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(I wasn't sure if I've read the post right.)

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(So do I post my part of the RP on here?)

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Darka Vamper Hillered was in her modest swimsuit and she walking towards the pool. When suddenly, she saw something.

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"To be honest, This is my first time swimming with a Mermaid." Darka replied very honestly and very kindly. She was willing to swim with Kyo in the pool. This'll be good for her experience of being with a boy her age.

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(Well, good thing she got a good deal at the fairy store. She got a binkni for free after buying a modest swimsuit.)

Darka smiled and almost did the love drool. "He's HOT and handsome." She said in her mind. Darka took off her dress and high heels and jumped into the pool right next to Kyo with her(Darka) binkni on. "Since my pet Alicorn, Nightmare, is having her nap, we can be together. Just you and me." Darka said with a smile.

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Darka blushed very deeply. "Thanks." Darka said. "No. I never had one. You're my first and only boyfriend." Darka replied honestly. Darka thought for a moment and asked, "Do want to make out with me?"

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Darka nodded and snapped her fingers to make them appear in the hot tube. Darka was already loving it. Being with Kyo was the best moment in her lifetime.

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(Let's keep the underwears on and bras on.)

"Ah yes. My love. I'll be your beloved girlfriend and you'll be my beloved boyfriend." Darka replied lovingly with a romantic voice. Darka smiled lovingly at Kyo. The love of her life. And her only love of her life.

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Darka smiled and hugged Kyo while kissing him. "That's what my mother told me when I was a toddler. 'One day you'll have a man that'll love you, protects you, and comfort you'. I haven't forgot about that." Darka said lovingly.


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"I didn't know until now." Darka said truthfully. Darka kissed Kyo deeply.

Darka used to be a princess back when everything was going right. But when bad things starting happening when she was growing up. From bullies to having no family. Living with the Alicorn is good, but she needed a companion like Kyo.

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"Nobody would know. Besides, I spent my entire life living in a shadow. That's why I'm living in the abandoned castle. Just don't tell anyone, but I'm a orphan that was once a Fairy Princess. I'm willing want to be a Princess once again with you." Darka said as she was very careful not to bit his tongue.

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"As much as I do my love." Darka said lovingly. She couldn't stop blushing for some reason. "Thanks. It's very Vintage(Victorian and Antique)." Darka said with a love smile.

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"Maybe to the middle of them." Darka replied as she pointed the middle of her small breasts. "You'll be my one and only love. And MidNight will protect us from any danger." Darka said.

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Her pulse race a little when he did that. "They're not? This whole time I had small breasts." Darka said.

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(This is my first time doing sex story.)
(How about skip?)

"No offense my love, but I'm not looking at it." Darka replied in a NO OFFENSE tone.

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"I love you too, Kyo. I hope we can get married and have kids of our own." Darka said and kissed Kyo back.

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(Problem. There's two different kingdoms.)

"As I do." Darka replied. But when he asked about moving in, she had to think carefully. She's Not ignoring his question.

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(Can Kyo move into this castle where it's safe?)

"Oh heck no. It's not about a difference kingdoms." Darka replied truthfully to her love. She didn't want to lose him.

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Darka blushed very deeply when Kyo asked that. "Sure." Darka replied.

(Not too much detail on the shower part.)

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"You can my love." Darka replied while blushing still.

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"I'll let you know when to stop. And it won't be offensive." Darka replied and started washing Kyo the same way that he did to her.

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"I never knew you were so ticklish." Darka said and startled washing his hair very gently. "As I do. I've never been this happy all of my life." Darka said.

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"Yes. You'll be my bestest boyfriend ever." Darka said to Kyo and kissed him lightly with a smile.

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"Let's get dress and cuddle on the bee my love." Darka said very kindly.

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(I agree.)

Darka put her pink silk pjs on. "Right this way." Darka replied as she led him a master bedroom with a adult canopy bed.

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Darka blushed very deeply and smiled. "As you are my love." Darka said.

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"I know. I've been thinking about nicknames lately." Darka said. Darka kissed Kyo deeply with a smile.

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"My name have two meanings. One is Mischief and the other meaning is Mysterious." Darka replied while being careful on not to bit Kyo.

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"You can stop touching my breasts my love." Darka said very kindly.

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"I know. I know." Darka said kindly.

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"Yes. I would love you to sleep with me." Darka replied.

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Darka blushed and laid her head on Kyo's chest.

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Darka was asleep.

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Darka smiled and snuggled closer to Kyo.

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"Oh no. You're fine. I needed to wake up. I can't sleep all day long." Darka replied and kissed Kyo on the cheek.

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(Her pet is a girl. Also MidNight is the Alicorn's nickname.)

Nightmare held her nickname. "I may look like an ordinary Alicorn, but I don't eat hay. I eat Alicorn food(ie: CHOCOLATE)." Nightmare said.

"I would like some pancakes my love." Darka replied.

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"Thanks." The Alicorn said.

"I would love some chocolate-chip pancakes please." Darka replied.

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"Thanks my love." Darka said and started eating her chocolate-chip pancakes happily with a smile.

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Darka blushed very deeply. "Hang out with you." Darka replied. Darka usually sits on her throne Mopeing around and just stares at the Throne Room. But she wanted to do something else. Maybe hanging out with Kyo would be fun.

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"Then, we'll both be together. It'll be better than Mopeing around in the Throne Room while sitting on the throne." Darka said and hugged Kyo very close to her.

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"What's Chick-Flick?" Darka asked.

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"I would LOVE to see that movie. My parents used to watch 'Thor 2: The Dark World' all the time. Back when I was little." Darka said. Darka kissed Kyo back.

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"You mean, the 'Thor 2: The Dark World' movie?" Darka asked kindly.

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"Ok." Darka said and put the movie 'Thor 2: The Dark World' in the DVD Player and push play and watched it with Kyo.

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"You'll have to watch it. I don't want to accidentally give out the spoilers." Darka replied and kissed Kyo's cheek.

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Darka did the love moan when he did that neck kiss.

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"As I do my love." Darka said lovingly.

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"I know. I'm determined to marry you and have kids of our own." Darka said.

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