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Common Area:
Living Room:


JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Roxie found her way to the elevator, then hitting the button she waited a few mins before she heard the ding startled she jumped, surprised she wasn't on fire but very grateful. Peeking into the elevator she decided against getting in and walked over to the stairs opening the door she quickly turned into her bird form, gathered her clothes into her bag and flew up and out a nearby window. Landing gently on the sill on a top floor window, she fluttered in, then changing back, got dressed as quickly as possible and headed for her apartment door.

Finding the right door she opened it quickly and finding the room empty she threw her bag on a chair and collapsed on the couch, to tired to go search out her room, closing her eyes she fell asleep.

Walking along a beach just before sunset, Roxie could feel the breeze on her face, and the sand between her toes. Feeling at peace she was wandering toward the waves, when she heard his voice, smooth as silk, just deep enough to make her blush slightly, she couldn't quite make out his words, she never could, but the tone was undeniable, feeling his warn breath on the nape of her neck she shuddered ever so slightly and smiled. As always she turned to look at him and he was gone, She could smell him in the air around her but like always he'd vanished before she could get a good look. Trying too find where he'd gone she suddenly realized her feet were buried in the sand and she couldn't follow him, calling out to him in frustration, asking him for help, but her words were answered only by the wind. She stood there buried and stranded, crying for help...

Roxie woke with a start, disoriented, she'd never felt him so close before, why didn't he show his face, as she got up for a glass of water she realized the pillows on the couch, the air around her smelled like him, a lingering musky scent, she'd always felt calmed and protected by that scent, but lately it felt like more.

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With hardly anyone at the school yet, Cerri had little to do outside of wander her own apartment and sift through the various piles of things that were packed into various drawers and jewelry boxes. Most of it was old stuff she'd acquired a while back but hadn't yet sorted through. If only more people were there already, then she might actually be able to get some new things. At first she didn't notice when someone else entered the apartment, but she felt the person's presence once they began to walk around more. She slipped out through the short hallway and into the kitchen from the other door, sitting down on top of the table and turning up her flow of anxiety almost like a hello and waiting for the girl to turn around.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Roxie suddenly feeling the tickle of anxiety crawling up her back, had to fight the urge to run, reminding herself what Ms. Fable had told her. She tensed but after counting backwards from ten and breathing deep she turned around slowing and smiled at the girl before her saying in a shaky voice, "Hello, I'm Roxana, Ms. Fable said you were Cerridwyn." Then realizing he was smoldering and close to flaming out she tried harder, "Uh... My friends call me Roxie, do you have a nickname you like?"

Realizing the rug under her feet was smoking she gently paced trying not to bring attention to the fire she was causing. Smiling nervously, and trying to remain calm, Roxie said, "so how long have you been at SPNU? I'm new, first semester."

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"Cerridwyn Eirlys Vaughan." Cerri said with a smile, kicking her legs back and forth slightly. "Cerri is much shorter." She glanced down at the floor, the letter for this year did warn her about her roommate suddenly bursting into flames, but she hadn't expected slowly catching on fire. "About a year already, I think who I was with last year was a first year too... I don't think you usually change who your with, maybe they requested it. Although, I haven't seen her around..." After trailing off and thinking for a moment, Cerri looked back to Roxie, and down towards the floor. "I wouldn't try to salvage that rug you know, so when you're done doing whatever you're doing just throw it out and I can buy a new one."

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments "Cerri it is then," Roxie said, smiling sheepishly at her. Realizing Cerri was looking at the floor Roxie began to apologize, for ruining the pretty rug when Cerri answered her question. "About a year already, I think who I was with last year was a first year too... I don't think you usually change who your with, maybe they requested it. Although, I haven't seen her around..." "Oh, is it nice here, do you like your classes? I'm so excited to start my Marine Biology classes." She asked trying to make polite conversation to distract herself and her nerves.
Looking down at the pretty white rug all charred and black, Roxie knew Cerri was right there was no salvaging it. Still looking at the mess she'd made Roxie apologised to Cerri for ruining her rug saying, "no I ruined it, I'll order a replacement," then she added apologetically you should probably put away anything special in here, I know its all been treated with a fire resistant charm but that doesn't prevent damage it just prevents full combustion." Shrugging she added, "Pretty much everything I own is stained with soot."

Wandering over to the windows Roxie stared out at the water, she loved the beach, always had, she felt the familiar calm, she always felt when she was near the ocean, without turning back to Cerri she said, "Nice view, it's peaceful."

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"Marine Biology? Why would you enjoy something that always smells like fish?" Cerri questioned and shook her head, not bothering to answer the question that came before. She raised an eyebrow slightly, the girl seemed nervous enough without much push from herself, seemed like this one would be easy. Though, if she was going to experiment with something or other she needed to decide.
"Judging by the way you're dressed, you most likely can't afford to replace it. Not with one of the same quality at least." She rolled her eyes and made a mental note to call someone about it. "Gross, don't some people have ways to get rid of that if they can't just replace it?" She looked out the window and nodded. The ocean was always nice, and from the top floor she didn't have to bother with small windows or dealing with people, she could simply come through the roof. "Of course it is, I paid to be moved here from the opposite corner of the building."

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Roxie never understood why people didn't like science, raising an eyebrow as she turned back to Cerri she said, "It's science, I love science. I already hold a PhD in Genetics, and a Masters Degree in English Literature, the English Lit one was just for fun though. I choose Marine Biology this time around in hopes that being around water can help level things out.
She smiled trying not to be annoyed and said, "don't judge a book by it's cover, not everyone feels the need to flaunt everything they own. Some of us chose to spend our money more wisely, I'll replace them when I'm no longer setting them on fire, and besides I like my clothes, they smell smoky, I like smoky." Then she added, as she turned toward the door to her room, "well I haven't seen the rest of the building yet but it was probably a good choice. Now if you will excuse me I'm rather hungry and tired. It's been a long day." Roxie walked into her room and picked up the phone off the desk, dialing the number she'd been given and after ordering dinner to be delivered she threw herself onto her couch and closed her eyes to wait. Glad that so far she'd been able to keep the anxiety to a slow burn instead of the full flames brought on by stronger emotions like fear and surprise.

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"It's not that, I just wouldn't want to be around something that stinks." Cerri waved her hand in front of her face for a second before swinging her legs forward and jumping onto the floor. "I spend it fine, it's not like I buy things and not use them. Why would you want to smell like fire, exactly? I mean, besides the obvious fact that you don't seem to have a choice?" She hardly waited for an answer, turning back and leaving through the door where she came in. She'd probably sort through her things for a while longer or go out and see who else had arrived. At least until this new roommate was gone, she was curious as to what the girl owned and people didn't exactly trust her at first for whatever reason.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Exhausted from the effort it took to keep her cool and frustrated with herself for letting the harpy get under her skin even after being warned Roxie made a mental note to try and be nice to the girl. She knew much like the rest of supernatural lore the girl was a creature many hated and feared. While she was waiting for dinner to arrive she let her mind wander, suddenly she was back on the beach, the breeze tickling her neck, standing in peaceful silence as she enjoyed the feeling of the sun on her skin, again she could feel his approach, hear his breathing... She took a breath, smelling the air, the same smoky, musky smell she'd grown to love was close by. Rather than turn she quietly said, "I know you are there, I've felt your presence most of my life. Are you ever going to let be see you?" Shr stood quietly waiting for an answer somehow always feeling safe with him there like he belonged. He didn't speak a word but stood so close she could feel him for a long time, then suddenly breaking the lifelong silence he simply said, "in time." Standing there drawing strength and peace from his presence she was suddenly drawn back to the present by the bell signaling the kitchen must have sent up her dinner.

Standing up to stretch she took a deep breath still able to smell his lingering presence, she asked herself just as she'd done a hundred times "Who is he?" Then shaking it off she strolled to the door. Taking the food and thanking the man she turned and headed towards Cerri's door intending to offer her part of the food she'd ordered. With some anxiety, she reminded herself they were all here for their own reasons and deserved kindness, as she quietly tapped on the girl's door.

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Sitting in the middle of the floor, Cerri was soon half covered with various items she was sorting into smaller piles around her. Hopefully when she went out next there would be new people, for more than just the obvious reasons. As she began to get bored with just doing one thing, she stepped back out and decided to see if her new roommate had anything lying around in the common area. She wanted to know, even if it was unlikely seeing as she hadn't exactly enough time to get that comfortable yet. As expected there wasn't much, just the usual things the school had already put there. Boring. She stretched out her arms, only now realizing how long she'd been absently holding human form and just how tiring it was. At least she could actually use it, unlike when she was younger. Pale feathered wings replaced her arms, and an extra two pairs unfolded from her back around the specific cut of her blouse. She slipped the socks off of her feet before they tore, though she didn't bother doing anything other than tossing them into the wastebasket. She had plenty more.
"Hmm? What are you doing?" She questioned when she began to partially float, partially walk back, and saw her red-haired acquaintance in front of her own door.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments "I had the kitchen send up food for both of us, I wasn't sure what you liked so I asked them to send some of your favorites." She said, smiling politely, "I know I'm starving, I thought you might be too."

Then stepping over to the kitchen Roxie began to open the trays and set the food out for them. When she was finished she got herself some water and a glass of wine placed them on the table by her dinner and sat down to eat wondering if her roommate would keeps her distance or join her for dinner she quietly added, "I like your kitchen design Cerri, it's very pretty."

Roxie ate in silence, hoping she'd find a way to be friends with this roommate or learn to avoid the discomfort of spending hours with someone who hates you. At least she'd have the science lab...

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Cerri shrugged, scooping the first thing off one of the trays and sticking between her teeth with her wing before scooting out one of the chairs and sitting on the back with her currently clawed feet in the seat. "It's the sort of style that would look funny in the wrong colours. The sitting room used to be similar, but it changed this year. As long as it still goes together." She said once her mouth was free again. "So what does your room look like? The door was locked when I got here and I'd love to see it." And what was inside it, especially if there were interesting things inside.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Roxie quietly watched Cerri eat, she was an interesting girl. The anxiety she exuded was interesting, here she was a nervous wreck of a creature yet it didn't bother too much. Flipping through her own mental scientific rolodex, she finally came across Harpie, hmmm she thought, yea makes sense, then adding a mental note to study the girls abilities more thoroughly she closed the file in her head. Smiling she said, "well it's fairly plain, I'm a scientist as you know so it's just a place to study, a place to sleep and a bathroom. Pretty boring really."
Finishing her dinner Roxie cleared the table, cleaned the dishes and put everything away. Then turned to Cerri, smiled and said, "well I've had a rough day and I have my first classes tomorrow so I need sleep. Thanks for eating with me, have a good night." As she turned to leave the room. A hot bath was definatly in order after today.

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"Oh I'm sure it can't be that boring, and if it is, that needs to be fixed!" Cerri nodded with a wing slightly in the air before dropping the last bit of food into her mouth. "You go to the first classes? I didn't know anyone actually did..." She commented with a small shrug. Most of the people she knew didn't have very many classes in the first place, and actually attended even fewer. There was always someone different though, and they were interesting if at least for a while. She waved Roxie off, thinking of how she might fix her room if it was truly so plain. Remodeling would take longer, but decorating would be something she could handle, as long as she left something open or unlocked.

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JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments "Well," Roxie said looking down, "with all my classes and my tendency to set things on fire I don't keep much fancy around anymore, don't really have time for it." Thinking again how much she used to enjoy pretty things and pretty clothes she sadly walked toward her room, turning when Cerri asked about the first day of classes, she smiled shyly and said, "Yes, I've always been a little strange that way, I love my science classes so much, Science makes me feel like I can control my life more efficiently," then looking down again she added, "well at least it used to, I am hoping I find that control again."
Roxie looked at Cerri and said, "you never know you might find you like science, if you are ever interested I know a great deal about genetics, we could study your species genetic history, find out where it all started," then falling into thought for a bit she added, "I'd almost solved the final mystery of my species when I lost all my research in the fire." Then turning to leave she said quickly, "it was again a pleasure Cerri, lets have coffee after class tomorrow," then added, "hopefully I'll still be full size." then knowing it was still early but afraid she was pushing her luck she smiled at Cerri and said "G'night"

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"Hmm, funny way to feel 'in control'." Cerri shrugged, stepping off the back of the chair and rocking back and forth on her bird-like feet absently. "Well, I think I'd rather just stick with the stupid stories people tell, they're more fun." She tilted her head at the mention of some fire, following silently when she walked back to her room. "Yes, we should!" She smiled, waving and looking into the room behind Roxie. It's worse than I thought... With a simple goodnight, she turned off to go into her own room, already making plans to add some better decor once she had the chance to.

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