift God has ever given..."

"Ask yourself through the course of each day, if this were my last day on earth, would I do anything different?"

"Live every day as if you're going to die at midnight..."

"The greatest rewards in life are provided to those who take the greatest risks..."

"One moment of unwelcomed silence is more disheartening than a lifetime of incessant screaming...

And the silence deafens me..."

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D.L. Thomas | 2 comments I would like to nominate my book, Backlash:
Backlash by D.L. Thomas
Quinn Lewis is a man known throughout the world as a master problem solver. A private contractor who embodies a cross between MacGyver and Indiana Jones, Lewis makes his living by solving the “impossible” for governments and corporations around the world. Also an adventure racer and outdoor enthusiast, Lewis’s mental prowess is matched only by his physical abilities.

BACKLASH finds Lewis leading a team of experts on a hunt for treasure in Idaho’s Hells Canyon. The team will have to scuba dive through flooded cave passages and scale sheer rock walls to solve a 200-year old riddle. Lewis must utilize unconventional tools and reckless methods to overcome booby-traps, cave-ins, and a team of mercenaries sent to reach the treasure first.

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Charles Vrooman (greenpower) | 70 comments The True Virus: Thriller Novel The True Virus Thriller Novel by Charles Vrooman
I would like to submit my biotech thriller, “The True Virus”, for November EBM BOTM.
Could a DNA based computer be programmed to create a live deadly virus? This novel answers that question. But to make things interesting, the virus produced is none other than the well publicized Ebola. Then to make this a thriller, Hamas uses the Ebola as a germ warfare agent against Israel.
This story takes place during the December 2008 to January 2009 Gaza/Israeli war. It starts out with a hacking incident involving the main CIA computer. After this breach in security, John Brookfield a CIA computer specialist, travels to Israel to work with Sarah Stein the Co-developer of DNA computer technology to find out if the DNA component of the CIA system has been compromised. John is shocked when the cell phone of a fellow CIA agent in Israel is hit by a bullet and explodes in his hand. Soon after an epidemic breaks out and the agent dies. With Sarah’s help, John discovers that a Hamas bioterrorist is the hacker who programmed the CIA’s system to produce the real live virus that caused the epidemic. The story takes a dramatic turn when Hamas infects John with what they now know is an Ebola virus.

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Angela Wallace | 1 comments Miria wrote: "I would like to nominate Finding Parker by Scott Hildreth. With an average rating of 4.37, it is truly a life-changing and remarkable book.
"Life's greatest treasu..."

I love this book so much, it will stay with me forever..

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J. (jcassidy) | 13 comments I would like to nominate my book, The Obvious.


It's a romance and realistic fiction about the choices of a young woman who is ill-equipped to make them.

Sammy thinks she’s hit rock bottom. She’s wrong.
Her difficult past has made her brittle, distrustful and incapable of forming real relationships. Now caught between the death of her father; the return of an absent mother; unscrupulous friends and Kev, she finds herself having to choose between love, friendship and honesty.
Happiness is within reach but only if Sammy can see The Obvious.

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Shelley Young (shelley_young) | 43 comments I would like to nominate PLAIN DEALING to the mystery lovers who also enjoy humor, adult subjects and heat.


Sometimes a plain deal is hard to come by, especially when you live in a small town. And when it comes to justice? The innocent can be found guilty, even if the only evidence against them is rumors being spread by neighbors.

In Northern Louisiana tucked away behind trees and small hills, and not too far from where HBO filmed their original series, True Blood, is the town of Plain Dealing. A population of just over a thousand, everyone knows everyone and it is every residence's right to learn the intimate details of each fellow townie. Because of this rumors are the town's lifeblood and travels faster than the internet. Here in this low poverty space in America, you better not dare make a townie your enemy.

But someone did.

On the night of the town's worst storm, a nurse at the local hospital is found clinging to life. Days later when she dies from her injuries, the town must investigate it's first murder in more than fifty years.

Right away fingers point at two of the doctors who work at the hospital. One who is well respected, whereas the other has a cloud of whispers surrouding him, accusing him of having a secret dark lust toward Women. Is the killer Dr. Shelton or the infamous and mysterious Dr. Tell who also is sole owner of the hospital where many in town work?

Most believe it to be Dr. Tell, but Allison Saunders isn't so sure. As the town's outcast, she knows all too well that many of the rumors floating around aren't true. She also knows that Dr. Shelton is better at hiding the man he truly is. When circumstances dictates she must rely on one of these doctors for her own safety, she goes with her gut and choses Dr. Tell.

Things in town only gets worse when more women are found dead. This turns the gossip mill into overdrive. The town becomes restless, anxious and desperate to find the killer among them, even if it means taking the law into their own hands. If Louisiana justice is what they need, so be it. After all, their sheriff has yet to arrest the man many believe is guilty, Dr. Tell.

While everyone else is trying to solve the mystery, Allison is solving some of her own. Slowly but surely she learn the secret lives Dr. Shelton and Dr. Tell have been living. She's also discovering herself, her strength, her weaknesses, and most of all, for the first time, she's learning what it's like to have someone on her side. The chemistry between she and Dr. Tell leads to an inevitable affair, and sooner than later Allison must ask herself, "Have I set myself up?Will I become the town's next victim?"

Secrets, rumors and erotic discovery. Small town blues. Is anything the truth? Plain Dealing is a mystery/thriller you won't be able to solve and has an ending you won't see coming. It will also make you ask yourself, "In a small town like this, can the innocent get a plain dealing of anything?"

Lots of laughs. Lots of suspense. Lots of OMG! You may even shed a tear in this Amazon International Bestselling novel.

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Morris Graham (morris_g) I would like to nominate my novel "Warzone: Nemesis" just released in it third edition. Warzone: Nemesis

I recently underwent a rewrite of my novel in repsonse to reviewer comments. It is now smoother flowing and faster paced. Before the rewrite, my Goodreads review rating was 4/5 stars with 17 reviews, and my Amazon ranking with 12 reviews is 4.3/5 stars.

genre: military science fiction

I will let Goodreads reviewer Kelly Smith's recent review speak for me.

By Kelly Smith Reviews
Format:Kindle Edition

Morris E. Graham took inspiration from a video game, of all things, and turned it into one of the most interesting science fiction/war novels out there today.
Video games have some of the best stories around. If you don't play, you might think I've lost my mind, but it's true. The creators create a grand story to support the carnage and wartime violence the player experiences.
In this book, it does read very visually, switching off between prose and letters to tell what is probably the most realistic war novel. You feel like you're in the middle of it all as war wages in outer space, before even the first moon landing.
Readers who like war stories will like this, readers who like sci-fi will like this and video game fans will eat this up with a spoon!

4/5--great work!

And also from Goodreads member Wendy...

The plot of this novel is imaginative and unique. Morris E. Graham seems to have a comprehensive understanding of warfare and the military. Duty, honour, discipline and courage are the guiding force of all the characters in this story, and faith the foundation that sustains them. Col. Wycoff, code name Red Fangs is a determined, a brilliant strategist who detests the human cost of establishing a second base on the moon, but who puts duty before his own sentiment. Commander Benjamin Begay code name Kahless, is a courageous and compassionate leader, admired by all the military men on the Mars base. At one point revenge clouds his judgement but his faith delivers him from guilt and depression. Within the pages of this story are many more proud, courageous, honourable characters who selflessly and dutifully put their lives in harm's way as they battle for what they believe is right, far from their home planet. Even the antagonists are notable like Col. Yuri Tkachenko, a ruthless but brilliant leader.

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I'll nominate my police procedural, One Kill Away

Halifax homicide detective Allan Stanton's walked away from his job to reconnect with his young son, until a killer starts methodically carving his way through the city's underbelly. His ex-partner needs help, and Stanton reluctantly returns.

The killer is definitely working through a list of victims, and he's leaving cryptic clues at his grisly crime scenes. Are they there to confuse the police? Or is there something more to them? As Stanton unravels this shocking central mystery, he becomes the target of an unexpected enemy--those next on the killer's list.

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Shelley Young (shelley_young) | 43 comments Alex wrote: "I'll nominate my police procedural, One Kill Away

Halifax homicide detective Allan Stanton's walked away from his job to reconnect with his young son, until a killer starts method..."

Alex, sounds like my kind of book!

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