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[ ] Asteria Giselle Calden || played by Kelsey
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Asteria has always been a fun-loving girl, seeking to find an adventure wherever she can. As a 3, she was more than able to do this and also be blind to the cruelties of the world leaving her naive to real-world problems. She is naturally curious, energetic, and enjoys learning new subject matters making her an excellent student wherever. Due to this, failure was never a big deal for her and even when she did fail (which was a rarity), it was because she didn't find it interesting and therefore not worth her time. She's never been a particularly hard-working girl, but has never been afraid to get her hands dirty. And while her bubbly nature may make her seem unintelligent, she is vastly knowledgeable and incredibly deep in her thoughts.
➸ ( ) Petra Marina Riddell | | played by Rea
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Petra is plagued with the fear of abandonment, always seeking reinforcement that others will not “leave,” which makes the establishment of mature relationships difficult.
She spends more time alone than most, she is often introspective and has a knack for thinking things through. Her passion and focus turns from people to ideas, projects, or other hobbies, increasing the likelihood of her becoming expert in a certain thing.
When you're close enough to her, this makes her highly loyal to her comfortable inner circle. Easily misunderstood, Petra is more likely to surprise others with her intelligence, wit, and wisdom. Her shyness and wallflower-type kind of person are often seen as a weaknesses because people associate them with insecurity and lack of confidence. She tends to keep to herself and the people/situations she knows, which limits her experiences.

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Petra Ridell will now be a maid for Scarlett Danette.

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