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Stalking Kafka | 63 comments Mod
It's that time again - Let's decide what to read next!

Here are the rules:

1) Nominate just ONE BOOK!


3) Can be paperback or hardcover.

4) You have until November 13th to nominate a book.

5) Poll will be set up on November 13th.

6) Must have one nomination and one person to "second" the book to qualify for the poll.

7) You CANNOT nominate your own book!

8) At the end of the poll, the book with the highest votes wins.

I encourage everyone to nominate a book! Books that are seconded will automatically be considered for the Jan/Feb 2015 nominations.

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Stalking Kafka | 63 comments Mod
I nominate The Interestings

message 3: by Stalking (new)

Stalking Kafka | 63 comments Mod
Ok. So I will just advance my suggestion as the book to read - I guess there is no need for a poll until we get more active members participating. Hope some of you have an interest and will join me for this next read.

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