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Ash (evermorefan) It was getting late into the night and Cassie was thinking of going back to her place after partying for hours on end. She had gotten use to the late nights and partying but she thought she'd call it quits for tonight. Something just wasn't right here tonight, usually she knew the crowd of people here and always felt comfortable but not tonight something was different.

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Ash (evermorefan) "Um, do I know you?" Cassie asked the stranger that walked up to her. Feeling out of place and not sure who this person was she took a step back from him. "If you must know why I'm not dancing it's because I'm tied". That was a lie and I was sure he could tell it was too but I was in no mood at all to be around this person that I only met seconds ago

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Ash (evermorefan) With a smirk on my face, I went to shake hands with him and boy was he right, I was shocked. My hand went right through him. "You're a ghost! What are you doing here in a nightclub?! Aren't you guys meant to be spooking people hanging around in the cemetry?" Realising what I just said, I apologised for jumping to conclusions and for being rude to him, I didn't even know him and I was already painting a bad picture of him without meaning to

((You're a ghost, right?? So if you're not, I was trying to remember what your charcter was))

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Ash (evermorefan) I smiled back starting to feel a little more myself but still not exactly sure if I should tell him who I am. What's my name mean to anyone anyway, I thought to myself. "I'm Cassie, wait, no call me Cass" I said, "So what bring a ghost like you into this part of the town?"

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Ash (evermorefan) "yeah it is nice here" I agreed, "I come here often to unwind and have a bit of fun, when you ask how long I have been here, if you're talking about today not too long but otherwise I pretty much live here" I laughed at how lame my attempt of a joke was, I was really just embarrassing myself and made a note to myself to stop doing so. "So, you go to Ƭнє Ɩαмια ǀηѕтιтυтє,I go there too! What classes do you take, we might be in some together"

((Sorry I've got to leave, my brother is harassing me for the computer, bye))

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((Guys I don't want to interrupt but we already have a nightclub. Hypnotic. https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...))

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Ash (evermorefan) ((Opps! Sorry I didn't even realise there was another club. @Tinath would it be ok if there were two different clubs? This one and the other one that you created?))

"Herbology? Hmm sounds ... interesting" she laughed, "Hey do you want a drink or something from the bar, I was going to head over there and say hi to some of the regulars that come here". I started to walk over to the bar hoping that he'd follow, "You coming or do I have to drag you over with me?" she playfully joked.

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Ash (evermorefan) "you can't get drunk? What, not at all?" I questioned him with a puzzled look on my face. Sure he was a ghost but how can that affect him getting drunk or not, I thought to myself it's probably better not ask.

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((It's fine xD))

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Ash (evermorefan) Going to the bar and ordering my usual drink, I smiled at the guy behind the bar and said "The usual", he started making my drink while I turned to Micky asking if he wanted to go on the dance floor after our drinks.

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Ash (evermorefan) "Pff oh please! I can out dance you any day" I did a little twirl on the spot and threw my arms in the air doing a ta-da kind of wave. "Bring it ghost" I egged him on to challenge me.

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Ash (evermorefan) ((OMG I'm lmao right now lol))

Laughing at what he said, I danced over to the dancefloor where the music was blasting through all the speakers. "OMG I love this song!" I screamed over the music, not sure if he could hear anything that I said. "Come dance with me"

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Ash (evermorefan) "Haha you call that dancing!" I took his hands, even though my hands went pretty much through his and we danced together. "This is fun," I smiled "you should come here ore often" I said

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Ash (evermorefan) ((Sorry I haven't been on this group for awhile! I've kinda let this die a little, sorry, lol))

We were dancing for about two hours and time really had just flew by too quickly for either one of us to even notice. Looking at the clock hanging up on the nearby wall I said "wow, look at the time. It's getting quiet late don't you reckon?"

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Ash (evermorefan) "Lucky you, I'm going to be feeling this catch up to me tomorrow!" I smiled, changing the conversion I asked, "So when will I see you again?"

((I'm going to go back to my dorm after this, I'll probably rp here again soon though))

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Ash (evermorefan) "So kinda like a dog, I just call out your name and you'll come? That's pretty cool"
"I'll also give you my phone number too just so we can keep in touch" Getting out a pen and piece of paper I wrote down my number and handed it to him.

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Ash (evermorefan) "Haha, I think Cassie is just fine for the moment" I smiled. "Anyway I've got to go now, catch ya later" I smiled and waved goodbye.

(Going to Cassie's dorm now)

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Lucas entered the club.

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(( wait wasn't it Johnny?))

Lucas looked around.

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Lucas groaned inwardly as he recognized the familiar person once again, " Why is he always appearing wherever I am,"

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