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Samurai Vs. Robo-Dick
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message 1: by Teresa (last edited Nov 09, 2014 11:33PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Teresa (teresatheterrible) | 299 comments Mod
I recently received an extra copy of Steve Lowe's Samurai Vs. Robo-Dick (Grindhouse Press). Who wants it? Leave a message sayin ya do, twiddle your thumbs for two weeks hope for the best, and its on! Thanks!

message 2: by Michael (new) - added it

Michael Argyros | 17 comments Dang, I'm too late huh.

message 3: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel | 9 comments It'd be neat to read another Steve Lowe since the last I read was Muscle Memory

message 4: by Michael (new) - added it

Michael Argyros | 17 comments Oh cool, I hope so!

message 5: by Donald (new)

Donald Armfield | 157 comments Mod
I want this. Only own one book from Grindhouse curretly

message 6: by Matthew (new) - added it

Matthew Vaughn (mcvaughn138) | 41 comments I would like this book

Teresa (teresatheterrible) | 299 comments Mod
Yeah, Erika is right (pretty ladies always think alike!). Its a drawing type thing...I was thinking like two weeks or something. I'm SOOOO sorry I didn't specify that; I saw Erika's giveaway and it make me think 'Holy shit! That book is still lying on my shelf! I need to put it up for giveaway!' and I 'ran' over here and just did it...with little to NO instructions. I'm so very sorry :-(

But yeah, the point is to just lemme know ya want it, and I'll do a drawing two Saturdays from now (don't know what the date would be; I'm nowhere near a calendar...except well, my phone, but I'm typing on that at the moment, so whatever). Anyway, just keep the requests rolling on in.

Oh, and in the past, Donald and I excluded each other because we were mods, but honestly, Donald has no clue what's going on in my mind, nor I his. So the whole 'mods can't win' thing is over as far as I'm concerned. He didn't even know I was going to list this. Didja, Donald? Nope, didn't think so! Come one, come ALL!!!

And Steve Lowe REALLY shines in this one! When I get a chance to hop on my laptop, I'll link the book here.

But I will finish up by saying that would be one hell of a giveaway! First one to respond got the book, huh? That might be something super sneaky I would plant a giveaway like that in some old archived thread just to see who would notice it...hmmm....ideas, ideas...(seriously though, if I actually did that, I'd at least post a message that there was something special hidden somewhere or else no one would find it...there's nothing there guys. Quit looking.)

One teeny tiny last thing- would any of y'all be interested in a holiday type read along? Adam Millard just came out with 'The Human Santapede', meaning this will be the first holiday season it'll be applicable for. Carlton Mellick III has 'Christmas on Crack', & StrangeHouse books has 'A Very StrangeHouse Christmas' which are both collections. There are a few others I can think of...would you guys like to read some sick holiday shit with me? I'll make a thread about it in the 'Group Reads' section and you guys can let me know!

THANKS BUNCHES! (and sorry for rambling so much)


message 8: by Donald (new)

Donald Armfield | 157 comments Mod
I'm down for Christmas buddy read. Ms. Rambles.

message 9: by Ms. Nikki (new) - added it

Ms. Nikki (miznikki) | 3 comments You can never have too much bizarro in your life. Count me in~

Frank (njmetal) | 25 comments I didn't realize Lowe had w new book out. Thanks for making me aware. I loved You Are Sloth. Count me in on this.

message 11: by Leo (new)

Leo mouratidis (leomour) | 3 comments send to me,send to me,send to me,send to me,send to me,
send to me,send to me,send to me,send to me,send to me,
send to me,send to me,send to me,send to me,send to me,

message 12: by Sébastien (new)

Sébastien Simard | 2 comments Count me in!

message 13: by Brandon (new) - added it

Brandon (brandonbrendel) | 6 comments I need to know who wins the epic battle! Feel free to send it to me, in a tree, covered in pee.

message 14: by Rick (new) - added it

Rick (rwestbrock) | 143 comments The blurb sounds fun and I need more bizarro in my diet, tack me onto the list please!

Teresa (teresatheterrible) | 299 comments Mod
Frank, its not actually a new book. Its been out for a while, I just made an order from one of my author friends, and they threw a copy of this in as a bonus, but I already have a copy, so I figured I'd share the wealth. It IS a very good book, though!!!

message 16: by Missy (new)

Missy | 14 comments I'm entering the contest and crossing my fingers

message 17: by Sheldon (new)

Sheldon (sheldonnylander) | 4 comments Oooo! Me! Me! Me! Me!

message 18: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Ramey (lov3craft) | 1 comments Me and my friend are just now getting interested in Bizzaro. We can't find any we can read though. Money's tight and I'd love to be able for me and my friend to read this.

message 19: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaelnoe) | 31 comments pick me you must :-)

message 20: by Brandon (new) - added it

Brandon (brandonbrendel) | 6 comments Don't give in to Matthew's sob story! I heard his friend is a dick.

message 21: by Melanie (new)

Melanie Catchpole | 8 comments Yes please.

Teresa (teresatheterrible) | 299 comments Mod
Alright, you freaks! I just put all your names in my magic goblet, stuck my hand in there, mixed all the papers around, and when I pulled my hand out, who's name was on the slip of paper? The lucky person is....drumroll, please.....FRANK!!! PM me your details and I will get your book out as soon as possible (which, unfortunately, probably won't be until Wed. since I work all day Monday & Tuesday...I'll try really hard to ship it Monday before work, though).

Thanks for participating, guys!!! Next time I get a duplicate, I'll be giving it away here. Keep your eyes peeled for giveaways of the 2014 NBAS series. I'll be giving away my copies once I have a chance to pester Tom, Scott, & Brian for signed copies.

And don't forget: the best way to show your appreciation for winning books is to leave a review! :-)


message 23: by Donald (new)

Donald Armfield | 157 comments Mod
congrats Frank.

Rodney | 81 comments Congratulations Frank!

message 25: by Michael (new) - added it

Michael Argyros | 17 comments Yay Frank!

Frank (njmetal) | 25 comments You love me! Your REALLY love me!

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