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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments okay. here we go.

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k which one did you want to do?

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments the hunger games.

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okay charrie

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Name: Katniss Everdeen


appearance: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20...

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Name: peeta mellark



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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments is my character okay? or would you like for me to change it to Katniss?

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could you change it to katniss please

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments okay. i changed it. So what you want to do? Redo the whole story? Or go off the book from the beginning and then change a certain point?

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go off the book and change some parts

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments okay. Do you wanna start?

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Peeta had awoken and had started baking bread. His parents worked at a bakery. He knew today what the big ay to see who would get picked to be in the hunger games. He hoped it wouldn't be him. He saw his parents get up later and he started cooking for customer

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Katniss woke early and dressed, she slipped out into the woods to hunt for dinner. She knelt quietly in a brush and took aim as a large rabbit came out into her trap. Letting go, the string snapped and the arrow flew. Hitting its target.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments ((Do you want to tension between Gale and Katniss?))

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((yeah, want me to play gale))

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments ((Sure))

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Gale heads out to the woods seeing Katniss and says" hey catnip" that had been a nickname because when he had first met her she said her name low that he barely heard. He looked at her and says" I brought bread.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Katniss collects her kill and as they made their way to their spot, she collected berries to go with the bread. "How did you get the bread?"

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Gale says" I got a trade form the bakery, one squirrel for a whole bread' he holds up the cheese he had gotten to. He says" do you want children Katniss" he looked at her as they sat down in their favorite spot.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments "No. I wouldn't want to raise them in a world like this." She said this as she stared off into the distance. Katniss didn't want her kids, if she even wanted one, to go through what she has.

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Gale says' I would if I didnt live in this place, but its basically like we do have kids because I have to take care of my little brother and you have prim. He looked at her and moved some hair out her face.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Katniss smiled politely at Gale and quietly ate the bread and a few berries. The mention of Prim made her sullen. Today is the day of reaping. If only she could keep Prim out of it. "We should get back and get ready for the Reaping. May the odds-"

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Gale says" yeah we should" he eats some and gathers everything and lets Katniss have the rest of things. They walk to there houses in peace and quiet gale goes his way and katniss goes her way.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Slipping under the fence and into her yard, she was greeted by Buttercup with a hiss. She hisses back and Buttercup growls and runs off. Katniss enters her home to find Prim and her mother were just finishing getting ready. Quickly, Katniss undressed and slipped on a simple blue dress that he mother had worn at the last reaping. Her mother braided her hair up the same way Prim's was.
Prim's shirt was untucked in the back, so Katniss fixed it. Katniss laughed at Prim, who smiled brightly. "Tuck your tail in little duck" in which Prim replied "Quack" Smiling, Katniss said in return "Quack yourself."
Their mother was already turning what Katniss had brought in ,into soup. She had finally stared acting like a mother but Katniss didn't trust it. Her mother left her to take care of them after her father died. So Katniss obviously had mixed feelings on the subject of mothers.

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Peeta had gotten ready for the reaping. He had put on a white shirt and some pants and fixed his hair he hurried and went to the reaping and hopped he wouldn't get picked. He didnt want to freeze to death like the to freeze had did in the last games. He stands on the boys sides and waits for the reaping to begin.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Once it was time to go to the reaping Katniss held Prim's hand. They made their way to the square. Prim put her name in once while Katniss put her's in twenty times. The purpose was so they would receive oil and flour for each time her name was entered in.
Prim stood with her age group and Kantiss with her's. As Effie Trinket announced the year and Haymitch, who was drunk as he walked up on the stage.

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Peeta listened to Effie. He saw katniss, and had remembered her, the girl he had given bread to. He saw her sister to. He had entered his name in a bunch of times but was never picked. His brother had went to the games and had died trying to stay alive. everyone was talking but when Effie spoke everyone hushed up and listened to the pink haired lady talk.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments "Happy Hunger Game. And may the odds be ever in your favor" Effie said in a happy, up-beat, tone. Her pink hair stood out in the grays of the Seam. Making it obvious that she was from the Capital, besides the fact that she didn't look like she has ever gone hungry.
Effie rambled on on how it was an honor to be chosen and then stated that she was going to pick from the girls bowel first. She stuck her hand in the bowel and shifted the paper slips around. Grabbing a random one, Effie unfolded in and said "This years female tribute is Primrose Everdeen."
Katniss froze, she felt a rush of relief until the name that was called was her sister. She turned and looked at Prim who stood stocked with tears in her eyes. Immediately Katniss screamed and forced her way out into the aisle. "I volunteer as tribute!"
Effie looked surprised and smiled "Who are you?" Katniss's voice shook as she said that she was Prim's sister. Unknowingly Effie insulted Katniss by stating "You don't want her to steal all the glory now do you?"

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Gale took Prim from katniss as katniss went on stage and took her away. He would watch prim for katniss sake. He cuddled prim as she cried and he gently rocked her to sleep. He looked at her and says" its okay prim.

Peeta listened and waited to hear for which boy would be chosen for the games. He waited for Effie to continue and everyone acted as if that didnt happen at all.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Katniss stood on the stage. Her mind was surprisingly blank. Nothing, nothing. Not a single thing went through her head. She stood was a blank stony face. Everyone stared at her and waited for Effie to call out the other tributes name as she took out a slip.

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Peeta looked at Effie and everyone was dead silent. He waited and waited. When he heard Effie voice he looked at her. Her pink hair made him get a headache. He didnt know if he would get picked, he really didnt want to but if he did he was fight to stay alive.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments ((Do you want his name to get picked? Or Gale?))

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((peeta gets picked))

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments ((Okay))
Effie took a breath and let everyone hang in suspense for a second " The male Tribute is Petta Mellark" She clapped her hands excitedly and looked around at the male section for Petta. Who quietly walked up onto the stage.
Katniss heard the second tribute's name and blanched. She knew that name. Petta was the boy who had given her a burnt loaf of bread on a rainy day when they were younger. He had gotten slapped for it. The boy was also from school, he had been popular and always had a group of people around him. So she hadn't been able to thank him for that rainy day.

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Peeta walked onto the stage as everyone claps and applauds them. He was surprised that he got picked. He looked at his parents but they wouldn't catch his eye. After the reaping peeta and Katniss got 2 mintues for visitors. His parents visited him and his mom came she said" I hope the girl wins" she walked out without another word. He didnt really have a happy life with his parent.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Katniss received a few visitors. First Prim and their mother. Prim curled up to her in her lap and silently cried as Katniss gave them instructions. Afterwards she harshly grabbed her mother's arm and growled "Listening to me. You can't leave again."
Her mother had silent tears run down her face "I won't. I couldn't help it last-" Katniss cut her off "I don't care about last time. You will be there for Prim."
Gale came in and hugged her. Promising to take care of Prim. And Then Petta's father ented the room and handed her a bag of cookies.

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Peeta had packed his clothes and put his things on the train. He hated how his parents didnt care about him. he went to his room on the train and sat in his room until the train started moving. He clutched his brothers shirt and sat in sadness.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Katniss had all her things. Two pairs of pants, two shirts, her boots, and her father's jacket. She climbed into the train and went to her room to get cleaned up. Effie had told them to get dress properly for dinner.
An intercom announced dinner was ready about an hour after they left the station. Katniss entered the dinning cart in her mother's blue dress that she still had on. She sat down silently and looked up at the television which was playing a rerun on all the tributes.

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Peeta walked out in some jeans and a t-shirt he sat down, and looked at Katniss. He then looked at Effie and says" where is haymitch" of course haymitch was drunk somewhere.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments She looked from Petta to Effie who huffed in irritation at the sound of Haymitch's name. Who finally stumbled into the room drunk.
Kantiss watched in disgust as he sat down and ordered for some wine. She finally looked at the food on the table and her stomach growled loudly. On impulse she snatched up food and put it on her plate. Eating it up greedily.
After her three plate full, Katniss stopped. Her stomach couldn't retain anymore food. With a full belly she sat back and listened to what was going on around her.

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Peeta ate half of his food, he looked at katniss he knew she couldn't hold down such rick food. He says" that was delicious and drinks his water. Haymitch says" when we get to the arena I want you guys to not complain no matter what they do to you don't complain" petta agreed and looked at katniss to see if she agreed and smiled at her. He then frowned and remembered that his mom wanted her to win not him.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Katniss glared at Haymitch but knew he was the only person who was going to keep them alive. She nodded her consent "In return you have to sober up and actually do something." Her voice showed her mistrust in his capabilities in being a proper 'coach'.

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Haymitch threw up later that day he was drunk and Effie was asleep. Peeta cleans him up with the help of katniss. He sighs and cleans up all the vomit and takes haymitch to the restroom to clean himself off. He left katniss alone by herself.

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Haymitch threw up later that day he was drunk and Effie was asleep. Peeta cleans him up with the help of katniss. He sighs and cleans up all the vomit and takes haymitch to the restroom to clean himself off. He left katniss alone by herself.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Katniss helped with Haymitch until Petta took over. She wanted to protest, this would have been her ticket into making Haymitch like her more. Well not like but want to help her survive.
She turned and left for her room. Today had been a long day and she needed time to reflect upon it.

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Peeta had finished then headed to his room leaned up put on pjs and headed to bed and got ready for tomorrow.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Katniss woke the next morning and dressed in her own clothes. They would be reaching the capital by tonight. She came out of her room and ate breakfast quietly. Glaring at Petta and Haymitch.

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Peeta awoke and was at the table and had said something to haymitch who said something else so he slapped him and haymitch pounched him in the jaw.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 57 comments Katniss jumped at the sound of skin on skin. She grabbed her butter knife and held it ready for an attack. Her eyes were wide and she looked from one to the other. "What the hell?"

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Peeta growled and stormed out of breakfast and to his room shutting the door. He stayed in there all morning, until they reached the arena.

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