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message 1: by CeeCee (new)

CeeCee James | 79 comments This thread is for those of us who sometimes feel our book is going unnoticed. If your book is free with kindle unlimited, maybe post that here, and we can support each other that way. Otherwise, feel free to post your frustration. I get it! And I care. *big hug if you need it*

Just a reminder, someone, somewhere has read your book, your story. You've impacted someone, maybe even today, with your writing. Keep doing it.

My book is free with KU if anyone is interested. Ghost No More: A Memoir Ghost No More A Memoir by CeeCee James

message 2: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda Clarke | 119 comments Thank you CeeCee, but I do get a sinking feeling when I read some of the threads and writers are moaning if they've only sold a couple of hundred this week. How do they do it?

message 3: by CeeCee (last edited Nov 07, 2014 06:07PM) (new)

CeeCee James | 79 comments ((((((((((big hug Noor and Lucinda)))))))))) I know exactly what you mean when someone is discouraged with a couple hundred a week. That makes me feel ten times more discouraged!

The lovely thing about books is that they will outlast us. I had a friend pick up a memoir from 1955 at a book store sale. Surely that author didn't see what a far reach her book would have.

Noor I'm glad you're writing more. Keep going! More books is more visibility. One of my favorites authors didn't have his career take off until his tenth book!
Lucinda, you know I follow your career and you are doing so good too.

message 4: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda Clarke | 119 comments Thank you CeeCee. It's great to connect to people who understand. :)

message 5: by Lilo (last edited Nov 08, 2014 03:30PM) (new)

Lilo (lilo-hp) | 137 comments I once read a quote from an interview given by a Lulu CEO. He said:

"Traditional publishers aim at 100 authors selling 1 mio books each. We aim at 1 mio authors selling 100 books each, and we are far from reaching this goal."

Due to all kinds of life's obstacles, my books aren't published yet. From all I have learned so far, I do not expect many sales once they are. Self-publishing is still rarely a marketing success. It might change in the years to come.

I do not wish to spend the rest of my days busying myself with marketing my books. (I'd rather read or enjoy the great outdoors.) Therefore, I'll probably give most of my books away for free. It would, of course, be nice to make money as a writer (or at least, to break even), but since this is unlikely to happen, I'll be content with having shared my experiences and ideas with some people.

You are right, CeeCee. Our books will outlast us. Maybe someone will pick up one of my books (2 memoirs, 1 novella) in 2055, when "I will have been watching the radishes growing for quite some time from down below". Wouldn't that be nice!

I can only advise writers who need to make money not to depend on the sale of self-published books (and even less on so-called vanity publishers, who promise writers to market their books but make their profits not by selling books but by exploiting writers).

After making myself knowledgeable about the book market, will I write any more books? I am not sure yet. Probably, yes, as a hobby.

Let me add something about abuse-memoirs: They should be written, and they should be read. However, there are, meanwhile, so many of them on the market. Readers will usually only read a few of them; then they will move on to other genres. I myself have read some, and I am glad that I have read them, yet I have no desire to read any more.

With people getting more outspoken about suffered abuse and the market being flooded with self-published books, there are more abuse-memoirs published than the market can absorb. So don't feel rejected if your book doesn't sell. It is not you and your book not able to attract readers, it's the overloaded market that has only so much capacity for a certain type of book.

message 6: by Lilo (last edited Nov 08, 2014 04:02PM) (new)

Lilo (lilo-hp) | 137 comments Noor wrote: "some very good points Lilo. I also am personally sick of marketing and would rather read my favourite books or new books and write. And you are right too CeeCee that our books will outlast us :)"

Thank you, Noor. -- What would you prefer? A great big monument on a main square in New York, London, or Tel Aviv, after you had said good-bye to this world, or a few people reading your books and, maybe, learning something from them, or possibly, even remembering you as a likable human being that has once lived? -- I would, definitely, prefer to be remembered by any of my books, giving a hoot about the monument. :-)

Btw, from what I have heard, terribly time-taking marketing efforts don't bring the desired results. In order to sell a self-published book well, one has to have a catch-title and/or a catch-topic, AND lots of luck.

Write a book titled "How I killed Bin Laden", "Memoirs of a Serial Killer", or "Sex Orgies in the Loony Bin", and you will, most likely, land a bestseller, no matter what garbage is contained between the book covers. Another road to success is to promise something impossible, like "How to Lose 100 Lbs in 2 Weeks While Eating As Much As You Like of Your Favorite Foods" or "How To Make a Million Dollars in 3 Months by Baking Cookies In Your Spare Time". There will always be a solid number of idiots to believe it.

For us, who didn't kill Bin Laden, have no history of being serial killers, and have no experiences with sex orgies in a loony bin, landing a self-published bestseller is rather unlikely. And since we also are not the kind to sell someone London's subway system or promise paradise in exchange for 10 bucks, we can also forget great success by writing a How-To book.

Btw, anyone looking for a good laugh (and not being squeamish about some explicit language), might want to read "How To Sell A Gazillion eBooks In No Time". Here is the link to my review:

message 7: by Mirta (new)

Mirta Trupp Lilo wrote: "I once read a quote from an interview given by a Lulu CEO. He said:

"Traditional publishers aim at 100 authors selling 1 mio books each. We aim at 1 mio authors selling 100 books each, and we are..."

Very well said Lilo.

message 8: by CeeCee (new)

CeeCee James | 79 comments You are so right Lilo!! One step at a time.

message 9: by Steven (new)

Steven Whitacre (stevenwhitacre) | 22 comments Like CeeCees, mine is also free with KU ( ... and also like hers, it's an abuse memoir. But I like to think what sets it apart is the fact that it's written by a man. But you're right, with so many abuse memoirs out there, it's hard to get it into peoples hands - even the fact that it's a finalist in a contest for life changing books doesn't seem to make much difference. Many people are tired of reading about the horrors some children went through so I don't really have huge expectations as far as sales go. I'm happy if I sell 40 units in a month!

message 10: by CeeCee (new)

CeeCee James | 79 comments Me too, Steven. I love my readers. Your story is powerful, and I'm glad you shared it.

message 11: by Holly (new)

Holly Alastra | 25 comments Thank you Noor, Lilo, and all. It has also been painful for me to put so much of myself into developing a brutally honest story that I really believe can help people only for it to sell one a day or so... But if we are helping one person we can't put a price on that. And we help ourselves with our writing too. So it's a win for us even if we don't ever make Oprah, right? Big hug to all of you brave souls for taking the journey. I just think there has to be some way we can support eachother... I just keep thinking those of us with child abuse memoirs need to work on a project together? Any interest CeeCee or Steven?? My book is here...

message 12: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda Clarke | 119 comments I have an interest in that but not sure what we could do.

message 13: by Holly (new)

Holly Alastra | 25 comments Great, Lucinda! I will give it some thought. I think a joint website where we all blogged about overcoming child abuse, and introduced our followers, could be a cool way to go. What does everyone else think?

message 14: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda Clarke | 119 comments Keep me posted. :)

message 15: by CeeCee (new)

CeeCee James | 79 comments I think that's pretty interesting. Maybe we could all have a sale on the same day? Advertise together?

message 16: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda Clarke | 119 comments That's a possibility. i am in two groups that do that. One is Bookboost and the other will start in January and they do help sales. But how many people can we get together? Have either of you got a list of PD sites?

message 17: by CeeCee (new)

CeeCee James | 79 comments Sounds like you know more than me in this area, Lucinda. What is PD?

message 18: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda Clarke | 119 comments Personality Disorders - most awful mothers suffer from them, or are just plain mad!

message 19: by CeeCee (new)

CeeCee James | 79 comments It's funny how that became more clear after my mom disowned me. I finally could see it wasn't my fault.

message 20: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda Clarke | 119 comments Yes and it would be great to get the word out there to young people who are still living at home. If only I had known earlier !!

message 21: by CeeCee (new)

CeeCee James | 79 comments Yes, that's completely my heart- "It's not your fault. You aren't what anyone has said about you negative. You are valuable."

message 22: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda Clarke | 119 comments Agreed.

message 23: by Holly (new)

Holly Alastra | 25 comments I don't have a list of PD sites. Personality disorders are so hard to treat. Hmmm, totally agree with you most that I think for people who have been abused and/or neglected, feeling valuable is the hardest thing. I do like the idea of a joint sale.

message 24: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda Clarke | 119 comments There are two other groups doing that right now. I'm going to be broke at this rate :) When I have a moment i will look for some Facebook sites.

message 25: by Dawn (new)

Dawn Downey Lucinda, Holly, Ceecee, I'm interested in a joint sale or blog venture also.

message 26: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda Clarke | 119 comments OK, I think we need at least 10 people. What do you think? Even more is better.

message 27: by CeeCee (new)

CeeCee James | 79 comments That makes sense!

message 28: by T.R. (new)

T.R. Robinson (t_r_robinson) | 26 comments I have just read this tread and have to thank Lilo for putting the situation in clear perspective. Like others I found it difficult to set out for the world to see some of the things that happened to me. I am by nature a 'private' person and find such exposure unnerving. Nevertheless, it would have been nice to have someone read my book(s). Obviously I would like to have some sales but I was also hoping others would find some help from seeing that it is possible to survive situations like mine and to go on and have a life. But as you say, who knows, someone may pick it up in the future.

message 29: by Krista (new)

Krista Nelson | 6 comments Has anyone used creative visualization to sell books? I am working with this technique right now. Creative visualization has worked for so many other goals in my life, but I have not applied it to actually selling books.

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