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[ ] Claudia Lisette Girard || played by Melisquish
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Claudia is surprisingly mischievous, and she loves to play jokes on the other maids. Not harmful, of course, just silly. She's usually a very easy person to be around, as she'll listen to what you have to say, and she'll try to help you with your problems as best she can. She smiles a lot, but behind her sparkling eyes and that smile, there's always a sadness, if you'll care to look. Look even farther, and you'll see the anger. The pain.
➸ ( ) Isabella Christine Day | | played by ♧ Sʜᴀʜᴅɪᴀ
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Isa is unassuming at first glance, a perfect actress of the bystander, with nothing interesting to say. She goes about her jobs without complaining, and while she laughs when someone makes a joke, it's hollow. Most people don't realise that her quietness is not shyness but guarding her secrets, and they don't realise that her lack of socialising is because she doesn't want to get too close to someone. There's another layer to Isa, and she's not just another maid. To underestimate her would be unwise.

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((Whoops. I'll fix that XD
Accidentally used Juliana's because I copied the template thingy from there))

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How time flew so quickly, and now she found herself walking on this very hallway, back to the Palace. The ever-famous Emery Hollister, The Elite, Royal Wedding's very own Maid of Honour--and when she thought she could finally shake off those names, finding her own purpose out there, here she was. Adding the 'Royal Planner' to her resume.
Oh, how she wished she was 16 again, walking through the hallway and ended up lost somewhere and had the guard escorting her back to her room. When did she start walking so confidently, like she knew this place to the core?

She had been informed that something was happening. Something bad. Someone was going to die. And like it couldn't be more bad, it was the prince. That was fast. Not that she expected some rebel attack or anything, but still, it was too fast. It bothered her, really, not that she felt unsafe, but she was worried about these girls. She thought the security was improved since the last time she came. Cleary it didn't.

They kept it a secret for a little while, didn't want to make these girl panicking or anything. Oh, wasn't that the very reason Emery was here? Other than to helped them, but also to distract them with her sunny-happy smile? Piece of cake. Plus, it gave her the chance to know them in person and not just from their files. A person was so much more than what was written on a piece of paper anyway. Right?

She needed to keep busy, to keep her mind away from the dying boy at the hospital wing. Which, she only met once, but oh, how she love/hate that boy, she really wished he never die ever.

Moved from one room to another, and Emery stood in front of another door again. She checked the files, making sure that once the door open, she didn't charmingly mistaken that girl with someone else.

And then she knocked.

((Late post sorry, I was watching Gone Girl))

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Claudia was lying on her bed, her head spread out over the pillows, staring up at the ceiling. The bed was huge, unnecessarily so, really. Why would she ever need such a big bed? As a maid, she'd had a smaller bed, and that had been fine. Then again she'd slept in a gutter on more than one occasion, so perhaps she wasn't the best judge on what a good bed was.

She was bored. At least as a maid she'd had something to occupy her time with, even if the tasks weren't always particularly pleasant. Now, all she had to occupy her time was to wait for Perry or anyone else to notice her. And with 34 other girls... No, 33, that didn't happen all that often. So she was bored. Terribly, terribly bored.

Then came the knock. Her head shot up from the pillows, and turned to the clock in the corner. It wasn't someone come to call her for a meal... So who was it? She got off the bed, trying to brush her hair into some sense of normalcy as she walked toward the door. She opened it, peering out at the person on the other sight. Somewhat vaguely familiar, but she definitely didn't know her. "Yes?" she asked.

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"Hello there." Emery smiled, waving her hand. "Claudia... Girard, am I right? I'm just passing by, checking if all the girls are still intact, don't worry about it." she explained. "My name is Emery, by the way. Emery Hollister. You don't know me yet, but you're going to see me alot, because I'm the royal planner."

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"Yep, that's me..." She replied, holding the door open with one hand. "Checking to see if we're all intact? Seems a strange thing to do." Although with the suicide, maybe it's smart... "It's nice to meet you, Emery Hollister." For a royal planner, she'd never seen her around, before. Nor did she think it was part of a royal planner's duties to check on all the girls.

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"Oh, no need to be so formal, you can call me with just Emery." she said. "Or Em, but only Riley calls me like that, along with 'Turkey-head'." Emery added, muttering. "Well, nevermind. Can I come in?"

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"Alright... Emery." She held the door open, stepping back, her brows furrowed as she wondered why the royal planner wanted to talk with her.

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"Thank you." Emery nodded, then she stepped inside her room. "Oh, this brings back so many memories. I used to stack books and snacks on the top of my drawer." she said, as she looked around, feeling nostalgic. "So, what is your story, before the Selection? What did you do?"

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"My story?" She asked, confused as to why this woman was here, and asking her questions, but sitting down on her bed, anyway. "I was a maid, here, before the Selection."

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"Really? Why am I not surprised by that? Well, a little bit surprised, maybe." she shrugged. "Anyway, you're probably wondering why am I here, yeah? Well, to be honest, I accepted this job at the same day the Selection started, so every early stuffy-thingy had been taken care of, and I'm just gonna cover it from there. I'm actually not sure what am I suppose to do. Am I like, manager? Or advisor? Or just simply making sure everything works out like the plan. Probably all three. But if I'm going to go escortzilla on you girls, it'll be nice if I know you more than just name and face."

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"I... See. The day the Selection started seems like late notice."

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Claudia's head shot up at the sound of the alarm. She must have fallen asleep, somehow. How she did, she didn't know. She hadn't been sleeping well this past week, and it stood to reason the one night she managed to fall asleep, rebels attacked. Rebels. The thought hit her as her lips began to droop again, and she stumbled to her feet. Southerns or northerns, she wondered. She should... Find Perry. He was probably going to do some daft fool thing like go back to make sure all the Selecteds got out...

As her eyes adjusted to the light she saw a girl. For half a second she thought it was a rebel, then recognized Isa. They'd been maids together (neither had been overly fond of the other,) and apparently now it seemed she was her maid.

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((Shad imma gonna let you deal with the prince that just rolled through the window xD
Then Claudia can panic and run to save her own kitty))

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Claudia stared at the boy who'd just rolled through the window in alarm, then shock. "Roan?" She asked in surprise. What was he doing... It didn't matter. Not right now. She walked over, gently taking Isa's arm. "Roan, are you alright?" Her brain was whirring, trying to figure out how he'd even gotten out there, why he'd ended up in her room. Had the rebels reached his room? Had he climbed out the window? But no his room wasn't near enough to hers... He couldn't have climbed all the way here. So what was it?

Her eyes latched on the kitten that was currently using his stomach as a scratching post, and without waiting for his answer, she ran over to her bed, carefully scooping up the little golden coloured kitten that was sleeping on her pillow. She'd almost left her here! If Roan hadn't come...

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((Aight so is it Claudia or Isa's post now?))

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She held the kitten close to her chest. It had been sleeping peacefully before, but after being picked up, it was getting annoyed at the loud wailing sound that hurt its ears, and it began to whine, wanting to be let down. She held it tighter, not willing to let it go.

"Climb? You can't mean... To the roof?" She poked her head out the window hesitantly. "Roan, that has to be three stories..." It was probably the best shot they had, though. Especially with the two kittens. She began to push it open, but stopped, hesitating. "Roan, I'm wearing a dress."

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