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[ ] Arabella Mae Kensington || played by Laura
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Ara is a gorgeous girl, and she knows it. She isn't afraid to go to extreme measures to get something she wants, and can be very manipulative when she wants to be. If you do something to get in her way, be prepared. Ara isn't very forgiving. Though Ara can be manipulative, "evil", and bitchy, when she wants to be, she can be kind and nice. She is helpful when she wants to be, and is very independant. These traits sometimes makeup for her evil side. Plus her appearance. Since she's in the Selection, she'll be showing her competitive side and will do anything to win the Prince.
➸ ( ) Marina Day Stewart | | played by вσω - σтнεя ρεσρℓε's нεαятαcнε
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Mar is known for her stubbornness. She keeps her ground and never, ever, lets someone else win or correct her, even if she knows they are right. This huge part of Mar's personality started when she was very young and hated losing this board game against her older siblings. Not only is this girl stubborn she is very unreasonable, too. You won't get any bargaining out of her. She may know that her actions and words aren't being realistic or reasonable but then again she is stubborn and wants what she deserves. Well, not so much deserves. One of the better traits that Mar includes in her package is she is lively. It always seems she is on alarm and ready to do something. Sleeping must be the only time she isn't on guard. Overall Mar isn't as pretty as she is on the inside than on the outside. But, somewhere deep beneath that horrible layer of stubbornness and her unreasonable personality there is a hope for a kind soul.

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Marina Stewart will now be a maid for Elizabeth Giles

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