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The Rosie Project (Don Tillman, #1)
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Meetings > November meeting: Should we move it?

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Hi Ladies,
Diane just let me know that some of you are STILL waiting for the Rosie Project.
Would you like to move the meeting? I feel like that would be a good idea. Should we maybe do it the Tuesday after Thanksgiving?
Let me know.

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Hi Everyone,

Just to reinforce what I wrote yesterday: we may want to move our meeting date.

If we do that, I really need to move the 12 Clues of Christmas requests. I have been watching them closely to make certain they don't disappear (like the Rosie books- but Inow have a working theory on what happened there), but they are set to be requested on Tuesday.

Please let me know asap.

Also, we need to firm up up our tentative dates and reads from February to June so that we can line them up for the Newsletter.

Lots of things to decide, and since we are a democratic group, we all get a voice to shout with. :D


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I guess we'll just keep on for Tuesday at 6:30pm

Rachel Stockbridge | 5 comments Mod
I didn't comment sooner because I have a copy of the book already so either way works for me and I didn't want to sway the group away from moving if others didn't have the book yet.

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Hi Everyone,
I have actually never contacted anyone via email. I do not have any personal email addresses and am not actually allowed to go hunt them down in your accounts. I wasn't being lazy.
No worries, though.
We'll get it sorted tomorrow.

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