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[ ] Aphrodite Freya Earl || played by Shahdia
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When it comes to those above her, Aphrodite is perfect. Regal, graceful, elegant, funny, polite, intelligent...all those words could describe the way Aphrodite is with the people above her. If Aphrodite was really the person she pretended to be, she'd be a perfect queen. This is the self Aphrodite pretends to be, next to her mother and father and family friends and, of course, the royals.
But on the inside, Aphrodite say the least, manipulative. She's sly, cunning, and knows exactly what to do to get people to do as she likes. She knows the right thing to say, she knows what'll win them over, and she's not afraid to use that knowledge. When it comes to people she deems lower than her, Aphrodite is quite mean, though if she can get caught out she won't do it.

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[Can we assume Eden and Aphrodite were already friends? And so sorry, I had errands to run]

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Eden walked into Aphrodite's room, because the rumors had already spread, that one of the Selected was suffering a mental breakdown, would she be able to make it? And Evey remembered, remembered the pills, the discreet trips to the toilet, the obsession for perfection that the most famous Twos shared, including Eden herself, and she had a feeling that she would find that girl, the anonymous girl, the girl who was so good at hiding the things she wanted to keep hidden, to assume perfection.

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[Ah, sorry, wi-fi problems]

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"Aphrodite," Eden responded. "I can't find my maids anywhere, so seeing how you're the expert, here, how does my hair look?" Eden was late to dinner, she knew that, she had spent far too long in the training room today, but she was determined to go in with style. Her hair was in a beautiful braided updo that was both delicate and intricate, a hairstyle she herself had perfected and done herself, with many protestations from the maids.

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"No, my mother did it for me before gym competitions when I was younger, and in time, I mastered how to do it myself." Eden glanced at Aphrodite, at her beautiful and yet somehow fatigued face. "You look tired, Aphrodite. Anything getting at you?" Her tone was warm, compassionate, because Evey knew too well. This face reminded her too much of Brooklyn Fitz.

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[Sorry I want to reply when I'm on my laptop, and Christmas stuff is calling, so not sure when I can respond to all my RP posts]

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There was something wrong. This was the voice of a Two who was hiding. Hiding what? Everything. The make up bag next to Aphrodite said it all. That bag was her lifeline. It carried the supplies needed to mask flaws and instill perfection, and it also carried little capsules, capsules to make you forget, capsules to make you sleep, capsules to keep your hunger at bay, capsules to throw up everything, to make your insides perfect as well, slimy, pink, empty. Eden looked Aphrodite right in the eyes, and asked, "Would you like me to stay?" Would you let me help?

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And then Eden moved-- it was instinctive, the seventeen some years of living with her mother, with the most iconic actress ever to have lived in Illea, the same pills, same green color, same oblong shape, catching up to her, taking the pack of pills and snatching them with sudden ferocity. "Don't." Her voice was soft, but there was warning in her eyes. Don't do this to yourself, Aphrodite Earl. People thought that Eden Lindquist better be careful with that bow and arrow of hers, or else it might just go an kill someone. But the pills, the pills that Eden was now holding, were far more dangerous. Addictive, sucking the life out of you from the inside out. There was no blood, only numbness. And that made it all the more terrifying.

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"You are killing yourself, Aphrodite. Slowly, but surely." Eden looked at the pack of pills, pills which were advertised to make your dreams come true, a twisted piece of propoganda, and shuddered ever so slightly. She placed the pack on the nearby vanity table, daring Aphrodite to try, to try and reach. "This is not who you are. These pills, these diet plans, this is killing you, and you're not trying to fight it. Aphrodite, listen, I know-- we all know, but this-" she gestured to the pills in disgust- "this is not going to help."

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"They are killing my mother," Eden said in a low voice, barely above a whisper, her eyes fierce. She did not know why she snatched the pills from the girl in front of her, it had been a thoughtless act, but she was grateful for it. She had never been that great of friends with Aprhodite, oh, sure, in the magazines and talk shows they had giggled and hugged like best friends, but maybe it was the thought of her mother, maybe it was because Eden had to prove to herself this was not the path she would go down, the path Aprhodite, her mother, so many others were walking through, blindly, aimlessly. "And it will kill you. It may take thirty some years, but by the end, you will only be a shell, the media will have taken your body, your dignity, your personality, and all you will have are pills. You can do it without them. Please, Aphrodite, just this once, listen to me."

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Eden saw it coming, as the lights faded all too suddenly from Aphrodite's eyes, but she was too far away, the girl had distanced herself not only mentally, emotionally, but physically, and though she leaped, she could not catch the girl who hit her head on the marble and passed out cold, red pooling out, dropping to the floor like raindrops. For a split second, Eden froze, and then ran to the door, yelling down the hall in a loud voice, which, despite shaking knees, stayed firm, strong, "Please, someone, HELP!" She propped the door open with a nearby footrest, rushing towards Aphrodite, trying to think of what she could do, something anything, grabbing a towel to soak the blood, and then folding it, propping the girl's head up-- Aphrodite was white. She was snow, a mutilated snow white, who had gone cold from a poisonous apple of a different sort. And Eden was not her prince, the girl did not wake. Why isn't anyone coming?

[So.... anyone want to save the poor girl from bleeding out on the bathroom floor?]

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((Yeah, um, let's not have a casualty so soon... O.O
I only have Selected girls... Although Rina is training to be a nurse...))

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[Drama is dramatic.]

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So, um, Rina? Or would you like someone actually qualifed? XD))

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[FINE Wick will save her. Or Lando?]

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[Lando could come. I feel like he'd be the most likely to]

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((Dyanne, no one is letting Wick ANYWHERE near this unconscious person XD))

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[Aw, now I wish it was Heather but yeah, Jake.]

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[Sorry, brb in 20]

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Eden had gone to another level-- fear, panic, dread, whatever she felt, she put that behind, and her voice assumed a regal manner. The boy had stopped-- the same horrified expression she had been feeling too apparent on her face. But now was not the time for horror. It was time for action. "Take her down to the hospital wing, immediately. Don't bother with the blood, I'll call the maids, just get her to a bed an proper care, officer, understand?" She feigned calm, her voice clear, firm, expression deadpan because the slightest emotion could trigger whatever the hell she was feeling within, and in that time, Aphrodite would be dead. She focused her attention on applying pressure to the wound with the towel, the towel which was turning from white to red oh so quickly.

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((I'm so mad at you right now not even kidding))

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Something was wrong. Perry could feel it--a thought crossed his mind, he didn't listen to it-. Maybe it was not a good idea to let Aphrodite alone tonight, maybe he should've stayed. So he turned back to Hospital Wing again, but when he arrived, he was told that Aphrodite had been released, back to her own room.

A thought crossed his mind, still, he didn't listen to it.

Perry stood in front of her room, knocking the door. "Hey, Aphrodite. It's me. Again. Just want to check, are you in there?" No answer. "Are you sleeping? Considering that it's almost midnight, of course you are, no?" No answer, he shrugged. "I take that as a yes." Perry muttered, and he opened the door--it was unlocked."

"Anyway, sorry about what I said earlier. I was being a total jerk. But hey, I've got some pretty awesome idea to help you, you're going to love--" Perry's words trailed off when he finally took a good sight of the room. At the corner of the room, there she was, laying on the cold floor, stained with bloods. Lifeless.

Perry ran and kneeled beside her, checking if there was still a trace of life left of her; nothing--she wasn't breathing, her heart stopped, and not even the slightest bit of pulse-. He was mute for a while, just staring at her body with blank expression. After what it seemed like an eternity, he whispered, "I'm sorry." and he got up. His hands were covered in blood and so was his clothes but it was the last of his concern. He headed to the door and slowly opened it, hoping that he would find someone passed by. Anyone.

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((Oi, someone please be unluckily passing by her room. XP))

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((This is an awkward Father-Son moment. XD))

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"Dad?" Perry was a little surprised to see his father. Particularly, judging from the circumtances, a) It was midnight; b) He was in a girl's room at midnight; c) He was covered in blood in a girl's room at midnight, and most importantly; d) Dead girl in the room.
"What are you doing here? It's past midnight." He fought with himself to stay calm. Do not break, do not break, do not--. "Oh, right. Um..." He looked at Aphrodite's body, still laying there. "I think we need a doctor, Dad." Not to check if she still could be saved. "To call it, you know, time of death."

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"Ah.." He wondered where to began. The pills? The earlier accident? "She wasn't feeling well before, so they brought her to hospital wing. I was there, actually, maybe an hour ago. I guess she came back to her room after I left her." he explained. "Clearly, not well enough to be left alone. I think this is an accident. Do you think this is an accident? Please let it be just an accident."

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Perry's eyes widened. He was too distracted with the body and failed to realized the knife was there the whole time. Right in front of him. A silent witness, mocking him. "I should've stayed." he muttered. "I should've stayed with her tonight, and maybe I could--" Prevented her death? What a joke, Perry. The best you could've done was stalling. "--God, what am I going to tell her mother? She was her only child."

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"No, I can do that myself. It's just phone call, it can't get any worse." he assured him. "This is my Selection, Dad. She's my responsibility. And by the way, you should rest, it's past midnight already. There's nothing much we can do right now, unless you want to help us move the body?"

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 1174 comments ((THEY'RE SO CALM ABOUT THIS LIKE WHAT?????????))

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ  | 1174 comments ((xD))

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((Dude, they're Shreave Men. Of course they're calm. The women are the fiery one.))

He wasn't listening to what his father said--well, he did, he just didn't respond it immediately-. The magazines caught his attention; especially the articles. He briefly read them, and started to realized what really happened. Those damned articles were the trigger. "I'm sorry, what?" he responded to Philip, surprised. "No, Dad, I wasn't suggesting, I was doing the opposite of suggesting--" He paused when the doctor arrived. Perry sighed heavily, maybe it wasn't the best time to have silly argument. First thing first, move the body. "--And why are you so creepily calm about this, doc? Am I the only person who's freaking out here?" he asked the doctor, and then pointing at his own deadpan face.

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"Wait, now? It's past midnight, I'm not going to wake them all at this hour and possibly, will also be responsible for their nightmares that may follow." he frowned.

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"Okay. Fine. Let's do that. Now." he nodded in agreement anyway. "I'll call her family first, then get all the girls to gather so I can tell them too."

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"Alright, we're done here? I think we're done here. I'm going to leave everything to you, doc. Take care of her, will you? And... I guess I'll see you soon, Dad? Anyway, excuse me, I have an important call to make." Perry smiled at them, giving them thumbs up and without waiting for any reply, he walked calmly to the door, slammed it shut behind him and ran on the hallway. Fast, and as far as possible.

Finally he stopped, catching his breath. He let them all out now; the anger, the sadness, the fear; everything, but no sound came out from his mouth--no one could find him-. His entire body was shaking and it was twice harder to breathe. He leaned his back on the wall, while his feet barely able to held his weight. The blood, the body, it was terrifying. Aphrodite's face when he last saw her alive; the face of a girl who knew damn well he was going to fail her, it made him sad and dissapointed at himself. The articles, they drove him angry.
Pull your sh*t together. He closed his eyes tight, breathing roughly but slowly he managed to get himself calm again. Pull your sh*t together, Percival.
He grabbed his phone and dialed a number. Now or never. When the person on the other line picked up, he said, "Hello, Mrs. Freya Earl? Sorry to call you at this time--No, I'm... I'm calling from the Palace, actually. Yes. My name is Percival Shreave, Mrs--Ah, yes, I'm the prince. I--" he paused. "--I regret to inform you, Mrs. Earl, that your daughter died. I'm sor--" he couldn't finished, because the person on the other line bursted into hysterical cry. And there was nothing he could do. He was just standing there, listening to her crying for minutes. It was like a torture to him, a punishment. When the crying changed into sob, Perry was going to say something but that person hung up the phone. He looked at his phone, dialed again, but this time, it went straight to the voice mail.
He failed Aphrodite, her family, and he couldn't keep his words to Eden.
No. He shook his head. There's no time to be a wimp. He stood straight, no longer need the wall to support him. He took the last glance at the hallway where he came from, and walked away.

((So... Great Room, yeah?))

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((It's fine.))

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((Btw, where's everybody when we need them? Drama is calling gaiys, come back soon~))

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((Great room right now you think?))

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[Cool with me. Can Eden run into Perry in the hall just to slap him in the face?]

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((Maybe? Yes? No? Yes?

And can I get a moment, please, I'm in a glass box of emotions right now.

Perry, you truly have a heart omg my baby!!!))

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((Yas, please, Dyanne.))

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[Hallway 1? I think hallway 2 is in use ill post first

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((Yepsolutely. You first? I'll be back in few minutes. Gotta make breakfast.))

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[Be right back but yes i whale]

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