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[ ] Heidi Eloise Crest || played by Hailey
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Having always been a fan of law, Heidi can often be found breaking up fights, arguing, or persuading others. She considers herself a ‘realist’, and some may say that she’s somewhat of a downer. In truth, Heidi loves to be where the action is, whether it be breaking up fights or starting them. Her older brothers have toughened her up over the years, and her mother’s strict ruling has straightened Heidi out. For the most part, anyways. Heidi hopes to gain some ‘friendships’ from the Selection, and who knows? Maybe even the crown.
➸ ( ) Ebony Reese Miller | | played by Alice
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Ebony is a very quiet maid. She rarely speaks unless spoken to and is very afraid of the selected girls and all the royals. However, she has a slightly inquisitive nature.

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Ebony Miller will now be a maid for Adele Hammonds.

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