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Gelo Salinio (openreader123) | 3 comments My username is Gelo Salinio this is my fantasy character

First Name: Illia
Middle Name: May
Last Name: Gray
Gender: Female

Job: young fashion designer
Claim to Fame: enter the international fashion contest in paris

Eye Colour: light green
Hair Colour: straw gold hair
Complexion: bit of healthy pale white
Body Type: A

History: Illia grew up in a family of all boys when her mother died when she gave birth to her.Knowing that she was a little boyish at the age of 14 when she always hangs out with her brothers, she aspires to become a fashion designer when she watched a show about models and fashion.Though it was hard for her being all boyish and not knowing anything girly at all, she got help from her friend and was taught in the works of fashion.To this time she became more independent and strives harder in her career more then anyone.But recently she gets into a struggle when she's facing competitor's that are more advanced than her.

Personality: She's a bit on the bubbly side and has a good personality in her.She's aloof in some ways but still lovable.She's 18 but acts like a 16 year old still and loves to smile all the time.But she gets super serious in times of anger or situations and is very scary when that happens.But through all that she is still the innocent type of character you would see in movies.

Positive Traits:
-she is very dedicated in everything she does
-she has deep loyalty in people
-has great aspiration and confidence
-loves anyone who has a good personality and is quite accepting
-is a regular busybody

Negative Traits:
-acts a bit boyish and rugged when she get's angry
-has major pig out's on food
-get's into trouble sometimes
-has a slowpoke mind in some situations
-is so dense when it comes to people or boys

Fatal Flaw:has a small thin scar on the top part of her breast
Biggest Secret: She secretly blames herself sometimes for the death of her mom :(

Sexuality:boys or men what ever I can think of for her
Relationship Status:None
Crushes:Not yet though

Other: She also likes taking photography

message 2: by Gelo (new)

Gelo Salinio (openreader123) | 3 comments Sorry I think I mixed body type with blood type my eyes are getting blurry (> □ <)

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

A fatal flaw is something more about her personality or maybe something she suffers with rather than physical flaws.

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