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message 1: by Sherri (new)

Sherri (marathonsun) | 11 comments This story elicits the same feeling as the other 3 we have already read. Great descriptions, fine story and some confusion caused by the fact that every character seems to have several names they are referred to by.
Anxious to see if I feel the same about "A Christmas Carol." Just realizing I may not recognize the story if it isn't featuring Bill Murray or a Muppet!

message 2: by Sophie (new)

Sophie I just finished The Chimes and it's probably my joint fav so far along with the Cricket on the Hearth. I loved the whole part with the goblins in the bell tower. Spooky!

Kailey (Luminous Libro) (luminouslibro) Delightful story about ringing in the New Year with hope, compassion, and love instead of judgement, self-righteousness, and hate. Told in typical Dickens fashion with plenty of colorful and interesting characters, lots of sarcasm and snarky commentary on the human condition, and a touching picture of poverty and sacrifice.
The creepy goblin bells were a nice touch, but I felt so sorry for poor Trotty forced to watch as the people he loves sink lower in the world.
Great story, but not my fave.

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