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message 1: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne Body | 2 comments Hi everybody :)

I am a kiwi self-published author/illustrator who lives in Perth.

No stories floating around in my head right now, so if anyone likes my drawings and wants to work with me, drop me a line!

here are some links to see what I have done already (it's not much I only do it as a hobby really.)

I have worked in acrylic, watercolour and digital. Would like to do some more watercolour.

If you feel like doing me a favour you can fire some ratings (honest ones please) my way, but no dramas if you don't feel like it.

P.S. If anyone is good at drawing stick insects... I could use some tips (and yes I know they look like sticks lol)

CHEERS, have a great day

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Hercock | 19 comments Hi all
I am a pro bono illustrator looking for up and coming authors to collaborate with and hopefully illustrate for.
I work for low rates as I am mostly interested in getting my name out there and building up my portfolio.

This link is to a few of my pieces.

I'm very focused on getting the vision of the author accross in my work
Email me if you are interested in working with me


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