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former clan


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© Birdsong231 [ Hawkfrost♥♥♥ | Shani | Tayah ]
| Credits
Name: Birdsong231 > Template: Birdsong231 > Editing: Birdsong231 >
Warrior Cats > Erin Hunter

| Nightkit
| Bloodpaw
| Bloodeye
| Bloodstar

| Tom

| Current
328 moons
| Death
62 moons

| TreeClan
| StarClan

| Kit
| Apprentice
| Warrior
| Deputy
| Leader

Trained Apprentices
| Open, ask first
| Open, ask first
| Open, ask first

Former Mentor
| Open, ask first

Sweet > Shy > Trust worthy > Sensitive > Grumpy > Protective > Gentle

| Breed
Maine Coon
| Pelt
| Eyes
| Build
| Written Description
Bloodstar is a large, handsome black tom with unusual blood red eyes. Because of his eyes, he has been given a horrible blood-filled past. He has broad shoulders and powerful muscles that are almost impossible to break free from. He is a very heavy cat, but he's not fat at all. It's pure muscle.

| Pelt
(view spoiler)
| Eyes
(view spoiler)
| Art (Drawn by Birdsong231)
(view spoiler)
| Links
(view spoiler)

| Mate
Bloodstar died alone
| Lover
Crush first
| Crush
Open, ask first > Info: (view spoiler)

| None

Family > Blood
| Brother
Darkclaw > Dead > StarClan, formerly TreeClan > Warrior > Killed by Bloodstar > 328 moons > Open, ask first
| Mother
Featherpelt > Dead > StarClan, formerly TreeClan > Elder > 419 moons > Open, ask first
| Father
Hawkfire > Dead > StarClan, formerly TreeClan > Deputy > 423 moons > Killed by Bloodstar > Open, ask first

| Kit
When Nightkit first opened his eyes, he had scared everyone with his red eyes. He was treated like an outcast before of the blood red colour of his eyes.
| Apprentice
The leader of his Clan had changed his prefix to "Blood-" for his red eyes. His mother wasn't too pleased, but knew it was more accurate for her red-eyed son.
| Warrior + Deputy
Bloodeye had suddenly been visited by the Dark Forest in a dream one night, and had been reminded of the burden of his eyes. It was only a few minutes after being reminded he decided to take revenge.
| Leader
He never regretted a thing until he fell in love with a she-cat from StormClan, not long after he had become the leader of ShadowClan. After realizing he couldn't stop his love for the she-cat, he started to have troubles with the cats of the Dark Forest. When he made the decision to leave them, he found out from the next gathering that the she-cat had been mysteriously murdered. He killed himself three moons later.

| Likes
Mouse > Frog > Kits > Star gazing
| Dislikes
Remembering his past with the Dark Forest > Death
| Fears
Darkness > Falling in love again
| Other
If you want to make his crush, she has to follow the requirements listed under "Mate/Crush".

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Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (birdsong231) | 164 comments Mod
© Hawkfrost♥♥♥

Silver / Silverpaw / Silvermist


48 moons

**Former Clan**

Loner / Kit / Apprentice / Warrior / Queen

Sweet; kind; shy; loving; stubborn; playful; loyal


Art (C) Birdsong231

**Mate / Crush**
Former Mate: Blackclaw (view spoiler)

Daughter: Featherlily (view spoiler)
Son: Nightstorm (view spoiler)

Father: Cloud (view spoiler)
Mother: Flower (view spoiler)
Twin Brother: Stormtalon (view spoiler)
Older Brother: Jesse (view spoiler)

Mother In-law: Larkwing (view spoiler)
Father In-law: Eaglewing (view spoiler)
Brother In-law: Snowspots (view spoiler)
Brother In-law: Hawkflight (view spoiler)
Sister In-law: Rosepetal (view spoiler)

Me and Blackclaw were walking through ShadeClan's territory when pain suddenly blazed through me. I stopped and let out a wail. Blackclaw's face showed sheer panic. All I was able to say was one word: "Kitting,"
Blackclaw got me on his back and went back to camp as quickly as he could. "SHe's kitting!" He yowled. "Silvermist is kitting!"
The medicine cat rushed out of [his/her] den. "What? It's too early!"
"They have the impatience of their father," I mewed lovingly before another wave of pain washed over me.
"Blackclaw, you get her inside the nursery while I get some things,"
I'm not sure he heard the medicine cat because he didn't reply to [him/her]. He was focused on getting me inside. When he did, the medicine cat ordered him to stay outside.
Soon the first kit was born. The medicine cat nipped the sac and passed my kit over to me. "Lick it's fur backwards," That was exactly what I did. I felt like my strength was draining. When the second kit came, the medicine took care of it after seeing how weak I was. I was too weak to left my own head. I asked [gender] to help me and [gender] lifted my head slowly. "They're...beautiful," I murmured and I suddenly knew I was dying. I looked at the entrance to the nursery. and then darkness warmed me as I closed my eyes.

I was right there beside Blackclaw at their warrior ceremony. I leaned into his pelt and purred softly in his ear. I think he knew I was there because he moved his tail closer to mine. Our son was named Nightstorm and our daughter was named Featherlily.

I watch my kits and former mate with happiness, but also sadness. I've been trying to contact Blackclaw through his dreams, but the only way I want to do that is through his nightmares. He just doesn't stay asleep long enough for me to tell him to find love again. I help my twin brother, Stormtalon, every now and then with Blackclaw. He knows a few things about calming him down and he knows to keep him away from killing himself. I have also told my kits this. I know it's hard on the three of them, but as soon as I'm able to grip him into an even deeper, uninterruptable sleep and I finally get everything I need to say through his dream, I know he'll be much happier and old Blackclaw I knew will resurface.

1) The nickname "Sil" can only be used by Blackclaw

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Anastasia | 161 comments Mod
Name - Hollowleaf

Age - 47 moons

Gender - Tom

Rank - Warrior

Description - slick ginger fur with white splotches all over. Piercing green eyes and long slender legs.

Related image

Personality - Kind and caring. Hollowleaf is a loyal warrior who wanted to be deputy before he was killed. He is proud of his family and clan for their achievements.

Mate - Ambertail - OPEN - ALIVE - Treeclan

Kit - Summerleaf - CLOSED - ALIVE - Treeclan

I was simply doing my job. I had been sent out to patrol around one of the borders that lead out to the moors. There had been a terrible storm the night before, so there were puddles everywhere. I knew I had to be careful and look out for mud pits and possibly StormClan cats, since this is the weather they thrive in. While I was only looking for those things I had forgotten that there were some tree roots that had been uncovered by the rain. I got distracted and tripped over one, flinging me head-first into a deep pool of water and mud. I tried to swim out but I hadn't had much of a swimming lesson as an apprentice. I drowned in that puddle, no one ever found my body.

Former Clan - TreeClan

Other - N/A

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Bloodstar is complete

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Stormy Summer (skycloudskystar) | 45 comments May I make Ambertail?

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Silvermist is complete

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