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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments A demigod child of the big three is the adoptive daughter of the President is taken by Kronos and a quest is sent out to save the child including hunters, and camp half blood kids. But why does Kronos want this child and what does he have planned? Can the quest find her before Kronos tries to hurt her? What will happen if Kronos has an heir?

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments No I was hoping that she will carry Krono's heir as a mother.

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DragonDreamer I feel like it would make more sense if all the daughters of the big three are taken or at least one from each big 3 god because since kronos has never had an heir before, he doesn't know what will happen to the alleged mother. some might be more suitable than others. Some might burst into flames, etc. So if this is going to be an experiment they would want a powerful gene pool (big 3) and multiple options. Also, where is kronos at right now? like is he already put together? being pieced together? recently being put into a new host?

so then maybe a group of three are put together via prophecy: 2 guys 1 girl. and they go out to save the girls. Meanwhile the girls are trying to escape and figure out kronos's plan?

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Yes that would make more sense. It also works for all three one from Zeus, Poseiden, and Hades. Then if one can't provide a son he has two more that can. Right now I would say he's already being put into a different host.

Yes that's exactly how I pictured the plot with the quest members. So that is all correct. Sorry if earlier ir was confusing. Also sorry I have to go I need to wake early tomorrow but I'll be on asado in the morning.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Details a paragraph or more. I think I'd like to start it the kidnapping? Should we divide characters so we know which we are playing?

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments ((Just letting you know I'll be so busy tomorrow night.))

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Alright.

Well Since there will be three children of the Big Three and Three quest members I can do A child of the big three doesn't matter which one. I can also do a quest member not sure who I'll do for the third one.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Okay but it doesn't matter to me what roles you choose.

Child of Zeus
Child of Poseiden
Child of Hades

Quest Member
Quest Member

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments I'm back. I'll make a daughter of Zeus
A quest member
and I'm still not sure who I'll do for my third one.

I'll be making my two for now.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Name: Skyler Ray

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Personality: Skylar is what everyone calls innocent she's never the kind of person that could really stand the thought of being intimate or even go out with someone. She is a protective, strong, intelligent, intimidating, and a sort of Fierce girl.She's also a strong and very brave person, if she is even attacked or hurt she will stick up for herself and never give up. Determination is the one thing that describes her the most the way she is you can see that she is always determined to protect her family and herself as well. When she puts her mind on something she won't ever give it up she will keep doing the task until she achieves it.

Godly Parent: Zeus

History: Sky was found on the doorstep of an orphanage starving and crying. She was taken in and immediately added into the foster system. She was adopted by a senator and his wife. She has two adopted siblings not just her. When she was five she was attacked by a group of monsters her father saved her. He figured out she was a daughter of Zeus since his sister was a daughter of Aphrodite and he was a son of Aphrodite. He knew how to protect her and taught her how to fight and told her what she was. While he was running for President she was the oldest of her siblings and was only sixteen when he was running for President and won. In the White House life she always worked on her studies and giving all to the poor. She wasn't ever stuck up or rude she fell for her bodyguard whom she doesn't know is a Halfblood who worked for Kronos. She doesn't know who Kronos is.

Skills: Hand to hand combat, weapons, and her powers from Zeus. As a daughter of Zeus she can can manipulate the air to pick up objects, or to push things backwards. She also can can summon huge storms, and can control lightning and electricity.



Quest Member

Name: Brent Oliver

Age: 18

Gender: Male


Personality: The one word that could describe Brent in many ways is Hothead he's into himself and likes to win battles. Usually he works alone but only on quests he works with people. Only very few people keep him and his temper simmered down so he won't loose it.

Godly Parent: Ares

History: Brent dealt with abuse all his life from his mother and step father. When he was eight he ran away to Camp Half blood since he knew his step father wasn't his father. His mother told him what he was and who his dad was and so he left living their ever sense considering Camp Half Blood his home.

Skills: Battle Strategy, combat, weaponry, and medical. As son of Ares he has a limited power of manipulation over fire and He can conjure and use any weapon



Name: Thomas Gabriel

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Personality: He's a mysterious kind of person that works hard to figure out plans. He's very protective of his friends and siblings and works hard to make good plans. He has secrets but they aren't bad he just chooses not to share them.

Godly Parent: Athena

History: Thomas was told that his parents died in a car crash when he was eight. He lived in an orphanage when the owner of the orphanage told him that he was a Half Blood. He left with Chiron to Camp Half Blood and fit in so quickly. With his family and friends he felt so happy and at home. He didn't feel like a complete freak for being so smart anymore since his siblings were smart too. He's a people person who works with others especially on a quest.

Skills: Battle Strategy, Combat, Strategy, and Medical Skills. As an ability from Athena he's a great strategist and craftsman.


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DragonDreamer Name: Ezra Smoak

Age: 18

Gender: Male


Personality: Ezra isn't the friendliest camper. In fact, he spends most of his summer keeping to himself, playing video games, reading, or training. It's not that he doesn't like the campers. He doesn't want to get attached to many, though, especially when so many of his friends were lost fighting. He is also a bit of a pessimist, often expecting the worst situation possible to happen. He doesn't easily hope. He has also been called arrogant because of his confidence in his abilities. He is a strong fighter and being a son of Hades grants him a lot of power. Because of this, he often doesn't bother training with others because he sees it as a waste of his time.

Godly Parent: Hades

History: Ezra did not have the happiest of childhoods. When he was growing up, his mom put him in an orphanage because they were very poor and she couldn't afford to support him as well as herself. She visited him, though, until he was about nine. One day monsters attacked the orphanage and they ended up hurting some of his friends in attempt to kill him. After that, him and his mother moved away to start a new life. Unfortunately the monsters kept coming and hurting more people and even Ezra's mother on occasion. When he was eleven, Ezra was discovered and taken to Camp half-blood where he would spend five years there year-round, visiting his mother occasionally. While he was away, his mother was able to settle down in California and work towards becoming a nurse. Once she got a stable job, Ezra was able to come home for most of the year and only go to camp during the summers. Last year, his mother started dating someone new and might marry the man, but wants Ezra's approval first. Ezra is convinced that the man is no good and refuses to approve of the match.

Skills: Call upon ghosts, Travel via shadows, Combat

Other: Ezra collects stamps from the places he's been. He is not fond of Hades.


Name: Xara Williams

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Personality: Xara is very much an optimist and always sees the bright side in rough situations. She almost always has a smile on her face and rarely cries. She hopes for the best, but does whatever she can to help. She is kind to others and cares about her fellow campers deeply, often checking in on them to make sure they are alright. She is bubbly, sweet, and a bit naive. She trusts others very willingly, seeing the best in others even when most might think there is nothing good to be seen. This gets her teased, but she doesn't mind because she likes this about herself. She is a terrible liar and gentle towards other, but stronger than some might expect. She isn't very talented physically and her judgment can be clouded often, but she believes in others and works hard to support them in whatever way she can. Blood and screaming don't seem to phase her.

Godly Parent: Demeter

History: Xara's father was a traveller. He explored places all over the world, managing to visit all seven continents. He had been journeying through the Amazon Rainforest when he met Demeter and quickly fell in love with her. Once Xara was born, he moved to Normandy, France, where he raised her for a time. Never able to stay in one place for too long, the two moved every few years. When Xara turned seven, she was discovered and they moved to the states so that she could be closer to Camp Half Blood. She spent the summers there and her father travelled around, doing odd jobs to make money. When the summer ended, they always went on a special trip together before settling down for the rest of the year. When Xara was twelve, then went on a trip to the Grand Canyon where they were hiking and her father took a bad fall from a cliff. He became paralyzed from the waist down and had to go on living in a wheel chair. Between the medical bills and living expenses, they couldn't afford much. Xara had to take care of him a lot and take on jobs herself to help out. Her father hated that she had to take care of him. He often got depressed and even attempted suicide twice. After a few years of adjusting, circumstances improved. Her father found better work and went to support groups more, got involved with the disabled community. Xara was happier too now that her father was more stable and she felt better about spending summers at Camp Half-Blood

Skills: Can grow any kind of plant, Medical Knowledge

Other: Xara has a leather bracelet that allows her to grow any plant she feels like, which is useful if she needs to grow plants for medicine. She cares about Demeter a lot and hopes she isn't letting her down.


Name: Rae Martin

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Personality: Rae is quite the firecracker. She has a knack for getting into trouble with her friends in the Hermes cabin. She is always up for an adventure no matter the risks. She is similar to an excited puppy, running around, falling horribly, then getting up and wagging it's tail as though nothing is the matter. She stands up for her beliefs and opinions and enjoys fighting with those who oppose her even if she pretends that she doesn't. She can be a bit hot-headed and doesn't think her actions through very often.

Godly Parent: Poseidon

History: Rae doesn't remember a lot of her childhood. One of her earliest memories was when she was eight and came to live at Camp Half Blood. All that Chiron and Mr. D told her was that she was found half dead in the woods starved and dehydrated. Ever since then she has been living at camp. She started off very shy and skittish, but after about a couple months, she become more outgoing and as time passed she eventually turned into the hassle that she is today.

Skills: Breathe under water; Heals from ocean water; fast swimmer; control over water; Combat; Fast

Other: Rae sometimes wonders about her origins, but has never tried to find her birth mother. She isn't overly fond of Poseidon, but she does care somewhat about making him proud.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Brent stood in the ring waiting for his opponent to get up or give up the fight he was clearly loosing. When the kid gave up he stood up straight getting a water to take a sip of going over to Thomas. "You beat him so bad and yet you still wanted him to get up?" Thomas asked him. "Yeah well he wanted a hard challenging fight I gave it to him." Brent drank his water wiping his neck with a towel. "Good fight Brent." The kid said to him groaning when he was helped up and was taken to the infirmary. Brent chuckled wondering who wanted to fight him next.


Skylar was just walking through the camp alone after a big morning of training this was her only break before going in and training again. Looking up at the sky's she wondered if she really was a good daughter of Zeus. It never seemed to feel like her father cared about her but she knew he had other kids. So why should she worry about her father caring for her he was a god and very busy. She shook off the thoughts and continued walking just to rest up.


Before Brent was fighting Thomas was helping a few of his siblings with a battle strategy when he was done. He joined Brent going to the training square to watch his friend fight. Thomas felt bad for the kid that Brent was fighting. Every person who fought Brent was pretty much injured for the rest of camp year. But that only made him stronger, Thomas wasn't such a good fighter he was good but didn't have as much experience as the other kids of Athena. He preferred to do Battle Strategy and strategizing plans for Capture the flag or crafts. His best skill to him were those, he walked with Brent around after his last fight talking to him.

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DragonDreamer Rae watched the fight excitedly, rooting for Brent's challenger simply because he was the underdog in the match. Brent's reputation as a son of Ares certainly preceded him. He was practically playing with his opponent. After the fight was over, the boy was helped out of the arena towards the infirmary. Brent took a quick water break and talked for a moment with a boy named Thomas. He was a son of Athena, she knew, so she pegged him to be more of a strategist than a fighter. Realizing that now was her time to test her skills, she bounded down the bleachers towards the son of Ares.
"Hey! Me next! Me next!" She called. She already had on a bit of sparring armor and had grabbed a practice sword in anticipation of getting to fight him.


Ezra watched with an amused expression from a seat he chose high up in the stands. He sat alone with a book in one hand and earbuds in his ears. Brent certainly was a good fighter. Of course, he wouldn't stand a chance against Ezra in the shadows. Brent would surely have the advantage in the light. He wondered absently why all those kids were so excited and willing to get their bodies beaten horribly. Surely, they didn't actually think they stood a chance against this Brent kid. Ezra shook his head silently, returning his attention to his book.


Xara was walking through camp on her way back from the strawberry fields. She had picked a basket-full for her brothers and sisters. Of course, that seemed rather silly to her now that she thought about it. They could all grow strawberries anytime they felt like it. Perhaps she should take them to the Arena so the kids training could have a snack? As she thought about it, she noticed Skylar walking by herself with a worried yet thoughtful expression on her face. She wondered if anything was wrong.
"Skylar!" She smiled, walking up to her. "How are you today?" She asked. "I picked some yummy looking strawberries just now. Would you like any?" She offered, holding up her basket.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Brent looked up at Rae when she came inside volunteering to fight him. "Alright." He said to her getting his sword fixing up his battle gear he used to train. "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked her wondering if she's sure that she wants to fight him. But he didn't say anything about her answer and stood up straight. "Be fair Brent you don't want to beat a girl up too much." Thomas said to them sitting down cleaning his glasses up. Brent stood up straight and stretched.


Skylar looked up when Xara came over. "Hello Xara, I'm good. How has your day been?" She asked her curiously walking with her. "I'm good I still got some from yesterday but thank you though for the offer." She smiled at her walking with her being distracted from the questions she had in her head about Zeus. She was just glad she had at least one friend at camp and that was Xara. It was a relief for her since she felt like a freak coming to the camp with no friends and under good protection.


Thomas sat down watching Brent he was offering to let Rae take the first move. He thought she was going to be a great match against Brent. But was also worried that she'd be beat up pretty bad and then Brent could get yelled at for hurting a girl. Since that happens all the time to him and he can't stand that right now especially if he gets into so much trouble. Thomas actually hoped that Rae would beat Brent just to see what he would do. Thomas looked up seeing Xara and Skylar he smiled at them and then watched the fight.

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DragonDreamer "Yes!" She exclaimed, almost tripping as she followed him out into the arena. Why wouldn't she be sure? If anything, the challenge would be fun. She was a few years his junior, but she was a daughter of Poseidon. Oh! That reminded her. She quickly grabbed her water bottle and chugged a bit of it to help her senses sharpen.
"Be fair Brent you don't want to beat a girl up too much." Thomas commented and Rae turned to scowl at him.
"Hey I didn't challenge him so he would hold back." She turned and headed back out to face Brent, taking a fighting stance. It appeared he had given her the first moves. Right, here we go! She smiled, pumped for the match. She lunged for him quickly to begin the match, countering to the best of her ability when he attacked.


Ezra watched the match as it began. The girl certainly was lively, but he didn't think she would last longer than five minutes. Maybe less. She was too rash and Brent had the advantage when it came to strength. He turned his music up to avoid the clanging sound from the swords. Of course, he could have simply left, but he had already settled into his spot at the top of the arena. Besides, he liked confirming his suspicions in these situations.


Xara nodded, lowering her basket. "So far I can't complain. Though I have noticed a lot of kids are bein to the infirmary today. It would seem the Arena is a popular place to be today. Actually, I was thinking of heading over there just now. Do you want to join me?" She asked, motioning over to the Arena. She noticed Thomas smiling over at them and she responded with a wave.
"By the way," She began, "You seemed like you were conflicted or worried about something when I saw you. Are you sure everything is alright?" She asked, her face was concerned.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments "I'm always fair with the girls Thomas don't worry." Brent assured his friend going over to the inside circle drinking some water. Turning his attention to her and only her he wasn't going to go so easy on her since he knew she was a daughter of Poseidon. He waited watching as she lunged he blocked her sword stepping back watching her attacks. The way he fought he always tried to find a weak spot from his opponent. It's easier for him to learn weaknesses and try to find those weaknesses in other kids as well. He wasn't taking it easy on her so much since he doesn't want to look weak but he also doesn't want to loose this match he has against her. He attacked her to try and catch her off guard by going forward and going left but his real plan was to go right and attack her.


Skylar walked with her listening, "They all are going against Brent, I swear they get hurt all the time but still willingly fight him." She didn't think it made sense to her at all walking with her. "Yeah sure." Skylar followed her to the Arena listening when she mentioned about her being distracted. "Oh yeah I'm fine just trying to get used to the life of not meeting my godly parent or at least not seeing a glimpse of him when I was with my adoptive parents. No big deal just curious all the time." She admitted to Xara feeling comfortable talking to her about that.


Thomas backed off at Rae and watched them sitting down wondering how in the world Brent will react if he hurts this girl. Since he always got yelled at if he hurt any girl during arena practice. He smiled back at ray waving to her and Skylar two seats next to him if they want to sit by him. He watched the fight trying to see if Rae has any chance of winning at all she looks really good and Brent isn't taking it easy on her at all.

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DragonDreamer Brent retaliated by starting to attack left, then switching right quickly afterwards. If it wasn't for Rae's ADHD then she wouldn't have had the time to just barely block the attack. The fact that she was able to deflect it a bit at the cost of some shoulder straining excited her more. She was definitely going to get a challenging fight. She wasn't a fighter that thought much about what she wanted to do, but she did have persistence and energy. A lot of times that's what got her to come out on top in fights, but she wondered if that would be enough this time. If anything she would be happy just to get a few hits in. She attacked quickly, swinging repeatedly at Brent to put him on the defensive. Her armor felt as though it were slowing her


Xara sighed. "I realize that they want to get better at fighting and all, but hospitalizing themselves only sets them farther back in their training." Xara wouldn't admit it, but she was actually a bit jealous of their drive. She herself was rather lame in combat. She did better with medicine and strategy. She nodded, listening to Skylar's concern about her father. She herself had the opportunity to meet Demeter on occasion. Of course, Demeter wasn't as authoritative as Zeus. "I'm sure you'll meet him sometime. I imagine the Big Three are all pretty busy. It doesn't mean they don't care, though." She patted Skylar's shoulder lightly to try and offer some comfort.
The girls came upon the arena and sat next to Thomas.
"How many broken arms today?" She asked as she sat down. "Strawberries?" She offered, holding up her basket.


Ezra noticed two girls come and sit down in the arena. One of them had a basket of tasty looking strawberries. She simply reeked Demeter cabin. The other one... Ezra wasn't as familiar with her. He believed she was a daughter of Zeus. He rolled his eyes and focused on the match again. The girl was really going for it. So far they were almost evenly matched, but it probably wouldn't be very long until the girl lost energy and would get knocked around like a rag doll. Her armor wasn't doing her any favors. If anything, it was going to make her more likely to be hit. He thought he might have heard an incredibly faint howl in the distance, but paid no attention to it.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments ((It's absolutely fine:)))

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Brent continued to fight her seeing she was loosing energy with the water was disappearing. He distracted her and knocked her down, but of course he was knocked down just trying to knock her legs over. He did that all the time the mistake of knocking his opponent down and himself down. He can't believe that happens all the time he groaned but got back up before she could react. "I have to stop doing that.' He muttered to himself. He continued to fight really glad it was all even and that made him happy.


"I under his reasons that he cannot see me at all he is busy. At least I can hear him speak to me sometimes when I train." She admitted it made her so happy when she could hear Zeus speak to her at least for a minute. She has no choice but to live with her. "At first I felt like he ignored me but when I found out everyone else felt this way too I was relieved." she said to her. She went with her and sat next to her in the arena watching Brent in a good match against Rae. It made her so happy to see a girl was having better chances against Brent for now at least unless Brent makes a come back.


"Two Broken arms, one sprained leg, and a broken elbow." He explained to her and Skylar. He was so glad to see Xara came and sat by him so they can talk. "I'm good. I will have some later." He moved so she can Sky can sit next to him. He held in a chuckle when Brent fell down knocking Rae down too. "This match is even I'm not sure who can win." He warned them because it's true it's so even because Brent and Rae seem great at fighting so it was going to be hard to see who wins. "How have you been?" He asked her curiously since Sky was watching the fight not really noticing them both.

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DragonDreamer Rae fell to her back with a thud. The wind was knocked out of her momentarily, leaving her a tad disoriented, but once she saw Brent get up, her lungs began working again and she managed to get up and continue fighting. She was getting more tired and his attacks were becoming more difficult to block. It was only a matter of time before he would disarm her. She tried to convince herself she wasn't slowing down. Come on! You're just getting started! But her attacks were becoming more and more sporadic, leaving her less guarded.


Xara grinned, nudging her friend. "See? He is thinking of you even when he can't be with you." She encouraged her, turning to watch the match. "Rae should have paced herself better. At this rate, Brent will likely win..." she thought aloud. "Hopefully no broken limbs." She added as an afterthought. She turned to Thomas, raising her eyebrows in surprise at his list of injuries. She sighed and shook her head. "He should be more careful. Those kinds of injuries don't exactly heal after a week." She smiled at Thomas. She liked talking to him. He was really smart and good with strategies and inventing things. Being on his team for Capture the Flag almost always meant victory.
"I have been well, thank you for asking. I went strawberry picking, but then I realized there wasn't much point in picking strawberries for a cabin full of people that can grow as many strawberries as they please." She shrugged. "How have you been? Have you been crafting anything lately? Or at least making sure Brent doesn't crack any skulls?" She asked.


Ezra yawned and his stomach growled. He kept looking at the strawberries. Mentally slapping himself, he tried to refocus on his book. He had been reading the same paragraph for the last few minutes. Again he thought he heard a faint howling, but figured it was just the music he was listening to.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Brent noticed her attacks were failing he did another knock down to her legs it wasn't as hard as the last blow it did to her and tried to get her weapons away from her. He was only doing this because she looked like she was about to pass out and he knew that was going to be good. He was also trying to give her an opportunity to knock him down and win. So she doesn't feel embarrassed because of loosing with lack of water. He always rather have a fair fight and it wasn't good to suffer an unfair loss.


"Yeah I know." She smiled at Xara then watched the match wondering what Brent was planning because soon enough he was slowly looking like he was taking it easy on her. That was unlike him but it was being fair and that sounded like Brent if he's being fair that's the only kindness of him. "If she gets hurt he's going to get in trouble. Remember last time a girl got broken bones from him?" He asked her remembering that punishment Brent dealt with. "Yeah but when he breaks them he tells me they are only fractions not as bad a true break. So hopefully they heal after more then a week." he tried to reassure her thinking about it. "I'm sure everyone here will have one as a snack since they are willing to fight Brent or anyone else they will need a snack to really help them out." He smiled at her questions. He liked working with her during Capture the Flag she was really good and very great at making plans so it made him happy to work with her. "I've been good. I've been trying to craft a few things they are not as good as my usual stuff. I've been making sure he hasn't been cracking any skulls or any bone actually." He admitted.

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DragonDreamer ((when should I start the invasion))

Rae noticed he was open and she lunged at him, knocking him to the ground before toppling over herself. Brent was, after all, much larger and heavier than her and it took a lot of force for her to knock him down in her weakened state. "Hah! Take that, son of Ares." She panted, starting to get up.


Xara watched Brent. He didn't look nearly as tired as Rae, though. He was even leaving himself open at some points quite obviously until Rae caught on and lunged at him, toppling both of them. She wondered if she realized that Brent was fighting down to her level. That probably would make her mad...
She nodded, remembering the poor girl. Brent cracked a couple of her ribs, she thought. If he had taken in much further, she could have ended up hospitalized for a punctured lung.
"A fracture is better than a full on break..." She agreed, then turned to her basket and smiled. "You think so? I'm glad." She smiled. She decided to start offering them around after the match finished. She chuckled at his last statement. "I'm still surprised he needs reminding after all that happens. You'd think he'd realize his own strength by now." She smiled. "I'm sure whatever you're making is great. I'd love to see what you're working on sometime."


Giving into the demands of his stomach, Ezra made his way down towards the small group of people. It seemed like the strawberries were open to take anyways. Still, it was common curtesy to ask.
"Hey." He grunted at the girl he thought was Zeus's daughter. The other two seemed to be discussing something else. "Can I have some of those strawberries?" He asked, more like mumbled.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments ((Sorry fell asleep and now.))

Brent groaned when she knocked him down sighing. "Good fight." He said to her getting up when it was declared that she won. He sat up getting up an ache in his shoulder definitely a bruise but nothing much. He stood finally glad he could stretch he shook her hand. "Very good fight." Even though he let it off easy on her so she could win he didn't want her to pass out half way through it. So he knew what he was doing was good to help her besides he was actually afraid that she could have beat him. He went over to Thomas, Xara, Sky, and surprisingly Ezra. He rubbed his shoulder thinking he pulled a muscle from that fight it hurt.


"I'm sure." He smiled at her watching Brent and looked up when he came over getting water. "Well he gets too focused on winning sometimes he doesn't realize what he's doing and it just happens." He admitted to her. Glad to talk to her she seemed to give a lot of support and encouragement to everyone in any way that she can. "You can come see it tonight if you want." He smiled at her the thing he was working on well doesn't even look human yet. So he hoped he can figure out something at least to make so she can see.


Skylar looked up when Ezra came over. "Yeah sure you can have some." She decided he should just take some since the basket was in between her and Xara he could just grab some. Skylar looked at him for a minute realizing he was the son of Hades one of the only for now. She hasn't ever seen him or talked to him before since she sees he keeps to himself. She didn't mind that though he seemed to not like being near people like Hades himself.

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DragonDreamer ((No worries))

Rae grinned from ear to ear, ecstatic that she won. Brent was one of the best fighters in the camp. That made her probably one of the strongest. Or so she thought. She jogged back to the seats and grabbed her water bottle, downing the rest. She recovered a bit, but the fight still took a lot out of her. She was sure she bruised a couple ribs and her ankle had seen better days. She'd recover fast, she thought. Well relatively fast compared to the kids that got off with fractured bones. She wondered how that even happened. Brent could certainly swing a sword, but none of his hits were hard enough to break anything. Those kids must just have fragile bones. She waved excitedly to Skylar, Xara, and Thomas.
"Did you see that? I kicked his butt!" She beamed, very proud of her feet.


Xara nodded, "Yeah, I'd love to!" She turned towards Rae as she approached the small group and congratulated her, offering her some strawberries. "You were great." She confirmed. If she found out now, she'd try and continue fighting him and then they might both end up in the hospital wing.
"What are you guys talking about? He totally let-oof! No you were great." Ezra hadn't caught on to their ruse but a swift elbow to his stomach helped him catch on.
"Anyways, I-" Xara started, but her sentence was cut off by a scream. That scream was followed by another and a rumbling growl. Xara stood and was starting to head towards the exit of the arena when about five chimeras entered, cutting off the escape route. There were so many of the (idk how the invasion was supposed to go down so if this doesn't work I can change it), it was hardly believe able that they could all be there at once. She backed away slowly, frozen by fear.

Rae paused when she heard the screams, confused, but when she saw the beasts, she grabbed her sword and ran after Xara. "Stand back!" Xara tried to hold her back, not wanting her to get hurt. She must have been tired from her fight and that meant it would be more difficult for her to fight now. Rae shook off her grip though. "Don't worry, I can do this." The chimeras growled, fire shooting from their mouths. Rae tackled Xara to the ground to avoid the flames. She was tired but wasn't about to admit it any time soon. Suddenly, fangs dug into her ankle and she screamed in pain. It began dragging her away and no amount of kicking was setting her free.

Ezra's eyes widened as the chimeras entered the arena. He ran to the supply shack to grab a sword and ran after them. One had a hold on Rae's ankle and he was about to attack it when another jumped in his path, challenging him.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Brent sat down some ice on his muscle he pulled. "Maybe we will do a rematch." He said to Rae but that would be when he felt so much better. He gave Ezra a look to shut up before he revealed that Brent let her win. It was a fair and good sportsmanship fight. He ate a small strawberry that helped him feel a bit better then before. He was about to speak but heard a screaming he got up turning to what it was. "Chimeras." He got a shield with his sword tossing a sword and shield to Thomas going forward. He ran forward moving Rae and Xara away both him and Sky blocking them from the Chimera. "Daughter of Zeus a little rain might help!" He yelled at Sky.


"You did amazing Rae." Skylar said to her really happy that they didn't go on. Or she and Brent could be in the hospital. She stood up just to stretch hearing a scream she turned seeing a Chimera. She got out her sword gripping it. She went with them forward for a fight attacking the Chimera to distract it so Xara and Rae would be fine. "It's not that easy you know!" She yelled at Brent moving back looking at the sky conjuring a big cloud of rain as a storm. Thomas ran over quickly helping up Rain and Xara gripping his sword helping them back. Another Chimera challenging him. He attacked it seeing other demigods trying to take care of the others. How could they have gotten passed the border.

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DragonDreamer Xara quickly grew some herbs and wrapped them around Rae's ankle to help with the bleeding and infection. She didn't know what kind of infection could come from a chimera's mouth, but it did breathe fire, so probably nothing good right? She wouldn't be any good in a fight but she could do this much.

Rae yelped in pain as Xara wrapped her ankle. "Stupid Chimera..." She muttered under her breath. She tried to stand, but it was no use. Even if she did manage to get up, she was too tired from her previous match and her ankle suffered a lot of damage. She handed her sword to Xara. "Defend yourself." She instructed, but Xara shook her head.
"You're better with a sword than me." She reasoned. Rae rolled her eyes.
"I can't stand let alone fight. Now take the sword, Pansy." The derogatory use of a flower's name wasn't necessary, but it did get the message across. Rae wasn't having any excuse of Xara's. The daughter of Demeter nodded, gingerly taking the weapon from her friend's hands.
"I'll get you some water for your ankle." She said, running off to find her a water bottle so she could pour it on her ankle. When she returned, Rae looked rather pale and her ankle was a dark color. Suddenly she remembered that the bite of a chimera was fatally poisonous. She poured the water over the wound. Rae sighed in relief as the water began removing the poison from her body.
"Everyone be careful not to get bitten. Chimera are deathly poisonous!" She called out to everyone, thanking her lucky stars that Rae was a daughter of Poseidon. That trick might not work on the next person.
"Excuse me..." A voice came next to her. Xara turned to see a camper she wasn't completely familiar with.
"I can run her to the hospital wing while you help out here." He smiled kindly, picking up the girl. Xara returned the smile and nodded.
"Take care of her." She agreed. "Head out the back way. It will be safer." The boy nodded and ran off. Xara turned her attention to the rest of the battle field. Brent and Ezra both seemed to be holding off the Chimera's fairly well, so she went to help Thomas. He wasn't a bad fighter, but he wasn't on the same level as the other boys. It was raining now. She wished Rae were here since she could control water. The two would have made a great team, she thought. Nonetheless, the water helped keep the chimera's fiery breath at bay. She fought alongside Thomas, slashing at the chimera to the best of her ability.


Ezra fought the monster skillfully. It was difficult because getting too close meant getting bitten. Once the clouds gathered and darkened, Ezra figured he could shadow sneak and defeat the monster that way. Though, right now, it would leave him too vulnerable to the other chimeras. Using that power really drained him. Sky was working to make this storm happen, so she needed to be protected, he moved closer to her so that he could fend off any chimeras that got too close.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments When the storm cloud appeared it started raining under Sky's control but it didn't bother any of the demigods fighting but it bugged the Chimeras. She started to fight a Chimera with another young demigod. "Watch it." She blocked the chimera before it bit her or the other demigod. She didn't recognized who the demigod was she was just trying to help them as much as she can. When they both were knocked down Sky was knocked out the Chimera attacked someone else. The demigod carried her away to 'help her'. Thomas started fighting a Chimera when Xara joined him he was relieved. "Is she okay?" he asked her fighting a Chimera with Xara protecting her. He Tried to stab it while Xara distracted it. . This is so crazy." He said to her wondering how these Chimeras going through the border. "How did the Chimera's get bast the border." It didn't make sense at all.


Brent skillfully fought the Chimera with Ezra backing him up when it was raining he was relieved fighting the monster. "Don't worry about Sky. Worry about not getting bitten!" He said to Ezra since Sky was fighting and controlling the clouds at the same time. When the storm stopped he saw Sky was unconscious and a demigod helping her. He managed to stab the chimera when it was distracted.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments ((Sorry it's so short!))

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DragonDreamer ((No worries. I totally get it. I don't mind short posts at all so long as they aren't basically a single line.))

"Rae's fine. She got bitten, but she's heading to the hospital wing." She explained, watching Skylar being evacuated from the Arena as well. She was glad that they were being moved to safety, but she was concerned about the dwindling amount of campers in the Arena. The number of campers was shrinking, but the amount of chimeras remained the same. The needed to work harder to make up for their losses. Unfortunately, now that the clouds had disappeared, the fire breath was back as well. "There must be something wrong with the barrier." She said, "Unless... someone let them in?" No, that couldn't be. No one in camp would do that and put campers in serious danger. There had to be something wrong with the barrier.


Before Ezra could do anything, Sky was defending another camper and ended up getting knocked out. As she was taken off the battlefield, Ezra cursed under his breath. The shadows gave him strength and now his shadows were being taken away. He continued fighting stabbing angrily at the monsters. Even he was starting to tire of all the fighting and fire. He wanted it to end. Fortunately, it did. Not too much later, actually. There was a faint whistling sound that caught the attention of the chimeras and they began leaving the Arena, ignoring the campers completely. Something felt very wrong. Why were they leaving? Why was the fight over?

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments (Alright usually people don't like posts that short and then don't reply at all and it really makes me a bit upset because it only happens once.)

"At least she's being taken care of." he said relieved fighting the Chimera and helping Xara from getting injured. "No there is no way something is wrong with the boarder. It has to be someone in the camp that let them in." he said to her the boarder was so strong and no one could have let any creatures like Chimera inside unless of course they had traitors in the camp. He was sure that was the reason he saw the amount of campers were in danger or injured terribly. "Watch out!" he pushed Xara out of the way attacking the Chimera before it hurt her managing to stab it in the throat. He hasn't ever done that before and being the kind of person he is that really freaks him out right now. "Are you okay?" He asked Xara frozen and stuck under the Chimera didn't bite him. But when they all were falling back that didn't make sense at all why would they do that?


Brent did his best to kill a Chimera at least try to and help out whoever needed it. When they pulled back he was so confused why would they do that? He looked around seeing most of the demigods injured were being helped out and brought to the hospital wing. "This isn't right? Why would they fall back?" He wondered looking around going over to Xara and Thomas. "Where's Rae?" He knew Sky was helped tot he hospital wing not sure about Rae though really worried about what could happen right now. This attack didn't make sense at all to him.

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DragonDreamer "I don't want to believe that!" She argued. "Why would anyone here want to hurt fellow campers? I just don-AH!" A chimera jumped towards her, but she couldn't move, holding her sword in front of her pathetically. Suddenly, she was pushed to the ground out of the chimera's path. When she looked up, she saw Thomas, frozen, with his sword stabbed through the beast's throat. Xara gasped.
"THOMAS!" She scrambled to her feet, her legs a bit wobbly. She rushed over to him, pushing the now dead creature off of him. She searched his body, hoping she wouldn't find any bite marks. "Are you alright? It didn't bite you, did it?" When she was satisfied that she didn't see any bite marks, she hugged him tightly, thanking the gods that he was alright. She released him when Brent came up to them, asking about Rae.
"Rae's fine. Someone took her to the hospital wing after she was bitten." She explained. "I wouldn't have been able to carry her, so I stayed here to help."


Ezra overheard Brent's suspicions and followed after him. "By all accounts, it doesn't make sense." He agreed. "They infiltrated the camp just to fight us and then leave without finishing the fight. So either they were here to test our strength or distract us..." He observed. He looked around the Arena again. There were significantly less campers around. Hopefully they were being rushed to the hospital wing right now.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Thomas was frozen under the Chimera it was his first kill of a monster and it was making him look like an absolute freak. He was so relieved he didn't have any bite marks on him. It took him a minute before answering her. "I'm fine... it didn't bite me." He said relieved hugging her back so glad he was okay. "Are you okay?" He asked her wanting to make sure she was also okay and safe after getting hurt it made him nervous that she got bit. He was shaking a bit still but relaxed in their hug letting her release him when Brent came over. He got up managing to stand up straight relieved of that first achievement right now.
"Where's Sky?" He asked Brent and Ezra he didn't see her or Rae and really hoped that they were all okay. He stood next to Xara really glad that she was okay right now. "Guys this attack doesn't seem right." He said to them thinking about it. He looked over all the campers that were being brought to the hospital wing to get treated. Chiron was helping and surprisingly Dionysus was as well that really was a surprise.


"She was brought to the hospital wing after being knocked out during a fight." He answered them. "We should go and check on them. I really just hope this attack was just a random attack and not any bad distractions." Brent suggested thinking that Ezra was right. This was an unexpected attack and it didn't seem right at all. The Chimera's that attacked were controlled the whole time as well.

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DragonDreamer Xara nodded, chuckling a bit in disbelief. He had just defeated a terrifying monster on his own, looking incredibly shaken up. And he was, in fact, shaking. How was he thinking about anyone other than himself right now? She supposed that was just Thomas. "I'm alright, thanks to you, silly." She smiled, rubbing his back to comfort him.
Brent suggested going to the hospital wing to check on Rae and Sky. She agreed, standing up and helping Thomas up as well. She stuck close to him, though seeing as he was a bit traumatized by the recent experience. Now that Chiron and Mr. D were helping out, the campers should be able to recover quickly, she thought.


"Let's head over there, then." Ezra said, leaving the Arena. Something really did not sit right with him.

As the group approached the hospital wing, there were a lot of people gathered and some were arguing quite loudly.
"I don't understand. He said he was going to bring her here."
"Maybe she was feeling better and went back to her cabin?"
"No, I was just there. There was no sign of her."
"Where is she? She can't have just disappeared."
"She said she was going to come here too and I can't find her."
"Where is she?"
"No one knows."
Sounds like some people are missing... Ezra thought, trying to get closer. It was hardly any use since it was so crowded. He sighed, deciding to give up on getting inside.

"Hey!" Xara talked with some campers that were talking. "Have you guys seen Rae or Sky? We came to check on them." From the confused and worried expression on their faces, it seemed that they didn't know.
"Are they missing too?"
"Missing? What do you mean?"
"Well a couple other girls are missing too."
"Just girls?" Xara asked. Was this a pattern?

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Thomas still was shocked at what he did he saved her from a terrifying monster whom was his very first. But the thing he was most happy about was that Xara was safe and sound and he was able to help her out as much as he can. He was relieved that none of them got hurt. But now his focus has been turned on Skylar and Rae he wondered where they were and if they are okay. He was more worried about them getting hurt or something happening to them. He got up with her help and went with Xara, Brent, and Ezra straight to the infirmary not seeing them. "Stay here." He went over to one of the nurses and asked if she has seen Rae or Skylar. He went over to them "The nurse said she saw them being helped by campers she didn't recognize. She didn't see where they were going either." He explained that information was surprising that he found out from the nurse.


Brent followed them straight over hearing what the campers and Thomas say that didn't make sense. "How is it that half bloods came here we didn't recognize? Out of instincts we could have noticed them and seen them easily. " He never realized that it could have been so easy for any person could have easily snuck into the camp and got the girls out. This really was making him worried because they didn't know where they could be in all. "If it was just the girls then why and what cabins were they from?" It doesn't make sense why would a group of girls disappear so easily during an attack and be taken away. None of this does make sense at all, he looked up when Chiron and Mr. D came. "Everyone we are doing a cabin check all of you get to your cabins now so we can see who is mission and who is injured." Mr. D announced sounding really different from his regular not caring voice.

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DragonDreamer Xara considered Brent's comment. "I think that in the confusion and adrenaline of the attack, we were more that people were helping out rather than who was helping." She suggested. Mr. D gave his orders for the campers to return to their cabins so that a head count could take place. She waved to the boys as she headed back to her cabin with her cabin mates. Once she returned to her bunk, she saw that all her cabin mates were accounted for, which was a big relief. They reported to the cap counselors that no one from the Demeter cabin was missing. Still, Xara couldn't stop worrying about Sky and Rae and wondering why they were missing.


Ezra went back to his cabin, fully expecting to see his brother and two sisters. He wasn't close with them, but he did hold some fondness for his half-siblings if not only because they shared blood and understood one another better than anyone else at camp. Unfortunately, he only found his brother, Chester. They shared a sad, silent look understanding that both of their sisters had been kidnapped without their knowing. Chester was a bit more emotional than Ezra and was in need of comfort. Ezra tried to offer some assurance, but he had no idea why this happened or how they could fix it. He had Chester stay in his bunk while Ezra shared the tally with Mr. D.

After the head count was done, there was a camp meeting where Mr. D explained exactly who was taken.
"Today five of the campers were taken from us." He spoke. "Rae and Sylvia of Poseidon's cabin, Fallulah and Sabrina from Hades Cabin, and Skylar of Zeus cabin. We suspect that this is no coincidence that only and all daughters of the Big Three were kidnapped. The chimera attack served as a distraction in order to kidnap them. Our Oracle will now share the prophecy for the quest some of you will embark on to retrieve the girls." He said, giving the attention to the camp's oracle.

Ezra hardly paid attention to what was being said. All he knew was that he would bring them back. He couldn't have cared less about who he would travel with.

Xara listened intently as Mr. D and the oracle spoke. She wondered who wanted the girls and why. Was it some weird ritual? Would they hurt them? She could feel her stomach twist and turn as she considered the possibilities. She hoped Brent would go on the quest. She was sure he could pulverize any monster they faced. Thomas could strategize too. Those two would have made a good team, being the brawn and the brain. She glanced over at Ezra. He seemed angry and probably concerned about his sisters. He never seemed very close with them but she supposed they did share blood. Would he want to go? Or would he consider it a waste of his time?

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments "Their were several camp half blood kids that were unknown here that came and left maybe they had something to do with this." Thomas thought of any of the solutions wondering why these girls were all taken away it didn't make sense at all.


"I'll see you guys later." He said to tem after Mr. D told them all to go to their cabin for a cabin check. He went to Athena's Cabin relief filling him when all his siblings were all in the cabin a few in the infirmary. He went back to the dining area where all of the campers had to go after being checked with the cabin leaders to see who was missing. He sat down at his cabin table listening as Mr. D spoke. It was a bit scary to think only daughters of the big three were taken, was Kronos involved? What would happen to them? It doesn't make sense.

After a long cabin check in Ares cabin everyone was there and Brent felt relief but of course he was worried about Sky and Rae. They were taken away and they could be forced to do whatever whoever took them wanted. Or worse they could be killed but why is all of this happening to them? He went to the dining area with the cabin sitting in his regular seat listening as Mr. D spoke and let the oracle speak. He knew already what he was going to do if a quest is requested he would willingly go. It's a risk but it's a willing sacrifice for friends and family.


The oracle turned to all of them opening her mouth and starting to speak the prophecy. Kronos has been growing stronger and weaker. In fear of his power and legend disappearing he must have a heir. Not just any heir no, a heir to a daughter of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades. An attack that has taken place as a true kidnapping of his plot. A quest shall be sent on the trail to north, with guidance of a god or goddess along the way. Learning secrets of each other's past traveling through hot and cold climates and to find a brutal storm at the canyon of Zion. Towards a camp most abandoned and through that camp to Kronos and his heirs. The demigods chosen for this quest must have the heart of a warrior, the brain of a professor, a heart of gold, and a dark twisted thorn of past. Chosen to be sent out if one is wise enough to accept one may loose their loved one to save all missing children of the big three.

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DragonDreamer When Rae awoke, she didn't recognize where she was. All she knew was that it was dark and the ground was cold. She tried to sit up, but realized that her hands and feet were tied. Her body was sluggish and ached, probably from the residual poison of the chimera. What happened? She thought she was being taken to the infirmary, but fell asleep on the way there.
She thought she heard some whispers, but when she tried to speak her mouth felt dry and a soft moan escaped her lips. Was she dreaming? Her head hurt and she wanted to go back to sleep.


Xara glanced over at Ezra. If all the daughters of the big three were taken, then both of his sisters were gone. He had to be taking it hard. When she saw his face, however, his face was hardly readable. His younger brother, Chester, was visibly upset. His eyes looked puffy and red from crying and he looked tired. She frowned, wishing there was some way she could help.
She listened to the prophecy and gasped as the truth was revealed.
Kronos is behind this? An heir? Does that mean...? She clasped her hand over her mouth and her eyes watered. No way! Who could do that or even think about doing that? Sky... Rae...and the rest of them too! They could die... Often times when humans had a god's child, fate had not turned out well for them. At least not from the history she had studied. A team had to be assembled quickly. They didn't have time to waste.


An heir, huh? Ezra listened patiently, a seed of anger growing inside him. Obviously, he couldn't allow for that to happen to his half-sisters. He'd never treated them like family and he refused to think of them that way for this very purpose. Getting emotionally attached to people around him never ended well. This time, though, he could do something about it. He could help.
When the oracle finished speaking, Ezra raised his hand calmly. When he had everyone's attention, he made his announcement.
"I'm going."
He felt a tug on his shirt, Chester looked at him with worry in his eyes. "But Ezra, Kronos... I don't want to lose you too." The boy looked miserable. Ezra sighed. He wasn't even that close to him.
"I'm going. You can't stop me." He reiterated a tad icily.

Xara frowned at the scene before her, patting Chester's head. "He's just worried about you Ezra." She chided. The said son of Hades huffed, crossing his arms and turning away. "Don't worry, Chester. He's just worried in his own way too. He wants to save them." She whispered to Chester, consoling the boy. She wouldn't go. What use would she be on the team when she could barely defend herself?

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Sky slowly stared to wake her mouth so dry she tried to even move but she couldn't her body aching. She realized her hands and feet were tied up she tried to sit up more hearing someone else. She coughed quietly unable to realize she had a dry throat. "What happened?" She said softly trying to figure it out her head pounding. She tried her best to sit up or at least grab her knife but it wasn't working out.


Brent listened to the oracle once she finished speaking he heard Ezra volunteer to go. "I'll go too." He said to them raising his hand ignoring his siblings. This was a quest for their friends and they need help. If anyone of them get hurt it could only anger the gods even more. He went to Ezra's side not caring if he doesn't want him too go. He wants to go because that's his decision and the oracle mentioned someone as a warrior. One of them could be that reference. He listened to see who else would volunteer actually hoping Xara and Thomas would volunteer they may not be good at fighting but they both are wish and knowledgable and that was needed in the team.


Thomas took a few minutes to think of what to do he wasn't sure if he should go with them. "I'll go too." He volunteered going forward but he wanted so badly for Xara to come she had a great caring heart of gold. It was going to make him so happy if she does come. If they found Sky and Rae and everyone else she could help them with the girls. He knew that a daughter of Demeter is always needed with Rae's gifts she would be very useful right now. He went over to Brent and Ezra hearing the oracle say something.


One more a demigod with a heart of gold, whose the daughter of Demeter. The Oracle announced deciding to give them a clue. Because the longer they wait the harder it will be to find Sky, Rae, and everyone else.

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DragonDreamer Xara watched helplessly as her friends volunteered one by one. She worried about them going after anything associated with Kronos, but if anyone was going to win against him, she was convinced they could do it.
"One more a demigod with a heart of gold, whose the daughter of Demeter." She turned to look at her sisters. A lot of them were younger than her. She couldn't even think about them going up against Kronos. Without even thinking about it, she raised her hand and solemnly, volunteered. "I'm going too." She said. Her heart was racing. I'm going to die. She thought to herself. She was optimistic, but even she didn't like her chances against a god.


That makes four... Ezra noticed as Xara volunteered. She looked nervous. She was probably doubting her abilities. He doubted them too. She was lousy with a sword. Still, they didn't have time to waste debating whether or not those who volunteered were the right ones for the job.
"We should leave. Now." He said definitively. He had already grabbed a few supplies during the cabin check. He would have left this second if he could.


Rae heard a soft voice from the darkness. It took her a moment, but she recognized the voice as Skylar's.
"Sky?" She croaked. "What's going on?" She couldn't see anything it was so dark. Where were they? What happened?

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments Thomas looked at Xara when she volunteered relieved he would help her as much as he can going over to her walking with her to Brent and Ezra. "You can leave in five minutes Ezra." Chiron said to him so the rest of the quest can get their things quickly packed and some food. While he gets food and medical packs for them all while Mr. D gets transportation. It would be easier and not a problem. If Chiron has to restrain Ezra until the rest of the quest is ready he would. "Let's go get our stuff." Thomas said to Xara going with her. He went to his cabin and packed a bag of clothes, maps, paper, pens, weapons, and just in case his glasses. He went back and waited for Xara his bag looking so light.


Brent nodded seeing Xara was nervous but she shouldn't be at all she was going to do great all of them will. He went to his cabin quickly getting a bag full of what he needed and got a leather jacket on going back out to them ready when they were ready. He was sure this quest was going to be good they needed to really get it done and help everyone that was kidnapped before Kronos tries to make a move.

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DragonDreamer Xara nodded silently at Thomas, going to her own cabin to gather some supplies. She wondered what was most important to bring on a quest. She had never been on one. She decided to pack at though she were going backpacking with her father, so she grabbed a backpack and filled it with clothes, some rations, a journal, and other basic supplies. She also grabbed a dagger, though she hoped she wouldn't have to use it.

After wards she joined the rest of them where Ezra had been waiting.
"So we should head towards the canyon of Zion." Ezra said, commented, recalling what the oracle prophesied.

"But before we knew about that, we were told that we would be guided by a god or goddess. Maybe we need to find a god or goddess that is well known for their good guidance. Hermes is the god of travelers, though Athena is better known for her wisdom." Xara offered. She hardly knew where to begin, but prophesies were key to being successful in the quests. At least, they were strong indicators of the path they faced.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments "We might not have to find the god or goddess they might have to find us." He said Thomas tried to suggest thinking about the gods and goddesses they were very unpredictable it would be so hard to find them. But it would be easier for a god or goddess to find them during this quest. He was just guessing how gods and goddesses worked and this was what he can think of right now. But heading to the canyon of Zion would work hard to help everyone else.

Brent stood with them so relieved to get out of camp and help their friends. "We should start heading towards the Canyon of Zion and then along the way hopefully a god or goddess will come to our aid." He said to them really a bit nervous about them not getting help at all but was ready for any good challenge. This was sure going to be an amazing challenge and was sure everyone would make this a good quest.


"Rae? Are you okay?" Sky asked her head still clouded as she wanted to still sleep and this was stressing her out. Because it took her about a ten minutes to answer Rae. It was as if she was falling asleep over and over again and it was driving her insane right now. "is anyone else in here?" She asked.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 563 comments ((Hm... I was thinking maybe they can try to run into actually both Hermes and Athena one at a different time when they need the most help?))

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