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S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 38 comments The Harlequin Doll by S.K. Munt
The Harlequin Doll

Hi ladies! I've written a sexy, dark fantasy involving a bunch of demons travelling as circus troupe together and I'd love some review to kick it off with :) I've had bad experience with R 2 R readers not following through with reviews so please, only say yes if you're seriously into the concept. If you're a blogger, i will gladly call a lot of attention to your site in exchange :)
*Warning Contains Very Graphic language, sex scenes and adult content*

They’ll do anything to love her…

Elle Carey has never felt like she has ever truly belonged to anything; not her family, her body, her career as a journalist following in Editor-In-Chief father’s footsteps- none of it. By day she goes through the motions, reporting at her father’s side, playing nice with her over-achieving sister and pretending to be ashamed of her family’s heritage as her father is, but for Elle, it’s all a lie- she exists only to fly and has gone great lengths to keep her passion for the silks and trapeze a secret.

But when The Harlequin Bros spectacular comes to town, Elle gets the opportunity of a lifetime- one interview, one audition- one chance to live. She knows instantly that both of the beautiful Romani brothers, Archer and Jarrah Harlequin have the potential to steal her breath, but what she doesn’t know is that one is destined to do exactly that, and that the other will stop at nothing to make sure that the curse comes to pass as quickly as possible, yet again.

Elle expects to return to the paper afterwards with a few fond memories and maybe even an exclusive into the dark underbelly of the circus, but her destiny is not to see her name as a byline, but in the obituaries.

It is brother against brother, light against dark, demon against demon, temptation against love in this passionate and beautifully cruel story about the corruption of innocence and the illusions we weave to hide our true selves from one another.

message 2: by tyrianpurple (new)

tyrianpurple | 19 comments is it a love triangle?

message 3: by S.K. (new)

S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 38 comments Yes it is. A big one.

message 4: by Diane (new)

Diane Costanza | 6 comments I am fond of the whole dark carnival, circus theme, so I would love to read your story and give you a review.


message 5: by S.K. (new)

S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 38 comments Thanks Trianpurple and Diane. I'll PM you :)

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