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The Dancing Meteorite
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA sci-fi. Teen girl lives in space station, being trained as translator by mother. Romance, species of aliens who are nearly extinct. Another race which is at risk of extinction due to few females. from 25-30 years ago [s]

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Wiki27 | 11 comments Hi I read this story years ago.

It was about an orphaned young teen girl who lives in a space station and has spent her childhood being trained as a translator by her mother to the detriment of her broader education.

I remember a romance, a species of aliens who where nearly extinct and at the end of the story the young girl finds more survivors of the species.

Also another race which the young girl didn't like who due to slack bio protocols where at risk of extinction due to having so few females.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 5013 comments Do you remember the cover?

Since the girl is an orphan, was the mother you mentioned an adopted mother?

How did the aliens look? Humanoid, green, scary, etc?

What was the tone of the story: mysterious, humorous, suspensful, etc?

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Wiki27 | 11 comments I can't recall the description of the aliens but the tone was a bit coming of age. Both alien species where friendly with humans. The aliens she liked where living in a restricted part of the station which she visited. The aliens she didn't get along with where acting as mentors to the human race. Her mother had been killed in a first contact situation.

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Wiki27 | 11 comments She wasn't adopted.

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Then how was her mother training her?

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Wiki27 | 11 comments She trained her befor she died.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 5013 comments A few guessesBarbary Barbary by Vonda N. McIntyre

The Dancing Meteorite by Anne Mason The Dancing Meteorite seems the best fit

Description from Novelist Plus
Description:Seeing a dancing meteorite and convincing the authorities of its existence finally brings Kira Warden, an E-comm cadet on a space station, into contact with all the people she has been avoiding due to the shock of her parents untimely death in space.

Plus, I found this at Sf Encyclopedia (http://www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/...)

The Dancing Meteorite sequence comprising The Dancing Meteorite (1984) and The Stolen Law (1988), featuring a young Communications specialist whose easy rapport with Aliens is challenged by the lifeforms contained in the eponymous meteorite; the second volume carries the protagonist into space, where she continues to learn more about the complexity of sentient beings.

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Wiki27 | 11 comments That's the book I was looking for thanks, this one is solved.

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Which one?

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Wiki27 | 11 comments Sorry I was just updating the thread heading it's The Dancing Meteorite by Anne Mason.

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