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Hello dear ♥

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments WOW THAT LOOKS HELLA COOL

* applause *

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments Did you draw that?! :O

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Absolutely ... not :P
Internet is a beautiful thing.

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments Oh haha, I should've known :P

So...should we just start with Beast and Belle?
And then should I make a thing for Gaston? Yeah?

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Works for me :3
I hate to make you roleplay two people when I'm just Belle though ^^"
Maybe I can throw in a random person or something. Like the Beast's rival or his only friend or something XD
Oh and if you don't actually wanna make a sheet for Gaston you can just shoot me a photo and I can put it in Belle's profile instead :p

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments Ahh, it'll be cool. I won't have to RP Gaston too much :)
And yeah, I'll definitely do that <3

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☾ Belle | Emmie | Demont ☽

✄ --- ◖|▯ ᴛᴡᴇɴᴛʏ ▯ ᴋɪɴᴅ ▯ ʟᴏʏᴀʟ ▯ ʟᴏᴠɪɴɢ ▯|◗ --------------------
✄ --- ◖|▮ ғɪᴠᴇ' ғɪᴠᴇ ▮ ʙʟᴜᴇ ᴇʏᴇs ▮ ʙʀᴜɴᴇᴛᴛᴇ ▮ ᴊᴏʀᴅᴀɴ ʙʏᴇʀs ▮|◗ -

Belle has the heart and soul of a reader, a girl that grew up a little on the rough side, but made it through nonetheless. She lost her mama when she was very young, though she still remembers her lullabies, and her papa always had a difficult time after that. He seemed to age within months, within weeks, even within days he seemed to wither; the loss was too difficult for him. He pushed through her youngest years, but after that he grew tired of pushing. Papa is still alive, even if he isn’t doing so very well, marrying Gaston will bring her money for his medicines and, hopefully, make him happy. Belle hates Gaston with so much fire it seems impossible, but when all he does is patronize her reading and spew useless babble about his muscles and ‘fine hair’ how could anyone stand for him as their partner? But she has too, it’s for her papa. She just … has too.

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments The Beast | Adam Xavier Mitchells

Twenty-Two | Reserved | Skeptical | Lonely
5’10 | Chocolate Brown Eyes | Brunette


He doesn’t look alarming. No, that’s not the curse he was necessarily given. It’s just that…everyone was brainwashed into thinking he was. Adam lives alone in a castle that’s just on the outskirts of Paris where everyone lives. Except for him of course. They've all heard the stories about him. How he apparently killed all members of his family; Mom, Dad, Jacob, and Molly. But none of that is true! Yet no one believes him. Nobody else could have killed them because everyone adored them, they were all sweet, loving people. Adam was always...set aside, looked at with raised eyebrows. He's turned to drugs to cope and got a tattoo even. It's a rose to symbolize the love he had for his family but, as time goes on, that red color is fading. There's a long gash along his arm leading up to it. What does it mean? All he knows is that his temper is getting out of control and at times wakes up to find the house a disaster. Will he be able to control it? Will he always live alone, self-loathing himself? Love is stupid...

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Joshua Anthony Brand <3

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments Oh is that the model's name?

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments * swooons *

The pic with the cig is probably my favorite haha
Go figure

so how/where should we start with this...?

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Bhaha, everyone was viaing for him to be Augustus Waters in FiOS, but that obviously didn't happen *sadness*

We could start with Gaston and Belle?
Or we could just start with where Belle and Adam meet?
Or ... I don't know :p

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments Mmm....I feel like we should have at least one post with like Belle and Gaston? Like maybe they got into this heated argument and he's yelling at her while she storms out or something?
And it's like late at night and ya know just casually stumbles into Adam hahaha

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Works for me! :D
Would you like me to start? Or you?

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments Could you please? :3

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I shall ^^
Imma respond to our first rp then I'll do this :D

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments Kcool! :D

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I have no idea what they are fighting about, so I'm just sort of winging it. I apoligize if the post doesn't turn out very good. Sometimes I start really well and other times it's just... bleh XD

There was an art to living with Gaston that Belle had not yet mastered, and today he was grating on her nerves more than usual. It were as if her lifestyle with him were that of a bubble, something fragile and difficult to kept in line for very long- and this afternoon the bubble was no longer. With a subtle pop her emotions took hold of her and rather than mumbiling away into her book, she slapped it shut between her palms, dragging her brows together and glaring at him dangerously- daring him to tread further into this uncharted territory. There was not a day that went by where he didn't challenge her; whether it were her morals, or her judgment, her habits, or quiet simply ... her books. And she was growing tired of it. And the disrespect he held over - well - everybody was preposterous and grotesque. "Give it a rest, Gaston." she snapped, slim fingers curling over the exterior of her novel. The cover felt rough against her skin, as if she was rubbing away it's skin by reading it so many times. Like Gaston had been doing to her since the first day they met.

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments ((Haha no this is good!))

Gaston rolled his eyes, his feet propped up on top of the wooden coffee table that was set before the fire. He had kicked off his muddy boots onto the carpet and his smelly feet were propped on top of a pile of books that were Belle's, naturally. He didn't understand what she found so fascinating in those books of hers. He had tried picking one up and flipped through the first few pages before he tired of it. Although, he did like it when her eyes sparkled once she recounted a certain part of the book that she liked. She always looked beautiful, just, never when she talked about him. He didn't get it, what was not to like? She was in her typical antics but had gotten fed up with him just as he had returned home from a hard day's work of killing animals all day for food. He was providing for her, couldn't she be a little grateful for that?
"All right, Belle," he spat, "just walk away from your problems! Fine!" he yelled after her, greeted with a firm slam of the door.


"Come on, let's go out. Let's go to the Moulin Rouge and --"
"Chip, you're crazy. Why would we go there? There's no--"
"Il ya les bébés!" Chip cried, one arm slinging across Adam's shoulders, "Just picture all these girls in short skirts, dancing before you. They won't even know who you are they'll just want to please you!"
Adam rolled his eyes, shoving him off gently, "You're just a pervert."
Chip scoffed, holding a hand over his heart, "I can't believe you think of me like that? Me! Your best friend for, how many years?"
Adam groaned, "My whole--"
"Yes! Your whole life! Now, don't I earn some respect. Let's just go out. For a stroll, nothing more. We'll work our way up to the Moulin Rouge." he said determinedly, sitting up right with a flashing grin.
Adam looked over at him, looked really hard at the guy who he did call his best friend and at the moment, couldn't place as to why. But, he gave in with a soft sigh and a slump of his shoulders, "All right, all right, a stroll, that's it," he muttered to Chip's shouts and hollers. He chuckled at the kid, standing as he headed downstairs ahead of him, sliding his coat on as they headed out.

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Belle drug the books out from under his feet and piled them onto another surface, one where he couldn't go sitting on them. She was going to have to get those stains out somehow - she didn't know how yet, but she knew that she wasn't letting mud stain her books, oh no, not without a fight she wasn't. There was no way she was going to let him do this for the rest of their lives. An unpleasent shiver wracked down her spine and she threw her cloak around her shoulders. "I'm not running from anything, Gaston." she snapped prompltly, able to hold her tongue long enough to step out the door. She rushed it closed behind her, the slam louder than she would have guessed. Nonetheless, Gaston deserved it. Her shoes were slight and her arms cold in the soft chill of the night. The sun was nearly set and grungy colors weaved through the sky- orange and pink fighting against the overwhelming black and blue of the darkness. Letting out a huff Belle walked off the porch, tugging the strings of her cloak tighter, not watching as it billowed out behind her. A walk through the city would do her some good- it always did. Perhaps she could find something for those muddy books.

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments At least it wasn't too cold out to be walking about at this hour. Adam looked up at the sky, the bright moon creating a soft glow on the town as they ventured from the enormous castle that Adam lived in, wanting to take a shortcut through the forest.
"Chip, where are we going? I thought we were just going to take a quick little stroll and then head back," Adam said with a slightly annoyed look on his face, looking at the boy questioningly.
But Chip was distracted with a glint of mischief in his eyes. Before Adam could respond with a snappy remark all of a sudden the rest of their friends came out, practically jumping the both of them with arms slung around their shoulders and yelling loudly. No doubt that this group of boys that had just emerged were drunk and looking for a night out. Adam glared over at Chip who just had a stupid grin on his face and shrugged his shoulders towards his friend.
"Oi! Adam don't be such a downer," Louis slurred to him, his breath stank of booze as Adam waved a hand in front of his face before trying to shove him off with no avail.
"Oh come on, lemme go. Let's just head back," Adam said.
"Live a little Adam! Come on, we'll roam the streets looking for a couple of chicks to bang. After that, we'll be done, you'll be tucked away in bed. Come on, you're not chicken are you?" Michael countered, waving a half empty bottle of whiskey in his hand. Everyone knew Adam couldn't resist a remark like that, always wanting to prove himself to the gang. He swiped the bottle and downed the rest of it, a sudden rush to his head as he howled into the night air, making all the other boys laugh and clap him on the back in encouragement.
The four of them stumbled further into the forest, throwing the bottles aside with sounds of glass breaking behind them.

((Mmm, I knew I had to incorporate the bad element to them, kinda forgot, and so...sorry they're kinda just these big oafs haha))

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((So... I just realized that his friends name was Chip.
Ohmyglob. Mia. Baby. Yaaaassss >:D))

Belle cupped her hands over her lips, breathing warmth into her palms. She rubbed them together. The further away from home she got the colder the night seemed to grow, as if it were warning her to go back. But nothing bad had ever happened before. She knew well to stay away from those that would harm her, she wasn't dim witted. Besides, she could handle herself. Gaston didn't think so, and she was determined to prove to him that she didn't need him there to hold her hand for anything. The mere thought of walking down the isle to him had her shiver. Scrubbing at her arms Belle drew the cloth further around her, covering her chest from the chilly claws of the air. The exposed skin of her cafts prickled and her shoulders stiffened as a guttural howl crooned through the air, the wind carrying it farther that she would have liked. It sounded like- though -that it was coming from the forest. Gulping, Belle turned in the other direction and started off that way, her steps a tad shaky. Her heart beat just a bit faster. She didnt know what was back there; it could be a real wolf, or it could be a drunkard. She had no idea, and honestly didn't want to find out. Something told her neither would do any good for her, though, and so she forced herself not to stop and look back ... for more than a few seconds. The alley that opened up into the trees was dark and almost impossible to make out anything, all hues of blue and green and black.

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments ((Hahaha yeah! B/c like...not Lumiere or whatever the clock dude is. It's Chip :3 <3))

"Did you see that?" Chip asked, halting the group in their tracks as he stuck his arm out to stop them. They were practically at the edge of the forest and Chip swore he saw someone walk past.
"What are you--?!" Louis began before Michael gave him a punch in the arm to shut him up.
"Jeez, you don't have to yell you idiot!" Michael hissed towards him in the most serious way he possibly could while being drunk and stumbling on his two feet.
Adam stood there with a stupid grin on his face, leaning onto Chip even though he was much taller than him and probably heavier too. Chip was probably the one who was the least drunk out of the four of them because this was big moment. This was his opportunity to go be with a girl for the first time in his life ever since he had vowed to stay indoors with Adam for who knows how long. He glared at the three of them, shrugging them off so they were left to lean on each other.
"Just shut up! There's a girl out there, pretty if I say so myself. So let me lead while you idiots get yourselves together," he said with an annoyed look in his eyes. He ran a hand through his hair, slapping his cheeks in an attempt to pull himself together as he slipped out, catching sight of her fleeting figure.
"Miss!" he called innocently. He was dressed in a button down coat that was flying open, revealing his beige trousers paired with a white button down shirt.
Louis and Michael were quick to recover from their downfall as they stayed at the edge, watching Chip in action whilst they tried to appear presentable.


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Belle stopped, her feet unsure in which direction she should be running. The vice sounded innocent enough, but if she knew anything it was that not everyone in this town was ... the right sort. After all, she was marrying Gaston, and for all that there could be worse people. Though that would be pretty unfortunate considering she had nothing to defend herself with but the clothes on her back - oh, and the sharpness of her tongue. She bit her bottom lip, fingers hardening around the fabric of her cloak. After a gulp Belle pulled herself together and looked over her shoulder. Gosh, he was just a boy. A child if she did say so herself. It seemed impossible that a face like that was up to anything life threatening. Pressing her lips together she lilted her head, "Hello." She called lightly in return, the uneasiness of her tone lessening slightly. Belle angled herself towards the boy more, as if opening her stance up. Except she offered no further speech; no questions especially, that opened a door to conversations that she definitely did not want to be in.

((... I apologize))

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((Also Chip is adorbs :3))

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments ((Happy Thanksgiving))

Chip's face broke into a grin; seriously, this was his moment and it sounded odd but...when you're cooped up in a big old castle with your best friend for, oh, maybe ten years of your life where he doesn't want to go out...life gets boring. So, taking one last breath to muster up all the courage he had, he ran his fingers through his thin hair. "I got lost on my way into town Miss, I'm new here. I was looking for somewhere to eat and rest. Any chance you could help me?" he asked her, taking a few paces towards her in order to not scare her. What he really wanted to do was jog towards her, to actually be up close with a girl. He'd follow her into town, conversing and getting to know each other. Then he'd take her to whatever inn she suggested, get food, order for her as well, insist on paying and then they'd have a lovely evening together. He nearly sighed in that lovestruck way at the thought.
"Oi! Chip, you think you're going to get away so easily?" Michael called after him, Chip whipping around to see the two oafs beginning to lumber towards them with sloppy grins on their faces. You could already smell the booze just oozing off of them as they approached.
Oh kill me now... Chip muttered in his head as he shot them both a glare in order to say, Hey, idiots, you're drunk so leave. The two guys only barreled past him and straight towards Belle.
"Aren't you a pretty little thing," Louis called to her before he was already seizing her by the waist and holding her against a tree, his breath hot on her neck as he breathed in the light perfume she had on.
"Now, now, Louis let's not be rude," Michael scolded as he looked back at Chip, "Come 'ere Chip, I bet she'd like to have a good time with all three of us!"

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((Oh jeepers!! Happy late Thanksgiving to you too Mia-Pia <333
How are you doing? Okay?))

Whatever relaxation she had found a second ago was quickly turning discomfort once again. Not only was in smack in the middle of the night, but having been around people like Gaston for so long she couldn't help but tuck herself away. Perhaps she was overreacting, maybe he was just a nice kid in search of a good nights rest. Then again, youngsters usually traveled in packs right? And judging by all the noises she'd been hearing earlier, all those mangy wolf sounds, maybe her instinct to turn and run was correct. Despite this, Belle stood where she was, holding her feet to the pavement even as he came closer and her heart beat faster. She gulped. "There's ... An inn down that way." The brunette responded, working terribly hard to keep her voice all put together. She feared that showing any ounce of uncertainty would take her down a path she certainly didn't intend to go, and her couldn't help hesitating. Ghastly fear; it could've made an appearance in a less darkened area in a more hourly time of the day, but no it had too ... it had too ... Belle's eyes widened, despite herself, and she took an unfiltered step backward. Away. Away away away- her thoughts screamed. Now. Away away away now! Away! She moved to turn but was taken so quickly away from her destination - away - that a yell escaped her. High and anything but playful. No. Danger danger danger, away now, danger!! Belle squirmed in his grip desperately, pushing her hands forward, but it was no use; her weak limbs were no match for someone of his, nor his friend's stature. "Go off!" But her plea was lost in her panic, voice running away from her, leaving her lungs to fill with terror.

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments ((Sick as fuck but I might as well RP :) ))

"Ma petite mademoiselle*..." he crooned, his lips on her neck as he gently kissed her smooth skin. God, how good it felt to have her pressed against him, to feel every curve of her body mold against his. Louis couldn't help but let out another groan of pleasure as he felt her slim body trembling against him. Probably trembling because she knew that she was going to be filled with pleasure tonight. A smirk played on his lips before he was roughly tossed aside, eyes growing wide and glaring as Michael was holding her against him, her back pressed against his chest.
"Hey, don't hurt her!" Chip sheepishly called from behind them. Michael scoffed at him, turning to look at him and just laughing, howling in the dark night.
"Chip, she's a beauty! I'm not going to hurt her, just have some fun," he called to him as his arms gripped her waist, feeling her bum against him and he chuckled in her ear. "Seems like someone's hiding underneath this big cloak, maybe we should take it off," he said as he pulled it off of her, letting the red cloak fall into the snow, kicking it aside with his foot, "Better."
Adam was still in the forest, kneeling on the ground as he tried to get a grip on himself, standing up shakily before throwing up. Never had he drank so much alcohol before. God, this was a stupid idea to go out. What the hell was Chip thinking!? He felt sick to his stomach and was about to start yelling once he stood up straight to find them all gone. "Asses..." he muttered, kicking the snow and chucking the empty bottle of booze to the ground, hearing the glass shatter and clutching his head. He was grumbling to himself, stumbling out towards the road just a few feet ahead where he heard them. He leaned against a tree, "You idiots!" he yelled to them blindly before his eyes locked on the beautiful girl before him who was locked against Michael. What the hell were they doing? He looked towards Chip who was practically shaking with fear as Michael and Louis oggled the girl before them. Michael looked up first as he heard Adam's yell, grinning stupidly at him.
"Adam! It's your first night out, have a pretty girl!" he called to him, walking over and as soon as he was close enough he shoved Belle towards him to which Adam, thankfully, caught her as they both crashed against the tree he was leaning on.

((*My little girl; but like also "My little sweet"))

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The stench of his breath was unbearable, the weight of his body was heavy and pressing, just pressing and pressing and pressing; restraining her from moving backward or away, leaving her to cower there against him instead. It was the sick the way it turned him on, but her limbs only trembled more. Even Gaston wouldn't ... he would never ... breathing was getting harder by the second and it was a heavenly miracle that she hadn't yet shed any tears- though her eyes were hot and itchy. Belle: strong willed, stubborn Belle; held against her will, clenched to this man's chest, leg to leg, arm to arm, lips on her neck. She waved her hands harmlessly against him, only to be held back or ignored. Useless. Pathetic. The only time she had any sort of leverage was when he was being pulled away, but this wasn't her savior, and again she was shaking and feeling to much of him against her. She jerked her arm backward blindly, a few frightened tears dripping from her eyes. "Stop it! Stop!" She wept, so shaky that nailing him in the ribs seemed impossible. That paired with the grip he held her in, it was all but hopeless. "Stop!" She gasped, frightened, and clinging to her cloak. Maroon spilled over the cobblestone, dusting with soot and dirt. "Stop it!" But, of course, it was no good, they'd never listen. In an attempt to grab for her thrown cloak Belle was yanked about, struggling in the big mans grip more heavily than before. No. No she would not be the victim! S-she couldn't! No, she could absolutely not! "Ah!" She yelled, stumbling over the cobbles and straight into a pair of arms, in which she did not hesitate in staggering away from. Unfortunately on her part she didn't seem to have anywhere to go, and getting her cloak back seemed an unintelligible feat. "Vile monsters." She coughed, having fallen backward onto the walkway. Her hands were a mess of cuts and her hair had been unstrung in the mist of things. She appeared disheveled almost, her cheeks red from the few tears she'd wept. But she couldn't remain down, and even though her knees were knocking and her heart was pounding and her eyes still itched she forced herself to her feet.

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments ((So really I should be doing homework but I can't focus on it and I'm just in that "fuck it" mood so I'll probably stay up late anyhow and I'm dreading going to school tomorrow...which is why I'm just gonna post because hopefully that will give me like energy or inspiration haha))

Adam's hands gripped her forearms in an intention to keep her steady but he assumed that she had taken it the wrong way after the tight hold that Michael and Louis had had on her, mainly Michael. He watched as she stumbled backwards in fear to become a little heap on the road. She looked so broken, so lonely yet beautiful as the snow fell around her and caught in her light brown hair with those few tendrils that came loose and blew slightly in the breeze. He wanted to reach out to her again and tell her it was all right but looking down at his own hands put him in disgust. They were callused, his skin cracking because of the cold and he pulled them back. His eyes lingered on her, even her simple remark but a small bit of warmth to his heart. Adam looked over at the two men across the way who looked at him as if to say, Well, go on, have sex with her paired with their grins as if they were doing the right thing. Without a moment's hesitation, Adam yelled and charged at them, giving Michael no time to move as he grabbed him around his middle and sent him crashing to the cobblestone. His eyes blazed with anger and for a moment they shone back once the moonlight hit them. In his crazed manner he went attacking him, fists flying and grunts as both men struggled with each other. But it was obvious that Adam was the stronger of the two as they rolled around in the snow. Louis had joined to try and pry Adam off but soon all three boys were caught in a scuffle. Cries of pain were heard, cracking of bones, and pretty soon the crimson red mixed with the bright snow. Adam rose and stood before the two men who lay in heaps on the floor, looking badly misshaped. Only then did Adam snap out of it. His hands were worse than before, covered in blood with fresh cuts that would only leave them to be more damaged than before. But he didn't regret it. This was wrong. He never should have left the stupid castle to go out. It was stupid. This was stupid. He whipped around to look at Chip as he kind of shook, staring at him with...shock. Adam was too scared to even look at the beautiful girl, maybe she had already left, he didn't know, he was a vile monster too wasn't he? Without a word he was retreating back into the forest, shoulders slumped forward. He didn't even have a coat to protect him from the cold as Chip paused before hurrying after his best friend.

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Belle found herself on the ground once again, her knees scrapped and hands throbbing under the ruff cobblestone. Her heart was racing, her head following suit as she took in the battered and bloody sight of the two men heaped on the ground across from her. The man above her left her gasping for breath, whether it be of fear or relief not even she could tell, though she had a feeling it was nothing more than confusion. He'd just ... he'd just saved her. He'd beat them to a bloody pulp, but he could've done what they were urging him too. Belle watched him in mindless astonishment, shocked tears bubbling at the corner of her eyes. Her bones rattled, the reality of the situation causing a low whimper to escape her. Throat rubbed raw for fear Belle gasped in a breath, shivering as they hurried away. Within seconds she wobbled to her feet, quickly dragging her cloack away from the mess of men on the pavement and threw it around her shoulders. Without letting herself think about following her savior Belle fled the scene quick as her weak legs would take her. And they took her all the way home - or what she had to consider a home now. Living with Gaston had never been a life she'd been looking forward too, but seeing the little cottage just up the street in her blurred vision brought a heavy relief to her just then. Belle clasped her cloak close to herself, avoiding any possible threats on the streets and tumbled along. Climbing the stairs two at a time she blindly tore open the door and stumbled inside. Throwing it shut behind her Belle leaned against the solid form, and shut her eyes tightly. Slowly she slid down to the floor, the tears that had earlier frozen in the corners of her peepers slipping out in a quiet stream.

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Mia♫ | 2593 comments "Hey, Adam, Adam wait!" Chip frantically called after him. His feet slapped against the dirt that was hidden underneath the fresh fallen snow, creating deep prints into the ground as he tried to catch up to Adam. But Adam wasn't even running, he was walking back through the forest, back into the castle, back into his room, back where he belonged. Adam was twenty-two compared to Chip only being eighteen years old, why was he taking the young boy's advice? He stormed into his home, letting the grand wooden door swing right open so it slapped against the wall. It sounded like it would nearly fall off the hinges as Adam continued his angered pursuit up the stairs.
"Adam! Come on, it wasn't that bad!" Chip called to him as he finally arrived at the front door, closing it behind him. He leaned against it, panting as he stared up at the fleeting figure, "Adam!"
"WHAT?!" Adam snapped as he turned to stare down at Chip. His shirt was splattered with blood, ripped at parts so it hung off him as he stomped down the stairs towards him, "What Chip? What?! It wasn't that bad? That's what you're telling me right now? I beat both of them to a pulp and left them there to bleed out on the side of the road. And did you see..." he said, his voice growing softer as he slumped down to sit on the top of the stairs, "Did you see the way she looked at me? People have looked at me like that all my life Chip...but when she looked at me," looking at his hands that were covered blood even more. He sighed, shaking his head as he stood and quietly walked to his room.


Gaston's eyes flew open as he lay in their bedroom. When Belle had left he had sat there by the fire before going ahead to clean up the place, knowing she didn't like it when he acted like this. He had stayed up for a while, waiting for her to come back home before he just decided to eat and go off to bed until she came home. As he heard the door slam shut, he woke with a moment of fear before slinging off the covers and getting up. He had grabbed his gun just in case as he made his way downstairs in his bottoms and a white t-shirt on, "Belle?" he called softly as he stopped at the bottom of the stairs, leaning his gun against the wall as he saw her there on the floor.

((Sorry it's kinda bad >.<))

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Belle gasped for breath, holding shaking arms around herself. She barely registered the gun, only the noise of it being set down rang in her ears. The thing was, she wasn't crying because of what she had seen, but because of what could've happened to her. Because of what she had felt. And it wasn't terror at the man that had saved her because he had saved her. It could've been so much worse than it was - and frankly, the scars left by those two would never go away. Belle was never going to get those grimy hands off of her ever again. No matter how many bathes she took or how much she tried to forget about it. Reading her books wouldn't help either. Nothing would, but there would always be the man that saved her there in her head to soothe the pain a little. Without further warning she stumbled to her feet, tumbiling out of one shoe and throwing her arms around Gaston. Belle cried into his chest, shoulders wracking and chest heaving. They were tears of fear, but they were also tears of joy - tears of relief and gratitude, and the only person she could shed them on was Gaston. It had nothing to do with her feelings towards him; they'd become numb in this moment, almost nonexistent. Surely she would go to bed forgetting how much she dispised him.

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Gaston stood there in shock, really. Never had Belle shown any affection towards him besides her sarcasm and glares of course, naturally, this was entirely different. He still didn't know why she was crying but wasn't about to ask her because, first off, he wasn't cruel, he sensed it was something that she didn't want to discuss right now and second, it was for his own selfish reasons of wanting to...hold her. He had never had the opportunity because from the beginning they hadn't even been on good terms. When he had asked for her hand in marriage she outright refused him, for reasons that still didn't make sense to him, but she was doing it for her father. Her kind heart drew him in but she only persisted to push him away but it still did not stop his want for her. Slowly, his arms came around to hold her to his chest, rubbing her back and stroking her hair, leaning against the wall with his beautiful wife in his arms. He whispered comforting words as he let her get it all out before he helped her on up to bed.

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((You don't have to if you don't want too, it just means that ... well, she'll be cheating on Gaston when her and Adam become a thing. Even if that takes forever - which I doubt, and that's not very Belleish so I'd have to work around that xD))

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Belle sobbed into his chest, gripping his shirt between her fingers: a complete, utter mess. She struggled to take in as much air as she was letting out, but her lungs weren't having it, and eventually when he tears died down all she could do was rest her forehead there and breath breath breath. She should tell him about the men she'd left behind, how they were bleeding and they needed medical attention if they wanted to throughly survive the winter's chill, but telling him about that meant telling him about how and why she knew they were there. How she had been captured in their grimly arms- and about the boy. That boy that boy that boy, and those eyes ... how they wouldn't look at her, but how she saw anguish. It was selfish not to say, but those hands were on her again and a few last tears trailed down her stained cheeks. No- no she couldn't speak of it, the words wouldn't come out. Just thinking about it made her want to curl in a corner, forget she existed, try to forget it happened but remember every single hour of the day that she was just kidding herself. A big, fat, ghastly lie. She gulped hard, squeezing the fabric of Gaston's night shirt in her fingers, shaking as she slowly let it go. She let him lead her to bed, abandoning her wet, dirty cloak in a crumpled pile at the foot of the stairs. Her legs felt wobbly, and she nearly bumped into everything on the around the room - thoughts elsewhere. When she lay down, cold, bare feet stinging against the warmth of the covers, she thought of him again. Of how he had rescued her, and wondered why. Why why why why why. It haunted her in the sleep she did not get.

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Gaston's hands clutched at her dress that hung off of her small frame, she looked paler than a ghost, maybe she had even seen a ghost or something had spooked her out there that he had yet to find out. But knowing Belle, she wouldn't tell him anything, she never did anyhow, this wouldn't be an exception but if it was, which was a very small chance, he'd...well, he'd do anything to help her, even if it did seem drastic. Pushing those thoughts away he turned to look at her helpless state as he practically carried her up the stairs himself, he didn't trust her to go up there alone, much less do...well, anything right now. They entered their bedroom as he helped her into the bed, pulling the covers tightly around her. He rambled on about getting tea for her as he disappeared downstairs to make some but it seemed to take longer than he had expected as he brought it up to her but she was too...far away to respond to him. He frowned lightly as he set it on her bedside table but quickly straightened himself up and left the room to retire downstairs, he needed a cigar, just to relax and not...care so much. What was getting into him anyway?? He stayed downstairs the whole night, finishing his cigar before sleep overtook him.

((Not sure where we can skip to after this...I assume next day but I don't know how you want her and Adam to like meet again))

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It seemed impossible but Belle had slept some, even with those memories stuck in her head. She didn't wake up feeling rejuvenated, or happy, or well rested though. She lie in bed for another half hour or so, impartial to the time before dragging herself up. The spot next to her was empty. She had never liked sharing a bed with Gaston, but if it was for her fathers sake then she could endure. The night rushed back to her and Belle sat there with the hilt of her hands digging into her eyes. Oh, gosh. She's cried. She could feel it even now, the sourness of her eyes, though the tear trails had been rubbed away. She didn't know how long it took her to get dressed or go downstairs, but eventually it was mid day. The clouds were just beginning to part, and the shady coolness of the morning was thinning. Though the thin layer of snow remained; it didn't show often in France, but when it did all you could do was look at it. If it didn't grant such bad memories she would have been peering at the window herself. She drew the curtains back though, letting out a slow breath as she rubbed her chilled arms. Stepping back Belle took a moment before finally taking her stiff cloak into her arms, tugging into out. She'd need to clean that. After what felt like forever she gave up and just left it to hang over a chair, setting into a seat with a book she hadn't yet opened. Maybe she could get away for a bit - she needed it. She still felt so unkempt.

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