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Cookies And {I'm Back! Kind of...} RULES WILL BE UPDATED REGULARLY

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Cookies And {I'm Back! Kind of...} - Be respectful to other members
- no god-modding
- cursing is allowed just not every other word please
- do not make threads without a mods permission
- No bullying
- No spam
- stay active
- characters must be approved before RP can begin
- please check face claim and name claim before you make a character
-have fun
- only mods can post on the group announcements
- only i can post the group rule's
- do not jump in and suddenly start RPing on an occupied thread
- do not ask to RP on any other thread then the RP request thread
-obey the rule's
- invite your friends
- mods word is law
- if someone is breaking any of the rules above please report or you will be charged with the same punishment as them
- if a mod makes someone else a mod, without my permission they will be removed as a mod and earn themselves a strike!
-only i can accept other members as mods on the mod request!
- use proper grammar when RPing

Breaking any rules will result in a warning, 3 warnings and your removed and banned from this group

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