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Guess Who?

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Sage So I love 'The Queen of Attolia' to death, but there's something about the ending that bothers me every time. You guys know the goddess whose voice Gen hears after Hephestia shows him the vision of the volcano erupting? You know, the goddess that explains why he needed to lose his hand? Who IS she?! I feel like this is important, but still, after three readings, haven't been able to pin down her identity. Any thoughts?

Js700 I have no idea. :)

I feel like we are not meant to know. It's kind of like those tales where you help the old woman on the side of the road, and she turns out to be a witch or something and helps you on your quest. Maybe the idea is to be kind to everyone (or in this case, always leave offerings on the road-side shrines you pass), because kindness reaps its own rewards.

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