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I'm forcing you to do this >:[

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sage | 493 comments You're mean! D:

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sage | 493 comments So any ideas?

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Yes. *Takes a deep breath*


Girl A is a princess. She's also blind. Everyone thinks she's useless and defenseless (even her own father). Her father tries to keep her safe by teaching her defense and fighting skills. Also while making her very skillful in weaponry. What everyone doesn't know is that through the Earth, she can sense things. As soon as she touches any element (gold, iron, dirt, marble etc.), she can immediately feel and see what's around her. Girl A sneaks out to a competition one night, and that's where she meets Boy A. By accident, Girl A sneaks into the training room. Boy A is training for this competition when he accidently bumps into Girl A. Thinking Girl A is helpless, Boy A tries to guide her out and tells her she isn't allowed to be here, but when Boy A loses one of his team members, Girl A wants to help. That's where everything takes off-- and they have powers!

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sage | 493 comments Sounds Amazing! Character Template? And do you want to be the girl or the boy?

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Thank you, yes and girl.

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sage | 493 comments Can I be the father until we get to the competition then?

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Name: Cayce Hahn
Age: 17
Eyes: (view spoiler)
History: Cayce Hahn, princess, blind, yet strong. She always feels over-protected by her father, and her mother died when she was just a little girl by cancer. Determined, Cayce decides to leave the guarded mansion to find excitement and adventure, tired of being locked up like a zoo animal.
Powers: Earth Bending

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And yeah, whatever

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sage | 493 comments Name: Blane Gray
Age: 18
History: Blane was alone, the only thing cheering him on is his adoring fans. The competition is his whole life, and he couldn't think of anything more important. Until he met Cayce, his whole world revolved around training.
• Can create and control fire
• Super Speedy Reflexes
• Can make people do things by telling them.

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We need to add powers.

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sage | 493 comments Can you start?

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Cayce sat on the cushion chair, cross-legged, as she sat across from her dad. Her flaming red hair was covering her eyes as she played with her food. The fireplace sizzled in the corner of the room, making shadows dance among the walls.

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sage | 493 comments ((His name will be Jonathan.))

"Don't play with your food Cayce," Jonathan demanded without looking up. "Sit up, your mother would not approve of this." He let out a deep sigh. Even when it was him that mentioned his wife, he still cringed at the thought of her.

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