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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 505 comments Mod

For your character to become a head counselor, you MUST do/have the following:

➘ Be approved by one of the mods, meaning me (Anastasia), Emberlynn, or Lizzie.
➘ Be accepted after filling out the forms.
➘ You must be active.
➘ You must be semi-detailed, meaning three+ sentences per post.

Other Requirements/Rules

➝ One head per person. If you're active, you might be able to get two. But for now, members only get one head whereas mods (because we are almighty) get two.
➝ If you are not active, then your character's head counselor title will be revoked.

Please fill this out with your character and one of the mods will decide if you're acceptable as one of the head counselors.

Positive Personality Traits:
Why s/he would be a good head counselor:
Writing Sample:

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 505 comments Mod

*Note: There will be two heads for each cabin.*

1: Rosalind Elizabeth Johnson ~ Julia
1: Irene Runelle ~ αηαsтαsια
1: Vega Kallisto ~ αηαsтαsια
1: Pyper Miller ~ Beth

message 3: by Julia (last edited Nov 08, 2014 06:23PM) (new)

Julia Name: Rosalind Elizabeth Johnson
Age: 16
Cabin: Poseidon
Positive Personality Traits: intelligent, adaptable, compassionate, empathetic
Why she would be a good head counselor:
Looking at Rose's really weird history, one can tell that she's patient and intelligent. Rose would be super understanding. She's rather powerful, and she's a granddaughter of Athena. What other kid can say she's related to two gods that hate each other? She's going to be a super interesting character-in a good way!
Writing Sample:
Sample One:
(view spoiler)
Sample Two:
(view spoiler)

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 505 comments Mod

^__^ You're accepted :D

message 5: by Julia (new)

Julia Thanks :D

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) I know there isn't a Thanatos cabin yet but I'm filling this out anyway...
Name: Alex Raziel
Age: 17
Cabin: Thanatos
Positive Personality Traits: Alex is calm, quick to think and quiet unless he has something worth others hearing.
Why s/he would be a good head counselor: Alex would be a good head counselor for Thanatos cabin, because he is calm and tries to be understanding. He knows what its like for his half-siblings, feeling death like he does. He doesn't speak a ton unless he has something he thinks others need to hear.
Writing Sample: 'Alex watched the girl for a moment before turning and walking away. She seemed so happy, like nothing was wrong, which he knew was true, at least at Camp Half-Blood. He knew he was the only one who felt people die, just like stabs to his heart. Alex had always felt that since he was little, he got used to it. The little stabs were just now little needle pricks to him. People always asked him why he was sad, he didn't have a really good answer. He was sad because he felt when anybody in the world died, because he was a demigod, because of just that's who he was.'

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 505 comments Mod
Welllllllllllll you're the only Thanatos child xD Approved, anyway :D

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Thanks!

message 9: by beth (new)

beth (beth01) Name: Pyper Miller

Age: 17

Cabin: Apollo

Positive Personality Traits: She is calm, passionate, bubbly and brings happiness to people wherever she goes.

Why s/he would be a good head counselor:
Pyper would be a good head counselor because she has met her father, and so knows what he's like. She is a good leader, and listens to people when they want to talk. She is extremely calm about most things, she thinks about both sides of every solution, and she knows when to intervene with an argument.

Writing Sample:
Pyper walked into her cabin, after a long night of restless sleep. The rest of the cabin was sound asleep, snoring in the darkness. Thank the gods, Pyper thought, as she climbed into her bed, and pulled her blanket up over her. If her siblings found out where she had spent the night, they'd shun her for sure. Pyper had never wanted to be different. It wasn't like she'd chosen this fate for herself.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 505 comments Mod

message 11: by beth (new)

beth (beth01) Thanks!

JBF the fabulous one and only (LEOFOREVA) I'm the only Iris child so could I be head?

message 13: by anastasia , Temporarily unavailable; sorry guys! (new)

anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 505 comments Mod
You still have to fill the form out, though.

message 15: by Queen lime :D (new)

Queen lime :D (Queenlime) | 278 comments Name:Lucas
Personality traits:Lucas is loving and cares for all people.He can't stand to see anybody in pain and not do anything.Lucas was also brought up in a family of respect so he does not dishonor anybody.He likes to joke around and tells jokes to a person who needs a laugh.He is like an older brother everyone wishes for.
Why?:I think Lucas should be a counselor because he takes charge and doesn't let things go wrong.His father may be Dionysus but that doesn't change Lucas.He is not the party animal people think he is.He is just great over all.
Writing sample:
1.Lucas watches the battle between Athena's children against Apollo's children.Its a tough fight and Lucas thinks Athena's children will win.He doesn't understand how all they do is fight.Cant they have any fun.He wonders if they will laugh at his jokes.
2.Lucas-(before battle) Come on people lets win this thing! Don't let these puny kids get in the way of treasure,victory,freedom,and everything we've worked hard for! Now let's take over! Charge!!!!!

message 16: by beth (new)

beth (beth01) Name: Quinn Hutchinson

Age: 16

Cabin: Triton

Positive Personality Traits: Fun, happy, positive, always looking on the bright side

Why s/he would be a good head counselor: Quinn would be a good head counselor because he pays attention to people when they talk, he's fair to everyone, he knows when to speak up and when to go with the flow, and he is extremely caring.

Writing Sample:
Quinn awoke with the blinding sun streaming through the partially open blinds of the Triton cabin. He blinked once or twice, before spreading his arms out above his head, stretching his muscles to wake him up. He swung his legs out of his bunk, planting his feet firmly on the ground, and standing upright to embrace the morning.

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Queen lime :D (Queenlime) | 278 comments (( is my character approved for head counselor because it is kind of confusing))

message 18: by Queen lime :D (new)

Queen lime :D (Queenlime) | 278 comments ((Yes, no, maybe so))

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Name: William Smith

Age: 17

Cabin: Hades

Positive Personality Traits: Is very determined and can lead by example

Why s/he would be a good head counselor: William is very powerful in his abilities, and can train people how to refine their powers very successfully.

Writing Sample:
William cleaned his blade with the towel gently. The blood from his most recent kill turned the snow white towel into a crimson red shade. With each wipe of the blade, the images of the creatures he had killed flashed through his mind. William looked up at at the sky, hoping that one day he wouldn't have to see such horrors.

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