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How does Gone Girl, the film, compare to the book?
Susan Susan Nov 08, 2014 03:39PM
Care to comment on how the film compares to the book? Gone Girl I saw the movie but have not yet read the book, tho I plan to.

Looking forward to comments, on the book, the movie or both!

I seen the movie first then read the book and actually the movie followed the book quite well. I think i read that the author wrote the screenplay. She didnt let hollyweird destroy her novel like some others i have seen

I agree with Keya. Loved the book and couldn't put it down. The movie was also great - didn't mind knowing what was going to happen. Of course I liked Go the best. ;-)

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I read the book before I watched the movie. The movie was great! I loved it. BUT for me, the book was way better... I think the movie captured most of the important aspect of the book but because books are so detailed it was better to understand the characters and their actions, for example - Amy's.

The book described Amy's mindset and her messed up ways in a lot more details than the movie was able to capture. Some of my friends that just watched the movie wanted to know more about Amy and why she is the way she is.

Seriously, she comes across as a psycho as it is in the film but in the book she's worse lol Nick was still very much undesirable in both book and movie lol

If you care about character development, read the book first. I love books because they present more information than a film is able to capture on screen. As I watched the movie, I was reading the book in my mind and the entire fist chapter (where they actually tell you background info on both Amy and Nick) was missing. I read the book when it came out and I was not going to see the movie until I read that Gillian wrote the screenplay and that the ending would be different. I am glad she had an active, important role in the making of this film, otherwise I would not have gone to see it. They were both pretty good and I say that only because Gillian wrote both the book and screenplay. The book however, wins!!

Shelley Young Susan, I liked what you posted here!
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Susan Thanks, Shelley. There was so much hype about the book and the movie ... figured people would have plenty to say about it.
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Just came back from watching the movie and absolutely loved the adaptation, I think that for the most part, it was very well done and managed to keep the integrity of the story line. Probably the fact that the the screenplay was written by Gillian Flynn has a lot to do with that fact....

I think the movie adaptation completely missed the point by focusing solely on the plot. Half the point of the book is that Amy dupes the readers as much as everyone else. If the movie had had her making a video diary which we only find out halfway through the film is all fake, then it would have been a better adaptation. It was the best book I read last year but the fiilm was so ordinary, despite the sterling performances.

Judy (last edited Nov 09, 2014 10:48PM ) Nov 09, 2014 03:44AM   0 votes
I liked the book a lot more than the movie and found myself snickering at some parts in the movie (like when she came back and fell in his arms covered with blood). The mystery, the characters, and the twists were all better for me in the book. I especially liked the end better in the book. Yes, it was frustrating and sort of clipped ending. But what a final twist - that HE had wanted the baby with HER and then he does a turn around, fairly glibly, and unexpectedly. In the movie they reveal this before the end and in the movie the motivation is that he wants to be the father he didn't have, not that the trump card was she's having his baby (I.E. she knows him so well, what he wants, she knows how to keep him). I thought the 3 main actors were fantastic, but felt like I was just watching the plot, and not the fascinating story that was told in the book. I think at the end of the book you get more a feeling of his awe for her - that she really impressed him - I know some think she (and him) are unlikable characters - but I thought it was awesome that she didn't just take his playing around, and become the "good wife". She taught him a lesson. haha!

The movie was a pretty good adaptation of the book. Fortunately Fincher got Gillian Flynn to write the screen play (I'm pretty sure I saw her name there) and didn't do his usual mess-with-the-ending-very-dramatically trick. There was a disconnect of Amy's voice to the viewing audience that was really well crafted in the book, and the slow descent into "I think my husband is going to kill me" was much faster and jarring in the film. Having said that, the visuals really did add to the story in ways that the book couldn't. Having Amy see Nick and his girlfriend re-enact their kiss really drove home the idea that she was mad (not at the betrayal of sex) at Nick making her ordinary. Loved both equally.

the same!

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